My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 412 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 412 Part 2 – The World in the Eyes of Others

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

At the same time, the same situation was also happening to Liu Bao Dong and the other two team members.

They were also being chased by monsters. It was difficult for them to resist since they were unable to use their guns. They could only desperately run towards the department store while getting wounded again and again.

“Why the hell is this monster that’s chasing me carrying a knife?!”

Holding onto a military bayonet, Liu Bao Dong ran forward with a face full of sweat.

Just a few moments ago, he was actually brave enough to turn around and fight, but Liu Bao Dong didn’t expect for that zombie to pull out a short rusty knife from his body.

And to make matters even worse, a female zombie appeared from behind them, and she too was also holding a lethal weapon.

“Someone help me!”

The courage that Liu Bao Dong mustered up instantly vanished. He turned around and ran without hesitation….


Ling Mo knocked on a wall, confirming his suspicion.

“It really is an illusion. However, it can only be counted as an incomplete one. At least the other side doesn’t have the ability to change the environment. With my current spiritual strength, it’s not that difficult for me to break this illusion. The problem is that the others are most likely trapped inside this illusion as well. The most important thing for me to do now is to help them get out of it. Now in everyone’s eyes, the other people in the group have either become a monster or a non-existent transparent person…. This kind of outcome should also be related to their spiritual strength.”

“Hey, girl, I’m really not food….”

He sighed and looked back at Ye Lian who was biting his sleeve.

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But after hearing what he said, Ye Lian just looked at him blankly, and then continued to bite his sleeves again.

“At least it doesn’t seem like it affects our speech. In other words, the only thing that’s changed is our vision. Who knows what this stupid girl sees when she’s looking at me? However, I don’t have a way for her to see reality. Instead of taking a huge risk by forcefully interfering with her spiritual strength, it might be better if I just killed the source.”

Ling Mo patted Ye Lian’s head and created a “nurse’s hat” for her, “I can vaguely feel that Shana and Senior Sister are both heading in the direction of the department store…. Having said that, the power of this illusion isn’t that bad, even the sense of touch has been changed….”

He turned his gaze to the department store with a smile on his lips.

While pulling Ye Lian, who was still biting his sleeve, Ling Mo slowly walked in the direction of the department store, “No matter how much I try to sense it, I can’t find their spiritual ball of light. I’m guessing this psychic must have some sort of ability that shields himself…. This spiritual psychic has a completely different power from mine….”

“Zii Zii…. What’s the current situation?”

A male voice suddenly sounded from the inside of a corner in the department store.

“All of them are trapped inside but there’s a spiritual psychic that might pose some trouble. All that’s left is to capture as many of them alive as possible, right? Once they finish playing with each other, you can probably capture them without even lifting your hands. By the way, there are also several beautiful women among their group…. After you capture them, would you like my help to ensure that they’re still in the state of hallucination so you can do whatever you want to them….”

The deep voice replied with a smile.

“That’s enough. If we do succeed in this operation, wouldn’t it be easy for us to have plenty of women? Don’t create unnecessary problems. Be careful on your side too. Before things are completed, pay attention and stick to the plan.” The male voice interrupted him impatiently and said, “Will that spiritual psychic be a problem?”

“It’ll be fine. I’ll kill him before he becomes a problem. Others might not know this, but you should clearly understand how strong my abilities are, right? Hahaha… I’m actually looking forward to this. I really wanted to test how strong my spiritual strength has become and he’s just in time to be my test subject. However, I have a hunch that his spiritual powers belong to the offensive type… compared to my ability that plays with the human heart, he is not even close to my level.”

The male deep voice suddenly became excited.

“Screw your psychic power, you’re just a crazy psychic. You trained too much to the point it has affected your brain.” The male voice was silent for two seconds, before he scolded.

“Then let’s end it here. I’ll meet you in a while.” The low male voice replied indifferently.

“Hey, don’t mess this up. Don’t forget our purpose… Fuck, he just turned it off!”

After putting down the walkie-talkie, the male voice opened the door of a room, “I better go check it out and capture as many as I can alive. How am I going to get anything done if they all died….?”

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