My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 409 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 409 Part 1 – Wanna Have Sex?

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“However, I won’t be giving them to you until we arrive in Century City.”

Lucy tucked the list between her boobs and said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you….”

This cold violent woman was puzzled on how to continue her words and paused for a moment. However, she still ended up unable to come up with something polite.

Although Ling Mo was surprisingly reliable during battle, this young man made her think that he was too unpredictable.

“It’s fine. It’s normal not to trust someone that you just met. From a trading perspective, this is good for everyone.”

Ling Mo smiled indifferently. Before Lucy could say anything, he sniffed the air and frowned, “Let’s leave early. It smells bad here.”

Inside the small office, Li Ya Lin was sitting quietly on top of the big cocoon.

As soon as Ling Mo pushed the door open, her body flickered, and she appeared behind Ling Mo.

A slender hand rested on his shoulder, and her boneless body was almost completely attached to him.

“Although I sat on them all night, they never came out.”

Ya Lin, in an extremely charming voice, whispered into Ling Mo’s ear.

“Were you trying to hatch them…… It seems that you already tried. However, since you recovered the information about hatching eggs from your memories, why didn’t you try to recover a bit more? Perhaps you might have also recovered the information that humans can’t hatch eggs….” Ling Mo replied.

“I did recover that information.” Ya Lin pressed herself closer to Ling Mo, her towering boobs rubbing against Ling Mo’s back. “But I’m not a human.”

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“Fine. You win.”

Ling Mo patted her round butt and said, “Senior Sister, help do me a favor.”

“If it’s giving birth to a child, I’d definitely be willing to….” Ya Lin smiled and raised her boobs even higher….”

“There are people next door….”

“Then should I go tear them to shreds first?”

Seeing that Ling Mo had begun to waver, Ya Lin snickered and her hands slid down Ling Mo’s back, grabbing the waistband of his pants.


The two slammed into the wall, and before Ling Mo could say anything, Ya Lin covered his mouth with her lips.

Cold lips, warm, fragrant tongues, and fierce kisses quickly lit the air, and the clothes on the two were ripped apart.

The morning sunlight shone through the curtains, and the bloody smell from downstairs seemed to have stimulated this female leader rank zombie.

Ya Lin pushed Ling Mo onto the big cocoon. With a sound of a “Swish”, she zigzagged to Ling Mo like a snake and appeared in front of him. She stretched out her white delicate fingers and pinched Ling Mo’s chin, “Junior Brother, do you want to have sex?”

Ling Mo stared at Ya Lin for a while, then suddenly stretched out his hands and wrapped them around her waist, pulling her into his embrace. “You think I won’t!?”

“But why do we have to do it on The cocoon…. Hey, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use it as a bed when Hei Si and Yu Shi Ran are unconscious inside. Won’t we hurt them……? Huh? Unexpectedly, it’s very soft….”

Despite the soundproof walls blocking out the majority of the noise, Lucy was keenly aware of the slight movements coming from inside the small office.

She had just turned her head to look at the wall when she heard Shana say lightly, “Don’t peek.”

“Who the hell is going to peek!”

Lucy coldly snorted. She had just turned her head when she heard Shana whisper to Ye Lian, “She obviously went down to handle business, but instead, she ended up doing a different kind of business.”

“What…. What business?” Ye Lian asked blankly.

“Something similar to the 108 ways game we played before ….” Shana said.

The violent frigid woman’s mouth twitched. She silently put down her machine gun, stretched out a finger from each hand and blocked her ears….

Ten minutes later, Ling Mo slowly stood up while holding the wall and turned his head to look at the cocoon that was full of elasticity.

Ya Lin was still lying on top of it, with a smile of contentment.

“Well, Senior Sister… Can you pack up the luggage? You can pretend you’re packing for your children… I need to take a break….”

To be continued…

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