My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 406 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 406 Part 2 – Beating A Brat

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The zombie brat seemed to recognize Ling Mo as the weakest one, continuously throwing out building fragments from his hand, while constantly jumping to avoid Ling Mo’s attacks.

I didn’t expect that this kid could be so strong even in an enclosed space….”

During their short confrontation, Ling Mo had gained a better understanding of the zombie brat’s attack method.

The zombie brat’s dexterity, paired with his ability to sense spiritual energy, allowed him to have a quick reaction time. This allowed him to throw things quickly and accurately.

Although his strength hadn’t reached the level of the overlord rank, he was still much stronger than most of the leader rank zombies.

Despite Ye Lian and Shana not taking action yet, it was clear that the brat had also put up his guard against them.

In fact, the reason Ling Mo had arranged Shana and Ye Lian to be here was to just stop him from leaving.

As for taking action…

Towards this little mouse that hurt Ye Lian, Ling Mo naturally wanted to handle it himself.

“Hee hee, shouldn’t you be more worried about your human companions? I’ve brought a lot of my kind here.”

The zombie brat said with a smile.

“You actually know how to distract me.”

Ling Mo made his tentacles intersect with each other as they rolled close towards the brat, but he jumped up just before he was about to be bound.

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As he was about to reach the ceiling, he suddenly slanted his head sharply, and an arrow of blood instantly burst out from his shoulders.

When the zombie brat started to fall back down, another tentacle pierced into his underarm, nailing him to the wall with a “bang”.

His head lowered, like a puppet with its strings cut off, his limbs hung down weakly, and he slowly slid to the ground.

As the zombie brat slowly recovered and raised his head, a pair of brutal, cold-blooded red eyes, similar to a wild animal, looked at Ling Mo through the messy hair.

The blood-colored pupils almost completely covered the whites in his eyes, and they looked very different from Ye Lian and the girls.

“Brother Ling…. Be careful, there’s …. Something not right about him!”

Ye Lian shouted suddenly. She has always been sensitive to changes in aura, and Ling Mo started becoming warier of the brat.

The brat’s reaction time was really fast. It wasn’t an accident that Ling Mo failed to kill him instantly.

Even in mid-air, he was able to forcibly twist his body to avoid a deadly attack from Ling Mo.

Although he looked quite miserable, his vitals actually weren’t hit at all.

“You really are fun to play with. However, I still have a trump card.”

The zombie brat’s eyes were getting redder and redder, almost as if they were about to start bleeding at any time. He suddenly lowered his head, and a spike suddenly burst out from his neck.

At the same time, spikes also drilled out from his wrist, little by little. The skin that originally looked smooth, suddenly cracked as if it was being opened by a zipper.

“WHAT THE FUCKING HELL! It really is a trump card! And it’s a transformation at that…..”

Ling Mo was stunned. The zombie brat in front of him turned out to be a mutant zombie!

The muscles in his body bulged up little by little. The wounds on his body also kept wiggling and he soon stopped bleeding.

A few seconds later, a mutant zombie with a hefty body with a face that looked like a little girl, appeared in front of Ling Mo. All four of his limbs were completely covered with small bone spikes.

It was quite shocking for Ling Mo to witness the “transformation” process of a mutant zombie up close.

“Uhh…. Those bone spikes on your neck look like a dog collar….”

Ling Mo said after recovering from his shock.

“Ah, it really does.” Shana nodded.

Ye Lian’s response was a little bit slower, and after staring blankly at the brat, she suddenly realized, “Mutant dog….”


The zombie brat and spider queen’s direction of evolution were obviously very different. Considering that this was originally an industrial area where various fires and explosions were bound to occur during the apocalypse…. It wasn’t surprising for such a monster to be created.


As the zombie brat kicked his right leg against the wall, he lunged forward, and sent his muscular arm smashing down on Ling Mo’s head.

Ling Mo wasn’t stupid enough to take the risk as he felt a strong wind hit his face.

As he released a kick towards the zombie brat, his spiritual tentacles also spread out, hitting the brats head from three directions.

“You asked for a beating!”

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