My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 413 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 413 Part 1 – Tentacle Evolution!

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The side-entrance of the department store was located in an alley. Apart from a few rusty bicycles, no zombies could be seen.

The side door was already in poor condition. It swayed back and forth on its hinges, almost as if it would fall off any time.

When Ling Mo pulled Ye Lian past the corner, he saw a figure going inside through the side door.


He saw a girl with long black hair, a slim white shirt with a short skirt, and black stockings with a pair of black leather shoes….

No matter how poor Ling Mo’s eyesight was it would be impossible for him to recognize the wrong person that is easily recognizable.

“Come to think of it, that outfit is something I would ask for.”

After a short pause, he grabbed Ye Lian and ran towards the door.

Although Shana ignored them, considering the fact that everyone was now being affected by hallucinations, it was normal for her not to see anyone else.

After entering through the side door, there was a very long passageway for employees.

A locker was lying on the ground horizontally, and a strange pungent smell floated out from it. The dim lights and the half-open door made the place look creepy.

“Fortunately, this department store is big enough, otherwise this passageway would have definitely been blocked off by the zombies. Did this attacker do all these things just to make his ability work? That’s such a hassle.”

Ling Mo frowned as he held Ye Lian’s hand and walked in slowly.

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Actually, it wasn’t necessary for Ling Mo to hold her hand since Ye Lian refused to let go of his sleeves.

“Shana? Is that you?”

Ling Mo shouted in a low voice. In the empty corridor, his deliberately lowered voice was still loud enough to even startle himself.

Seeing that no one responded, Ling Mo looked around for a while, before continuing to walk inwards.

However, as soon as he made a turn, he saw a familiar figure flash past his eyes and run straight into the employee’s bathroom.

This time the distance between them was relatively close. Ling Mo could clearly see that half of the figure’s body was stained with blood!

With one arm hanging down, the figure seemed to be seriously injured…


Ling Mo quickly increased his speed and closely followed after her.

Just when he pushed open the door, a cold light suddenly came slashing down from above his head.

However, Ling Mo’s face didn’t even have a trace of surprise.

Ling Mo sneered as he moved Ye Lian behind him.


An invisible spiritual tentacle had blocked the attack, and at the same time countless tentacles flew out, entangling the Shana-like silhouette.

“Let…. Let go of me…. I didn’t mean it, I thought you were….”

“Shana” shouted anxiously as she struggled hard, “Let me go, there are monsters behind you, there….”

“Hey, why are you being so persistent? Are you expecting me to award you an Oscar?”

Ling Mo really couldn’t stand to watch such a poor performance.

Under the pressure of Ling Mo’s spiritual power, the figure gradually changed and revealed his true face.

It was a young man with long hair that looked around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. He wore a shirt that also exposed his not-very-strong chest. Below, he was actually wearing a pair of colorful board shorts with a pair of boots on his feet. Although it was hard to pay attention to clothing after the apocalypse happened, it was still the first time that Ling Mo had seen a person with such a weird taste in clothing.

Generally speaking, this person was the type that would call himself an “artist” but create stuff that would cause visual disturbances to the crowd [1] ….

“Hehe, do you always maintain such a high level of vigilance against your companions?” The long-haired man asked with a smile, “How did you notice? Was it because I didn’t act like her enough? Fair enough, acting like a girl isn’t my strong suit….”

“Stop looking for reasons. I knew it wasn’t her the moment I saw you.” Ling Mo sneered.

If he had pretended to be Lucy or Liu Bao Dong, Ling Mo might have taken a little more time to figure it out. But out of all the people he could have chosen, he picked Shana, who had a spiritual connection with him….

“Since then? Hehe, it seems that you’re the one that deserves the Oscar. You really acted your part well. I really thought you were fooled. It seems that I have underestimated you. I thought you were just an ordinary psychic….”

The long-haired man was bound by invisible spiritual tentacles, but he still flicked his hair in such a situation, “But even if you fooled me, it still doesn’t make a difference. As spiritual psychics, you should have discovered it by now. I’m just a….”

“Humph, just a spiritual body…” Ling Mo frowned and answered.

The long-haired man that was bound here was just a phantom.

To be continued…

[1] – This sentence was a bit tricky since it was kind of like a metaphor. Ling Mo was basically describing his opinion of the dude as being too fake or having ulterior motives.

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