My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 407 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 407 Part 1 – Bone Armor

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


Ling Mo retreated a few steps back before he was able to stand firm at the other end of the table.

His right foot shook uncontrollably, and shouted while frowning, “GOD DAMMIT! It hurts! Is your face a fucking frying pan?!”

The brat was sent flying and hit the wall heavily.

When he got up, in addition to having a nosebleed, blood was constantly flowing out from his head too.

His eyelids were bleeding without end, implying that they were hit hard.

However, the bones that emerged under his eyelids had protected his eyes.

Ling Mo had distracted his attention by sending out a kick. At the same time, several tentacles also hit him from three different directions, making it impossible for him to avoid being hit.

If it weren’t because his skull was hard enough, his head would have already turned into the shape of a honeycomb.

“That was dangerous….”

The brat shook his head, before wiping it, and looked at the blood stains on his hands, “You…. You actually….”

The amount of blood that he lost had probably exceeded the limit that his mind could handle, and his expression suddenly became sinister. The bone spurs on his body grew out a bit as he let out a piercing bellow, “I’M SO ANGRY NOW! I WANT TO PEEL YOUR SKIN OFF! CUT YOUR STOMACH OPEN AND TURN YOU INTO A SPECIMEN COLLECTION!”


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He bent his knees before jumping forward and appeared in front of Ling Mo in the blink of an eye. However, he quickly held his head after letting out a cry.

After failing to attack, he changed the direction of his body in mid-air again and swiped his leg towards Ling Mo’s waist.

After receiving a dozen attacks in a row, Ling Mo was also pushed back, and soon reached the edges of the long conference table.

Seeing that he couldn’t defeat Ling Mo after attacking for such a long time, the brat suddenly turned his head, and threw the fragments in his hands at Ye Lian.

This time Ye Lian didn’t bother trying to catch it. Instead, she immediately moved away.


More than a dozen mini craters formed, and the glass window was also smashed to pieces.

Glass shattered everywhere. Although Ye Lian was able to avoid them in time, her clothes were still torn by the glass shards.

It was obvious from the brat’s action that he wanted to create an opportunity so that he could escape from this place.

But seeing that Ye Lian was almost injured again, an unknown rage flooded Ling Mo’s brain.

“You want to run?”

A spiritual tentacle quickly followed and wrapped itself around the zombie brat’s calf before slamming him to the ground.

Before he could get up, Ling Mo had already hooked the edges of the window with his tentacles, pulled himself over, and landed heavily onto the brat’s body.

“It’s useless, my whole body is covered with bone armor….”

The zombie brat giggled as he tried to grab Ling Mo.

Although Ling Mo was able to dodge in time, the bone spurs on the brat’s arm still cut Ling Mo’s trouser.

Ling Mo didn’t even bother looking at it. More than a dozen tentacles caught the hands and feet of the brat, and at the same time, a tentacle had also stuffed itself into his mouth.

“It’s…. Useless….”

The zombie brat said vaguely, “No matter how much a prey tries to resist, it will always still be a prey…

Ling Mo had also noticed that although the brat physically still looks similar to a human, it’s internal structure, and even internal organs, had most likely undergone tremendous changes.

Feeling the invasion of a foreign object, the brat contracted his esophagus.

The other two tentacles that went into his ears also encountered obstacles.

Ling Mo had also wanted to attack his eyes, but that layer of bone wouldn’t allow him.

“I… I have already evolved into something with no weaknesses…. Big brother, you should…. Just give up, hahaha….”

The brat opened his mouth wide, and the corner of his mouth lifted upwards, exposing a strange smile.

Ling Mo completely ignored his words, and his spiritual tentacles started to smash down, like raindrops.


The loud muffled sounds even shocked Lucy and the others, who were fighting a bitter battle below.

To be continued…

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