My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 408 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 408 Part 2 – Fishing in Troubled Waters

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Captain, the way you’re speaking is very ungentlemanly…” the male team member also said.

“Humph.” Lucy snorted coldly, and the contempt was self-evident.

Liu Bao Dong looked embarrassed, but he was yelling in his heart, “Regardless of what you guys say, I’m still your captain. You guys all teamed up and defended him together! Just because he killed that monster, you all chose to ignore the vileness from this asshole! They treated us like captives just hours before!”

“Speaking of which, there were so many zombies that came over here. He definitely had something to do with it since he intentionally provoked that monster! Did you guys choose to forget all the shouting he did outside the entrance before all this?”

The depressed Liu Bao Dong hugged his gun and found a corner to sit down. He stared at Ling Mo with a look of resentment.

Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him….

After a few hours, everyone felt that they had finally recovered some of their strength.

However, the soreness from their arms couldn’t be recovered in such a short period of time. Other than Lucy, the other three were still unable to use their guns.

But what surprised them beyond belief, was that the pale looking Ling Mo last night was full of energy today. He stretched his body and seemed as if he didn’t have any problems at all.

“Ho…. How the fuck did he recover so fast!?”

Liu Bao Dong dropped his arms strangely, leaning against the wall with an ugly pose, and bit the compressed biscuit while exclaiming.

“This is for you guys. The taste is so-so, but it’s fine for filling up the stomach.”

The female team member took a few packets of dry food and handed it to Ling Mo.

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Seeing the female team member’s shy smile, Liu Bao Dong almost spat out his food, “This is no longer teaming up, this is almost switching sides!”

“Ling Mo.”

Lucy also approached Ling Mo and said with a cold expression, “What are you guys planning to do next?”

“Stay alive, what else could we possibly do?” Ling Mo nibbled at the dry food and smiled.

Looking at Ling Mo’s expression, Lucy knew that he wasn’t telling her the truth. However, she didn’t try to dig for more info. Instead, she said, “I won’t beat around the bush. You can see that they have all temporarily lost their fighting capabilities. In fact, so have I… but there is a set time for my extraction, and I can’t delay it any longer.

“In addition, in X-City…. I don’t know how many monsters there are that are similar to the one from last night.”

“There aren’t many. You’ll only meet them if you have bad luck….”

“In short.” Lucy ignored Ling Mo’s words and asked, “Will you help me?”

“The location of the meeting point is in Century City, right….?” Ling Mo recalled the map of X-City in his mind, and finally nodded. “The route does overlap with mine… but, what about payment?”

“Huh?” Lucy was stunned for a while, and that frosty face of hers became unsettled, “What… What do you want?”

The two of them took a full five minutes to negotiate until they were finally able to agree on a payment.

In addition to Lucy’s Firebase paying a fee, the Air Force Regiment, where Liu Bao Dong and the other two came from, also had to pay a fee.

After looking at the list, Liu Bao Dong immediately called out, “Why do you want a sniper rifle?! Isn’t your marksmanship horrible?!”

“It’s not for me.” Ling Mo glanced at Ye Lian, and the two smiled at each other, “If we had a sniper rifle, it might have been easier for us to take down that guy from yesterday. It doesn’t matter if we can’t kill it. It doesn’t hurt to try.”

The lack of an effective long-range attack capability was the current weakness of Ling Mo and his team.

When encountering an enemy like the zombie brat, they would inevitably have to be on the passive.

For them to deal with zombies like this, it was still okay. A small trap could lure them over. However, what would happen if they encountered a psychic with long-range attack capabilities?

“Crossbow and arrows…. We don’t have these! Besides, aren’t you already carrying one?!” Liu Bao Dong shouted again.

“No more arrows.” Ling Mo said frankly, “If you don’t have it that’s fine, give me a hundred more bullets.”

“…. Okay.” Liu Bao Dong read the list carefully and finally gritted his teeth. “We accept! When the helicopter comes to pick up Lucy, the items on the list will be delivered at that time.”

Liu Bao Dong’s group wasn’t following them into the city. They were only going to stick with them until they reached the vicinity, they would then head back via helicopter.

As captain of a special operations team, Liu Bao Dong still possessed the authority to give stuff out.

At the end, Liu Bao Dong reluctantly added, “You’re simply fishing in troubled waters!”

“I’m flattered.”

“That wasn’t a compliment to you!”

Lucy read the list carefully several times. She raised her head with a surprised expression on her face, “The things you need, I happen to have them on me now.”

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