My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 413 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 413 Part 2 – Tentacle Evolution!

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

However, it wasn’t just created out of thin air, rather it was influencing Ling Mo, allowing him to “see” this phantom.

The long-haired phantom let out a treacherous laugh, “Not bad! However, since I can completely affect you, it proves that my abilities are so much better than yours. To be honest, your spiritual strength is perhaps about the same as mine, or maybe even stronger. But unfortunately for you, our level is different. In this world, there is a type of person that you can’t catch up to no matter how much you try, and that’s a genius…. Hahahaha….”

Ling Mo frowned slightly. Although he knew that it was only a phantom, the narcissism and arrogance still made Ling Mo want to beat him.

“With the experience from this probe, I already have a basic understanding of your ability. When we meet next time, I’ll give you a good look at the gap between us…”

The phantom said with a provocative smile on his face and gradually started becoming transparent.

“Do you really think that I’ll let you go so easily?”

Ling Mo snorted coldly, and his tentacles began to twist violently.

“What else can you do…. AHH!”

The long-haired phantom exclaimed and began to move painfully, almost as if his body was being burned all over by fire.

Ling Mo was unmoved and laughed, “Since this energy is able to talk to me, it means that it wasn’t sent out independently, indicating that this energy is still connected to you. If I were to wipe it out, you probably wouldn’t have a good time.”

“You’re insane! Do you know how much spiritual energy you’ll consume if you do it this way?!” The phantom had begun to scream miserably, like a pig that was about to be killed.

“It doesn’t matter to me.” Ling Mo shrugged. He was telling the truth. As long as his spiritual power doesn’t bottom out, he had two recovery methods that he could use.

“You ruthless bastard, just wait for…. AHHH!”

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The sounds of the phantom became intermittent like a distorted cassette tape. With a scream, the phantom crumbled and disappeared without a trace.

“There’s no need to wait, I’ll come find you.”

After destroying the phantom, Ling Mo was about to turn around and leave, but he suddenly discovered that something was different.

Like the long-haired youth said, he should have consumed a lot of spiritual power by doing that….

Instead of feeling a huge amount of spiritual power disappearing, he felt that his mind had become much clearer!

His spiritual power had even recovered during his spiritual strangulation attack!

“What’s going on?”

Ling Mo was stunned for a moment, before stretching out a spiritual tentacle to take a closer look.

As a product of his imagination, the length, size, and even appearance of his spiritual tentacles were actually all controlled by Ling Mo’s thoughts.

But at this moment, he suddenly discovered that this tentacle had somehow grew suckers on it…

As it was most likely composed of pure spiritual energy, this blood red tentacle didn’t look terrifying at all. Instead, it had a sense of mysterious beauty to it.

“But these suckers give me a strong feeling that I’ve seen them before… Ah, I remember now!”

Ling Mo thought of the tentacles from the Spider Queen, who had threatened to fuck him the next time they saw each other…. Those tentacles or ‘spider silk’, had suckers on them, allowing her to the suck the blood of others.

It seems that after taking medicine that was diluted with the Spider Queen’s blood for quite a while, his powers slowly mutated….

“I’ve been influenced by her!”

Looking at these suckers, Ling Mo was also confused.

When he used his strangulation attack on that spiritual body just now, did the suckers on his tentacles also absorb the spiritual power from the other party?

He sensed it carefully, discovering a small white spirit in his spiritual ball of light.

However, in that blood-red world of consciousness, it soon began to erode…

“Holy shit! I actually absorbed it!”

This discovery made Ling Mo overjoyed. Although his spiritual tentacles had become even more similar to real tentacles, he was now able to absorb the spiritual power of his opponents. His new ability was just too overpowered!

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