My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 412 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 412 Part 1 – The World in the Eyes of Others

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“They won’t stop chasing me…. and I also don’t know where everyone else is….”

Behind a building, Lucy glanced to her side and looked at her shoulder.

There was a huge bruise on her bare shoulder that seemed to have unnaturally collapsed.

With this kind of injury, she wouldn’t even be able to hold a knife, let alone use it.

She was barely able to carry her machine gun, and her whole body was leaned against the wall, breathing heavily.


Suddenly, a slight noise came from not far away.

“It caught up with me again!”

Lucy’s pupils narrowed and her eyebrows tightened together. She took a deep breath and calmed her disordered breathing, pressing herself against the wall, and slowly extended her head out from her hiding place.

Just as she appeared, a huge wooden stick that made a “whooshing” sound, was suddenly right above her head.

At the same time, a dark figure wearing a pumpkin head flashed in front of her. The huge wooden stick was held in the hands of the pumpkin head.

“It’s so fast! How is it so agile when it looks so clumsy?!”

Lucy’s eyes narrowed as her body leaned backwards. She then launched a kick against the wall.

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The tremendous force from her kick, pushed her backwards and helped her avoid the stick.

As she landed, Lucy didn’t hesitate to roll and crawl back up. Without looking back, she rushed towards the direction of the department store.

This pumpkin head is too strong! If I could use my machine gun, then I wouldn’t have to be so passive… Forget it, I should head towards the department store first. If they’re still alive, they should also be heading there as well. I should at least lead this monster into the building first, then slowly find a solution….”


“Hmph, she sure can run.”

Shana slowly lifted the scythe that missed. She turned her head and stared coldly at the monster that was quickly rushing down the street towards the department store.

All of the joints of the monster seemed to have been damaged, but not only did it have a fast reaction time, it was also able to crawl back up quickly.

The monster’s long hair almost completely covered its upper body. Its strange long neck and twisted limbs caused the monster to look strange in both appearance and movement.

“Although I can vaguely sense Brother Ling, I can’t see him at all….”

Shana lifted her scythe onto her shoulder and looked at the monster that was getting closer to the department store, “For some reason, I keep getting a weird feeling…. The smell coming from this monster is familiar…. But I don’t remember eating something like this before…. No, I have never met a same-kind with that kind of appearance.”

“Hpmh, it would have been over if you had just let me knock you out with the back of my scythe…. Forget it, hitting your shoulder is basically the same. Next time, I’ll break your legs too.”

Her eyes were slightly reddish, and then quickly returned to a more normal color, “No, that’s not right. After carefully thinking about it, violence isn’t very interesting….”

“Now that Brother Ling isn’t around, why don’t we take the opportunity….”

“No, we already promised Brother Ling that we wouldn’t mess around…”

Shana stood there for a while and finally reached a conclusion, “Why don’t we first solve the issue in front of us? Only that monster is an anomaly, so we need to catch up to her first….”

Having said that, she leapt forward with her scythe and quickly followed after the monster.


“I remember that I was carrying Yu Shi Ran and Hei Si. Why did it suddenly change into this……?

Li Ya Lin held her chin and stared blankly at the huge round head in front of her with confusion.

The head didn’t seem to be lethal at all. At best, it was just a bit scary.

However, because of its large size, it seemed a bit out of place.

“Ah~! I get it now. When you put a little girl and a pet together, they’ll become like this after hatching!”

After staring at the huge bloody head for some time, Ya Lin was more confident of her guess …

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect that after evolving, you would become so pleasing to the eye.”

Ya Lin grabbed the head and threw it on her back, “I don’t know if Ling Mo will be satisfied with this, but I think it looks very unique… If I were to use human words to best describe it… Wash, Cut, Blow [1]? No, dumb…. Dumbass [2]? I feel that it’s getting closer… let me think again…”

To be continued…

[1] – took me ages to figure this out. Apparently there was a group called wash cut blow. They had very punk-ish hairstyles. Look up these characters in google images 洗剪吹 or click here :,m_lfit,w_268,limit_1/format,f_jpg

[2] – So the actual word isn’t dumb ass, but it comes close to it. “杀马特” is the transliteration of the English word “smart.” However, Chinese netizens use the term sarcastically to refer to those young people who dress themselves up like idiots. These people dye their hair into weird colors like blue, green or orange, put on heavy makeup, have body piercings and rings attached, and wear knockoff luxury

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