My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 405 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 405 Part 2 – Ranked Among the Top Three Existences for Destructive Power

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The female team member cleaned the blood off her body, and the others carefully closed all the curtains.

In the process, they found the room filled with zombie corpses, but after opening the door and glancing inside, their reactions remained the same.

They silently closed the door, then turned around to leave.

It was Li Ya Lin’s existence that surprised them. When they approached the small office, Ya Lin suddenly opened the door, and said, “Go away.”


As the door closed, the stunned team members looked at each other.

“Let’s not go close to this room….” The male team member said with a smile.

“Yeah…. His female companions seem to be very powerful…”

As night approached, the industrial area, which was already extremely quiet, seemed to become more and more terrifying.

The sound of a young lady weeping echoed as the cold wind blew across the ruins, making people shudder.

Some fragments that were on the verge of collapse, crumbled. The sound was enough to startle anyone even if they steeled their nerves.

Lucy was hiding in a corner under the cover of night, with the muzzle pointed at the gate.

The others were also hidden, and the whole building was like a black hole, waiting to devour every enemy that came in.

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With a roar coming from a distance, Ling Mo, who was sitting on the stairs, stood up with ease, revealing a sneer, “I knew it….”

“What was that sound…?”

Liu Bao Dong’s hands were already filled with sweat as he held the assault rifle. After hearing this unusual sound, he couldn’t help but shudder.


Lucy tightened her body and whispered, “A lot of…. zombies…”


Heavy footsteps were getting closer.

A pair of blood-red eyes appeared in the night, staring coldly at the quiet building.

Since the high-level zombie was able to drive away the ordinary zombies, it naturally had the ability to also lead them here.

These zombies were stimulated and started to continuously roar one after another.

With the first few zombies rushing in, a large number of zombies poured in frantically afterwards.

Surrounded by so many zombies in such a place, the brains of Liu Bao Dong and the other members have all basically short-circuited.

Lucy loosened her grip on the gun, then tightened it again. She then jumped out from her hiding place and pulled the trigger in mid-air.

Hearing the gunshots, Ling Mo abandoned his plan to control ordinary zombies in large quantities.

In the first place, it would waste a lot of his spiritual power, which wasn’t beneficial for the next battle. Secondly, it placed him in a situation where he would most likely be accidently killed by his team members, which would then cause spiritual injuries to him.

The most important thing was that although it wasn’t difficult to control them, it was however difficult to control their actions with a single mind.

His spiritual tentacles had spread all over the building at this time. As long as the high-level zombie entered, Ling Mo would surely be able to find out.


The glass above Ling Mo suddenly exploded, indicating that the monster was finally unable to hold back and had finally begun to take action.

“You actually know how to use a diversion tactic… Since you’re here, don’t even think about leaving this time!”

Ling Mo didn’t even look at the glass, and ran upstairs.

When the zombie broke the glass, Ling Mo had felt a spiritual ball of light quickly climb upwards.

Climbing the walls with bare hands could easily be done by advanced zombies.

Soon, there was a muffled sound upstairs!

At the same time, Ling Mo had also arrived.

In a large conference room, a dark figure at the center was blocked from leaving. On the ceiling, there was a small “gem” with a few drops of blood on it.

Ye Lian and Shana stood beside the window and the door, respectively.

Ling Mo walked inside the room. He dropped a bandage from his hand that had a small amount of blood stained on it. “It was too simple to deceive your sense of smell.”

The blood on the bandage was naturally Ye Lian’s, and the drops of blood on the overlord virus hive were from Ling Mo.

This monster wanted to cause a diversion, luring the girls elsewhere, so that he would be able to attack Ling Mo. But he didn’t expect that he would be played instead.

As for his ability to sense spiritual energy….

Ling Mo reached out with his hand, and the overlord rank virus hive immediately “flew” into his hand.

“The guy that you badly tortured said that you could be ranked among the top three existences for destructive power of all the species in this world…. I’m very interested in you.”

The turned-on tactical flashlight immediately illuminated the black shadow standing on the table.

But at the moment when he saw the shadow, Ling Mo froze.

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