My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 406 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 406 Part 1 – Beating A Brat

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Hehehe…. Big Brother, are you complimenting me?”

A boy that looked exactly like a girl, was standing on top of the table. He looked at most ten years old. Wearing an innocent smile, he tilted his head and stared at Ling Mo.

“WTF….. It turns out that the so-called top 3 in destructive power was actually this brat?!”

Among zombies, it can be said that those who possess such long-range combat abilities have high intellect. As for his obsession to play hunting games and his love to terrorize his victims…….

The destructive power of this brat was indeed amazing. Although the use of “top 3” to describe him was slightly exaggerated, he definitely shouldn’t be underestimated!


The zombie brat’s eyes looked very crazy, but his face always carried that innocent smile.

It instead made him seem even more creepy and caused one to tremble in fear just by looking at him, “I had originally wanted to slowly play with my brothers and sisters, but I didn’t expect that you would be so serious towards a child.”

“Kid, when you turn into a zombie, the law to protect minors doesn’t include you anymore…..”

Ling Mo coldly sneered in his heart.

He wouldn’t pull his punches just because the other party looked “safe”.

In fact, zombies like him were even more dangerous.

Not only did they lack common sense, but their actions were also unpredictable. They had so many strange ideas in their heads that only they would think are interesting.

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“Actually, I was shocked as well. I didn’t expect you guys to really be with humans. When that new zombie died, I knew I was right. Oh, that’s right, you guys also must like playing games, right? Were you guys planning to protect those humans first, then wait until they thought it was safe, and suddenly… BAM! Kill them all! The despair and the screams that would happen in that situation seems to be more worthy of appreciation…”

The zombie brat chuckled and said, “Your disguises are pretty good. If I win, can you give me your eyes? I also want to mix in with the humans…. That would definitely be very interesting.”

“Sure. I’m actually missing a doll. If you lose, I’ll make you into a human skinned doll, okay?”

Shana’s eyes slightly turned red as she said this with a smile.

“Hey! This brat’s idea is terrible! And Dark Shana, you stop it as well!”

Ling Mo’s scalp had turned numb after listening to such a strange conversation. Only Dark Shana had the ability to actually converse with him.

“HA! This big sister is very interesting!”

The zombie brat’s eyes brightened and said excitedly, “The people who used to play with me aren’t as interesting as you. Alas, they never knew how to cooperate with me, so I always got angry. In fact, I slightly regret destroying them. But after thinking about it for a while, I realized that it didn’t really matter. I could always find new toys, no?”

He giggled, “When I was still a human, I liked playing this kind of game. However, those adults always told me that I couldn’t do this or that… Aii* [1], it was really boring. It’s better now though. I can play with whatever I want, HAHA! However, the humans here are all too weak, and the advanced zombies are fucking stupid. In fact, some can’t even speak properly, which makes me very disappointed.”

“This brat is born with an antisocial personality.”

This cruel personality of his was definitely because of his genes. After mutating, this particular gene became even more distorted after it was completely released without any restraints….

Feeling that the zombie brat’s attention was diverted, Ling Mo’s tentacles suddenly moved.

The movement of Ling Mo’s tentacles now meant that he was going in for the kill!


The zombie brat’s smile remained unchanged as he jumped back a few steps agilely.

A dozen or so dense holes had suddenly appeared on the table at the spot where he had just stood.

“Human brother, I didn’t forget about you.” The zombie brat smiled at Ling Mo. “Seeing how you weren’t speaking, I knew you were definitely going to do something.”

“Fuck you! You’re actually treating me like some kind of toy!”

Ling Mo groaned and a muffled “bang” sound took place in front of him, like a stone hitting a thick steel plate.

His face paled slightly, and he was shocked.

This zombie brat’s attack was unbelievably fast. At such a short distance, Ling Mo couldn’t see his opponent’s throwing action, nor could he see the flying trajectory of the fragments.

With such a huge force suddenly hitting the protection formed by his spiritual energy, Ling Mo suddenly felt a headache. This was the consequence caused by a sudden consumption of a large amount of spiritual energy.

To be continued…

[1] – It’s the chinese way for a pitiful sigh.

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