My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 407 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 407 Part 2 – Bone Armor

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Can they handle it? Or… Should we take this opportunity to just run away?!”

Liu Bao Dong retreated to Lucy’s side and asked.

Lucy looked at him contemptuously and said coldly, “You can try….”

“It’s obvious you’re playing favorites! Now is a good opportunity! Besides, we helped them stall so many zombies already….”

Liu Bao Dong’s scalp turned numb as he looked above. The lobby was filled with the pungent smell of blood, and a never-ending supply of zombies.

It if wasn’t because the zombies were stuck in the stairs, they would have already been torn to pieces.

“Hmph, would you rather face these many zombies, or that monster?” Lucy sneered sarcastically.

“Uhh…” Liu Bao Dong was speechless. He gritted his teeth and tried to say something, but Lucy quickly interrupted him, “Just stop already. Our FIRE base has already embarrassed ourselves once in front of him. I won’t do something shameful again.”

“Then fine, how about we meet you outside…” Liu Bao Dong once again broke the limits of being shameless.

“Sure, if you dare take a step back, don’t blame me if my hands suddenly start shaking.”

Lucy’s next words made Liu Bao Dong stop his footsteps.

He raised the muzzle with a bitter face, endured the soreness of his arms and shoulders, took a deep breath, and looked at the zombies who were like clever monkeys….

Upstairs, the brat was still wearing that strange smile at first, as if watching he was watching a clown perform. But as Ling Mo’s calm but crazy attacks continued to fall on him, the expression on the brat’s face gradually became a little ugly.

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A burst of blood on his chest finally made the brat’s face show horror.

Seeing that Ling Mo didn’t plan to stop at all, the brat also started to get a bad feeling.

He struggled desperately, “AHH! Let go of me, you filthy human. You’re just a toy and you actually want to kill me?! I’m angry! I’m really angry!”


Seeing another hole filled with blood emerge from the brat’s stomach, Ling Mo’s cold face suddenly showed a smile, “Weren’t you boasting that you had no weaknesses just now?”


The brat shouted. His muscles expanded again, shredding his clothes and turning them into pieces of rags that were hanging onto him. [1]

In contrast, his small head seemed to be rather out of place.

More bone spikes emerged from the “slits” around his body, and really formed a bone armor.

With a tremendous boost in power, he was finally freed from Ling Mo’s imprisonment.

But Ling Mo’s violent attacks had already caused the brat to feel a real life and death crisis.

After regaining the upper hand, the zombie brat let out a low growl, grabbed Ling Mo’s arm, and threw him away.

But when Ling Mo was sent flying like a cannonball, he wasn’t hurt at all when he landed.

One Ling Mo’s tentacles had caught the chandelier in time.

However, the tremendous force caused the chandelier to fall between him and the brat as he fell towards the ground.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the brat also jumped onto the windowsill, preparing to escape from the battlefield that Ling Mo had prepared for him.

His advantages couldn’t be used at all here.

“Didn’t you like playing hunting games with people? How does it feel like being the prey?”

Ling Mo smiled with a pale face. A long-saved powerful spiritual strangulation attack caused the zombie brat, who had just jumped onto the windowsill, to become stunned for a moment.

Although it was only a moment, it was all that he needed.

“This is my trump card. I personally saved it for you until now. Didn’t you say you have no weaknesses? Well then, I’ll create it for you.”

Any defense will become vulnerable after being attacked continuously.

Hundreds of tentacles had hit hundreds of times throughout the brat’s body.

Now, there were weaknesses everywhere.

“Go play in hell.”

Ling Mo looked at the brat who had just recovered from his daze, raised his hand, and snapped his finger, creating a crisp “snap” sound.

The brat’s body became stiff, and suddenly numerous wounds burst open and blood splattered from his body!

When he fell from the window, there was still a look of surprise and confusion in his eyes.

A spiritual tentacle followed him in mid-air, catching a falling leader-rank virus hive.

At the moment when Ling Mo used his spiritual strangulation attack, there were many memory fragments that emerged in front of Ling Mo’s eyes.

All those evil deeds could cause a person’s hair to stand up from anger [2] ….

At the same time when Ling Mo got the virus hive, he let out a long sigh of relief, and whispered, “For brats like you, it’s better if you die early.”


The brat’s body fell to the ground; his wide-open eyes were still staring at the window.

“I did it.”

Ling Mo turned around and smiled at Ye Lian.

But as soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly fell forward.

[1] – the brat’s a mini hulk lol

[2] – Honestly, Super Saiyan kind of just popped in my mind.

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