My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 408 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 408 Part 1 – Fishing in Troubled Waters

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Seeing Ling Mo fall, Ye Lian immediately rushed in front of Ling Mo and caught him, “Brother Ling…. Are you okay?”

“How is he?”

Shana also quickly came over and looked nervously at Ling Mo.

However, the two of them had just lowered their heads when Ling Mo, who seemed to be in a coma, suddenly opened his eyes, raised his head, and quickly kissed each of them on the face.


Shana froze for a moment, then smiled, “You really are a cunning human…. And you should also shave your moustache!”

Ye Lian stared blankly at Ling Mo, then raised her hand to cover her face, “Why did you suddenly….”


As soon as she let go, Ling Mo immediately lost his balance and fell down.

“Ouch, my waist….”

“Are… are you alright? You look…  terrible pale….”

Ye Lian hurriedly supported Ling Mo again, and her expression seemed a little uneasy.

Ling Mo’s face was very pale, and a thin layer of cold sweat also appeared on his forehead.

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“You’ve exhausted both your physical and spiritual strength. Hmph, it’s your fault for insisting on being a hero!” Shana snorted and said.

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“Cough*Cough*….” Ling Mo’s voice became weak, “This kind of thing…”

“Another senseless aspect of humans. Always desperately trying to do something that doesn’t really matter.” Shana snorted again.

“That’s… That’s right.”

Ye Lian nodded, and a trace of tenderness suddenly flashed from those foolish eyes of hers.

“Really… Really stupid.”

The battle continued intermittently until early next morning. After the first batch of zombies that the zombie brat brought over were killed, another batch of zombies came after being attracted by the sounds of gunfire and the smell of blood.

Although the amount wasn’t large, it still felt as if they were playing Whack-A-Mole. They had just knocked one down here, and another one would come out over there.

Moreover, each one of them was a deadly threat. Some even crawled upside-down from the ceiling.

In this type of situation, they had to be alert at all times. A moment of carelessness might cause them to become a meal for the zombies.

If it weren’t because the infrastructure of the building and the front entrance being blocked by a car, it wouldn’t have been an easy thing for Lucy to keep her position at the stairs.

Of course, the average survivor also wouldn’t have their intensive firepower.

But even so, after fighting until the next morning, the four people, including Lucy, were so tired that they could barely raise their arms.

“Tired… So fucking tired!”

Liu Bao Dong dragged his gun and crawled back to the big office like a dead dog [1].

As soon as he saw Ye Lian and the group, he immediately said, “Hey, I didn’t even see you guys come down last night!”

But everybody ignored him. Ling Mo was lying on a sofa while Ye Lian and Shana sat beside him.

Although Ling Mo wasn’t really injured, he still drank the potion, but the physical energy that he had consumed still required him to take a rest in order to recover completely.

Not to mention, he also needs to sleep.

“It looks like he’s really exhausted….”

Liu Bao Dong recalled the monster’s terrifying attack power and couldn’t help but tremble. His voice also became much quieter.

He turned to look at Shana and Ye Lian and muttered in a low voice, “But why didn’t you guys come down? It’s obvious you guys are also strong.”

When he first entered the building previously, he was subdued by Shana.

Using subdued was actually a nicer way of describing it.

The truth was, he didn’t even see Shana’s face. He was knocked on the forehead by the back of the scythe, and he passed out on the spot.

When he recovered consciousness, he was already face down, and was being dragged by his feet into the office.

“Hmph, why should I help….?” Seeing that the word “human” was about to be blurted out, Shana paused and reluctantly changed her words, “Are you suggesting that we should take our weapons and fight them to the death, while you guys are carrying guns?”

“Uhh….” Liu Bao Dong froze.

“You’re being cocky. No matter what, we’re the ones that dragged them into trouble, and they still saved us……” said the female team member.

The female team member was naturally grateful to Ling Mo since he had rescued her from Ah Sheng.

The combat strength of that monster was obvious to everyone. If it weren’t for Ling Mo, they most likely wouldn’t have been able to survive the night.

To be continued…

[1] – It’s a Chinese Term. Just imagine a dog that doesn’t want to move, almost as if it’s dead. In other words, very exhausted or super lazy.

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