My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 411 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 411 Part 2 – The Bloody Girl

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Don’t you guys think this road seems unusually long?” Lucy suddenly stopped and asked.

However, when she turned her head around, she found that there was no one behind her…


A crispy noise came from the side behind her.

With a cold face, Lucy turned her head back slowly, and was shocked to find a huge pumpkin head drilling out from a shop.

Looking in through the hollowed-out parts, Lucy could see a pair of scarlet eyes, and a wide-open bloody mouth….

“What the hell is….”

Lucy stared closely at the pumpkin head and pulled out a knife from her boots.

At the same time, Liu Bao Dong and the others were also experiencing a similar situation as Lucy.

However, the things they each encountered were different. Liu Bao Dong was surrounded by two zombies, but he didn’t dare try and shoot them. Instead, he escaped to the side under their pursuit.

The male and female team members also faced a situation where they were chased by zombies. This strange situation had caused them panic and they couldn’t even cry out for help.

There were a large number of zombies nearby. Once they called out for help, they would die even quicker.

At the same time, Ling Mo also felt as if the scene in front of him began to change, and all of the sudden the people around him disappeared.

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There was no one but him on the empty street.

“Ye Lian?”

Ling Mo immediately clenched his hand, but when he turned to look back, he found that the person he was holding wasn’t Ye Lian at all!


This girl’s body was giving off a bloody aura. She had short hair that was covered with blood, shiny red eyes, arms that hung down to her legs, and a gown colored in blood…..

Her appearance made her look like a weak and slender girl, but a creepy laughter kept coming out from her mouth.

Although the girl didn’t seem to be a threat, she suddenly raised her arm, and grabbed Ling Mo with lightning speed.

“What the hell are you doing….?”

If a normal person had encountered this strange situation, they probably wouldn’t have been able to avoid it.

However, when this zombie girl attacked Ling Mo, he turned sideways calmly, and then grabbed her wrist.

“Girl, stop it, it’s me.”

Despite the unimaginable scene in front of him, under Ling Mo’s spiritual sense, the strange zombie standing next to him was Ye Lian.

After being caught by Ling Mo, Ye Lian became dazed for a while. She then tilted her head slightly and her tightened body slowly relaxed.

Those big red eyes looked unexpectedly cute.

“To actually be able to confuse my girl like this…. It must be a psychic, right?”

Ling Mo frowned and began to find where Shana and Ya Lin were.

Although they were invisible to the naked eye, Ling Mo could still vaguely sense them through their spiritual connection.

“This should probably be some kind of spiritual power, right? Does it directly affect the optic nerves or does it cause hallucinations?”

Ling Mo took a little bit of time to think and then understood something.

This ability could only cover this street.

The zombies they had hunted before were all real, and Ling Mo was definitely sure of this.

However, perhaps the reason why these zombies were left here was because it was part of the other party’s scheme.

Put the real ones in front and leave the fake ones in the back.

Although the ability itself wasn’t lethal, it was actually very strong.

If there was no spiritual connection between Ling Mo and Ye Lian, they might have actually tried to kill each other.

“Those large numbers of zombies were also real. If that’s so, then shouldn’t that mean the ability of the other party is limited? Otherwise, as long as he created countless zombies to besiege us, we would be exhausted to death. Or arrange a missile to appear above our heads, or make Godzilla suddenly appear…. All of these could have easily made us realize that we were going to die, right?”

Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and thought, “Either this guy lacks the ability to do so, or this guy doesn’t have enough imagination….”

He glanced back at “monster” Ye Lian and a flash of enlightenment suddenly flashed in his eyes, “It’s just an influence caused by spiritual energy….”

Numerous spiritual tentacles emerged from his spiritual ball of light, and slowly entangled the “monster”.

Soon, the monster in front of him began to fluctuate between light and darkness.

After the fluctuations calmed down, Ye Lian’s true face appeared.

Exquisite features and outstanding temperament. The only problem was….

The tentacles on her body were still shaking slightly, while Ling Mo was still rubbing his chin, “With the help from this illusion, do you want to try and satisfy some of my cosplay fetishes?”

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