My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 414 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 414 Part 2 – Warnings of a Nurse Outfit

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“My only option is to kill you as soon as possible, so that they can naturally get out of danger.”

Several spiritual tentacles quickly spread out, searching around like a radar.

They slowly moved inward with vigilance as Ling Mo held on to Ye Lian.

“Cough.. Cough…. FUCK!”

Somewhere in a dark corner, a low-pitched male voice suddenly erupted as he coughed. You could tell from his voice that he was a bit frustrated, “That fucker really used his spiritual force to kill my phantom! You must really have a lot of confidence in your spiritual force, huh? Or are you just simply crazy?”

The long-haired young man slowly crawled out of his hiding place. His eyes were bloodshot, and his face was extremely pale, almost as if he had gone through hell.

“That hurt quite a bit…cough cough… very well, even if it costs me, I WILL DEFINITELY KILL YOU!”

The long-haired young man supported his body and stood up slowly. He looked as if he had just recovered from a serious illness and didn’t have any energy.

Ling Mo’s strangulation attack caused him to suffer a huge loss, and it had happened when they were still trying to test each other’s skills.

“He didn’t even try to figure out how strong my power was and just attacked first….”

The long-haired man pulled a dagger from behind his waist, “How can a barbarian who uses spiritual power as a stick compare to me… I’ll kill…. No, killing you would be letting you off easy. Only by making you into an idiot can I release my hatred!”

He stood there for a while gasping for air and then trembled as he turned on his walkie-talkie.

“Hey, Yan Shang Feng, you got balls turning off….”

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“THAT SPIRITUAL PSYCHIC, I WILL KILL HIM!” The long-haired man roared while holding the walkie-talkie.

The male voice on the other side was silent for a while, and asked, “Why? Do you need my help?”

“No, but I need you to handle the others first. I don’t want any other issues to arise.”

“Even if you didn’t say this, I was already planning to do this. Who told you not to listen to me before…? Hey!”

The long-haired man had turned off the walkie talkie. He shook his head hard, glanced down at the dagger in his hand, and a creepy smile appeared at the corner of his mouth….

At this time, on the second floor of the mall, Lucy was hiding behind a counter.

She lifted her hand to wipe off her sweat, bit a lock of hair with her mouth, and then squeezed the injured shoulder with her hand.



After repressing a cry, Lucy slowly loosened her teeth and slowly leaned back against the counter.

Although this arm of hers wasn’t going to be useful for the time being, at least she won’t be affected by the severe pain after treating it.

“This pumpkin is so troublesome to deal with!”

As soon as Lucy relaxed for a few seconds, she suddenly pressed herself against the counter immediately, and didn’t dare breathe.

This was because after she had started to relax, a squeak from the staircase door was heard from not far away.

“Someone came in!”


The sound of a wooden stick being dragged on the floor caused Lucy’s body to tighten immediately.

She squeezed her knife so tightly that her knuckles began to turn pale, “I think this is my only chance. I don’t know where the others went and if I don’t kill this pumpkin, there’s a chance no one will know if I died!”

After making up her mind, Lucy waited quietly for the pumpkin person to approach, while silently counting the timing in her head.


When the “creaking” sound stopped behind her, Lucy suddenly jumped up from behind the counter, waving her knife directly towards the opponent’s neck.

But at this moment, she felt her vision become blurry. For a moment, she seemed to see a pair of blood-red eyes that looked similar to a pattern from a kaleidoscope….

In the moment of Lucy’s trance, the pumpkin person had evaded her attack and a hand chopped down on the back of her neck.

“Sure enough….”

Shana caught Lucy with her hand, and as her eyes returned back to normal, the Lucy in her arms changed back to the jointless monster.

“I had always felt that her scent was familiar…. It turns out that the problem wasn’t my sense of smell, but my eyesight… However, there isn’t a way for me to stay in this state for a long period……”

Having said that, Shana freed her hand and rubbed her head, “It’s all this human’s fault. Why did she run? What did I look like in her eyes….?”

Despite the unpleasant tone, Shana still left Lucy hanging her on the scythe, and easily walked out while carrying her, “I might as well look for the others. In any case, I don’t need to bother with the ones who smell unfamiliar….”

While Shana was dealing with Lucy, Liu Bao Dong and the other two were still chasing each other inside the building.

“Why are you still chasing me!? Why did you guys come in here even after I hid?!”

Liu Bao Dong was extremely furious at this moment. The movements of the zombie behind him felt very strange, and even a little familiar to him.

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