My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 41


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 41 – Zombie love

Seeing Shana is not going to be awake for a while, Ling Mo handed over a viral gel to Ye Lian.

The spiritual connection between him and Ye Lian has been very strong, even though Ye Lian’s eyes looked very hot when she looked at the gel, but she did not

hide her intention in snatching the gel up. And when faced with Ling Mo, her instinct reaction has also weakened a lot.

This is not a surprise, right now he and Ye Lian is like one mind controlling two bodies, manipulating Ye Lian is liking controlling a second copy of his own limbs, naturally there will not be problems like Shana.

But while it seemed okay controlling a couple of normal zombies, but to control Ye Lian and Shana at the same time for a long time, not so easy. Ling Mo knew that he still needed to power up in order to maintain full control …

“Eat.” Ling Mo somewhat lovingly touched Ye Lian’s cheek, watched her swallowed this piece of high purity gel.

With the gel going into the body, the high-purity virus will also spread to Ye Lian’s whole body, eventually will most likely gather in the back of her head. Just did not know what exactly is that virus doing inside her brain, or how much it has changed already.

But at the same time while staring at Ye Lian, Ling Mo also become very tense in an instant. Different than Shana, once Ye Lian evolved, he will also be greatly affected!

The last time when Ye Lian evolved, even though he indirectly received great benefits, but the process was still very painful. And that time, she only swallowed one piece of gel, but this time instead she swallowed an extremely pure viral gel!

Even if the contact does not exaggerate to the extent of one to ten, but one to five is certainly there! (indicating that the pain will be maximized at least five times)

Sure enough, as soon as Ye Lian swallowed this gel, her throat immediately issued strange sound of “giggle”. Her eyes have already turned black after last evolution, but after just swallowing the gel, the whites of her eyes all of a sudden instantly became bloody red! Even the pupil also seems to cast a red mist in general.

Luckily, she did not have any signs of resistance, nor did she faint directly like Shana.

The trembling Ye Lian’s eyes is full of bloodthirsty atmosphere, if a stranger walks by and notices her demented appearance, the stranger would assume that a dormant beast is about to strike!

Before Ling Mo thought that “murderous intent” thing is simply bluffing, simply did not exist. But look at the current Ye Lian, Ling Mo finally deeply appreciate what is called murderous intent!

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Although she is not moving while sitting on the chair, but Ling Mo who is standing close right before her did not even dare to move! As if he even slightly budged his little finger, it will lead to her attack.

Of course, this is just the feeling of the moment, because the spiritual connection between Ling Mo and Ye Lian was not shaken, it is impossible for her to attack on her own.

Even so, Ling Mo still felt very surprised! This undisguised fury breath, is something Ye Lian never had before.

And then, the impact conveyed through the spiritual connection also suddenly startled Ling Mo, a surge of violent thoughts instantly swept his mind!

Different than before, this time Ling Mo did not feel any discomfort on the body, on the contrary, at the same while his eyes reddening, fists clenched, what he felt was a strangely comfortable and almost pleasurable state!

Upper and lower body, as if every pore is completely open, the mind clearer than ever, even though his vision has been saturated with red, but that feeling of power filled each of Ling Mo’s arms and legs, leaving him feeling very satisfied.

But at the same time, his mind was also completely affected by violent murderous intent, everything that appears before the eyes, he wants to destroy madly.

Although the pleasure on the body has already been allowing him feel fantastic, but Ling Mo felt that if he could let go and destroy everything, his inner heart could only be really satisfied, the pleasure will also be doubled!

He even felt that at this moment, his way of thinking, the feeling conveyed from his body is exactly the same as the zombies!

If it wasn’t for that his spiritual strength went through an upgrade, perhaps Ling Mo will completely fall down in this feeling and start wildly attacking, but just as he is gradually slipping to this warm grasp on his body, there came a wave of revolt from Ye Lian and all of a sudden awakened Ling Mo.

He just appeared this trend, and Ye Lian almost went out of his control…

No wonder zombies lose sanity, and became monsters that only knew how to kill, that feeling of handing over the body to instincts is like pressed down a button that was as addictive as cocaine, and as soon as this gate is opened, most likely will no longer be closed.

Ling Mo who has once again become sober felt fear on one hand, on the other hand is resisting very hard to keep down this new sensation that’s still sweeping through his body.

But even if he has extraordinary willpower, in this case he still could not help but involuntarily started having coarse breath, covered in a slight tremble. This is not because of the pain, but because of the waves of pleasure, getting more and more intense…

Ye Lian who is sitting right before him also has a flushing red face, eyes looked at Ling Mo, seems to have also fallen among that feeling.

Ling Mo finally lost control to his urges and suddenly flew on to Ye Lian’s body, and clutched her firmly in the arms.

Only in this way, he could shift his attention, to allow him be freed from that desire in wanting to destroy everything! However, hold firmly is not enough, he still needs more!

Ling Mo suddenly lifted up Ye Lian’s cheek, under her bloody red eyes gaze, he is trembling, suddenly kissed her on the lips.

That cold lips, and warm tongue finally let Ling Mo’s violent heart felt a trace of calmness. He hugged Ye Lian, selflessly draw her sweetness, warm and crazy kisses landed on Ye Lian’s cheek, neck like rain drop, his palms also wandered around Ye Lian’s waist, caressing her delicate spine, smooth and rounded shoulder, that slightly raised collarbone…

Did not know how much time has passed, Ling Mo gradually woken up, and by the time he recovered, he and Ye Lian has already rolled together on the carpet.

He has already torn ye Lian’s shirt into pieces, just with that small pieces of underwear alone could not completely obscured her impressive peaks.

On her chest, he even left a hickey, which is naturally the masterpiece by the mad Ling Mo.

In the case of almost losing the soul, Ling Mo was completely out of instinct, completely woken up the desire to Ye Lian, to resist that kind of violent feeling. It now appears that the effect of distraction is good…

However, kissing with a zombie? Press the zombie under the body?

He must be the only one that could have done this kind of thing….but whatever, who says zombies cannot be kissed! This taste is also very good…..

Of course, Ye Lian in his heart is not a bloodthirsty zombie, and not some sort of monster. She may be not a person, but in Ling Mo’s eyes, she is still the girl that moves his heart!

But after gradually calmed down, Ling Mo suddenly felt as if someone poured a pot of ice water down from the head!

Lu Xin and Shana’s current existence all but confirm that virus can be transmitted through blood. What about saliva? Just a moment ago under the condition of losing sanity, he took a lot of saliva from Ye Lian’s mouth and unnamed orifices!

And the most critical problem is that, Ye Lian also just swallowed a piece of viral gel! Is this not directly equal to drinking the virus?

When a person’s head is swimming, they will lose the ability to think, not to mention with the influence of the external forces, it was already good that Ling Mo did not directly lose control of his senses and gone mad on the spot. But taken the time to calm down, Ling Mo suddenly broke into cold sweat.

As long as you are a normal person, they would not want to become a zombie, and as soon as he mutates, Shana and Ye Lian would instantly be unleashed. Most likely Ye Lian will strike and empty his own brain on the spot, then disappear in the horror city that is filled with zombies…

What about Shana? Most likely she will not escape from Ye Lian either. What to do!

Ling Mo is sitting there coldly, started at Ye Lian blankly, mouth gradually emerged a hint of a smile.

His first kiss, turned out to be life-threatening!

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