My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 409 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 409 Part 2 – Wanna Have Sex?

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Around nine o’clock, a group of people with bitter expressions, squeezed out from the corpse-filled lobby.

Although the streets were full of bloodstains, suspicious debris and slime on the ground, everyone still took two deep breaths.

“I feel like I almost suffocated!”

Liu Bao Dong gasped for air for quite some time, supporting himself by placing his hands on his knees. He suddenly turned his head to look at the huge crack that the zombies had crammed through from.

The tall and stunning Ya Lin looked relaxed as she carried an exaggerated “package” out from the entrance.

“Why do I feel like you’re carrying a huge egg….”

Before the male team member could finish, Lucy kicked him in the leg.

“It’s best if we don’t ask them too many questions, let’s go.”

Lucy said with a complicated expression as she stared deeply at the “package”

Ling Mo’s group had too many oddities, but Lucy would rather not think more about them.

With the strength shown by Ling Mo, he didn’t have to care what they were thinking about.

Whether it was Lucy or Liu Bao Dong, the forces behind them were very strong, but at this moment they wouldn’t do anything that could pose a threat towards Ling Mo.

Lucy was also slightly curious about the “giant egg”, but after coming back to her senses, she felt a little relieved.

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“Thank you so much for wrapping it… Although it’s strange that you took time to wrap it, but at least now you won’t kill us for knowing too much….” Lucy thought.

Sensing Lucy’s gaze, Ling Mo couldn’t help but whisper, “Why are you giving me that look as if you’re looking at some murderous, sick fuck? There’s no corpse inside! It’s just a loli and a bitch!”

Because he didn’t know when Hei Si would wake up, Ling Mo specifically arranged Ya Lin to be at the end of the group, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

The location of Century City was in the same direction as Ling Mo’s destination, the zoo.

Since Ye Lian was able to evolve to leader rank, what Ling Mo wanted to do next was help Ya Lin carry out a virus “purification”. According to her request, he would be increasing the mutant snake virus in her body.

When he was in the zoo last time, Ling Mo had ignored all those low-level mutant beasts, and a small amount of those beasts should be mutant snakes.

Now that he thought about it, with the rapid evolution capabilities of the mutant beasts, maybe an advanced mutant snake has already been born.

Although he wasn’t 100% sure, mutant snakes were scarce originally. Even if there’s only a little hope, they should at least check it out.

If they found nothing at the zoo, Ling Mo still had a backup plan….

Getting closer and closer to the city, more and more zombies started to appear on the road.

Although the number was less than when the apocalypse had just broken out, the overall strength of each zombie was much stronger.

If ordinary survivors were faced with this situation, they would either have to fight desperately to open a path or spend effort in luring these zombies away.

“What should we do? There are zombies in the front, back, left and right. We’ll be besieged the moment we pop out!”

Liu Bao Dong nervously hid behind a broken wall and said anxiously.

But as soon as he finished speaking, he saw Ling Mo walk out casually and pointed to an alley, “Over here.”

“HELLO! Are you even listening!? At least make a plan!”

However, the nervous Liu Bao Dong was ignored once again, and with Lucy being the first to catch up, the other two members ran over quickly.

“Watch how I punish you guys when we get back!” Liu Bao Dong threatened in his mind.

After improving his spiritual strength, in this complicated urban environment, Ling Mo was like a fish being let back into water.

Using his spiritual sense, he could quickly find a path with fewer zombies, and then use his puppet ability in advance to control most of the zombies from the route they would be using.

In areas where there were a much larger number of zombies, he could also use the zombie puppets to create some chaos and attract the attention of those zombies.

The few zombies that would be left wouldn’t be much of a threat at all.

And before the zombies could even rush over, Ling Mo would already have killed them with his spiritual tentacles.

Whether it was Liu Bao Dong and his group, or Lucy, this was the first time for them to see such an easy way to advance.

“I feel like my horizons have been broadened! I didn’t know zombies could be handled so easily! What exactly is your ability?!”

Liu Bao Dong couldn’t help but yell out.

Ling Mo replied indifferently, “A catapult that shoots spiritual power and comes with GPS.”

“And don’t relax too much, there might be some advanced zombies along the way. The appearance of even one can be life-threatening.”

Ling Mo’s words made them immediately become vigilant again after just relaxing for a while.

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