My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 415 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 415 Part 1 – The Armored Zombie

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

As he was being chased, Liu Bao Dong ran into a row of shelves in panic.

The ground was littered with all kinds of junk, and some shelves had already collapsed, making it very difficult to escape.

However, the more flustered you were in this kind of situation, the more easily you would be affected by obstacles.

Feeling that they were closing in on him, Liu Bao Dong was so terrified in his heart that his heart shouted:


When he was on the road, in addition to the zombies that would appear from time to time, two zombies had relentlessly chased after him one after another.

It was already quite difficult for him to deal with the zombies on the road and he was forced to deal with these two special ones at the same time.

He felt that his physical strength was reaching its limit trying to run away from them.

No matter where he went, he wasn’t able to meet any of his suddenly disappeared companions, ruining his plans of seeking help.


Liu Bao Dong felt that he was about to break down. His mind was in complete chaos, causing him to miss his footing, and he fell into a pile of goods.


Just as Liu Bao Dong ignored the pain and frantically climbed back up, a sudden sound of a blade dragged across the ground could be heard from the shelf that was beside him.

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“What’s that sound?”

Liu Bao Dong was stunned at first, then a hint of joy appeared.

Other than zombies, there were no other living people here. In order to create such a noise, it must be….

“Help …. WTF!!!!”

As one foot stepped out from behind that shelf, the hope Liu Bao Dong had just raised immediately turned into fear.

The tall body was covered with pieces of iron armor, and it held a long machete. Iron chains were hung on the handle of the machete, and the chains wrapped around his muscular arms.

The body of the horrible monster with the hidden face was completely covered with meat and fresh blood.

And in its hand, was a female zombie with blood dripping from her.

Looking closely, this female zombie was the one that was chasing Liu Bao Dong before.

But how could Liu Bao Dong pay attention to this? From the moment he saw this armored zombie, he felt stiff, as if he had fallen into an ice cellar.

The upper and lower teeth were shaking uncontrollably, and he had the urge to urinate.

The armored zombie slowly turned his head, and a cold gaze revealing itself behind the mask, made Liu Bao Dong feel a chill run down his spine.

“This…what kind of monster is this….”

Just when Liu Bao Dong was thinking about this when the male zombie that was chasing him had arrived.

However, as soon as the male zombie wielding the rusty dagger appeared, the armored zombie immediately locked his gaze onto him.

The machete rushed out from its hand and stuck the shoulder of the male zombie who hadn’t noticed it yet.

The armored zombie then pulled his iron chains back and grabbed the male zombie in his hand as if he was picking up a bug.

These movements were all done swiftly and matched its terrifying appearance perfectly!


The armored monster turned back, staring right at Liu Bao Dong.

“No. No… It will definitely cut me into pieces if it catches me. I don’t want to die, I’m not ready to die!”

At this critical moment between life and death, a strong will to survive burst out and adrenaline filled Liu Bao Dong.

He pushed the shelf over and rushed straight towards the stairs.

Liu Bao Dong had escaped extremely fast, much faster than he did before.

The armored zombie was stunned for a moment before a male voice with a trace of surprise spoke, “Huh? He was scared silly. I thought I would have an easy time taking care of him.”

He fumbled around his waist and pulled out walkie-talkie from the blood-stained armor.

After hesitating for a while, he put the walkie-talkie back in his waist, “Forget it. I won’t ask him what he turned me into. Although I’m curious, it’s probably better if I don’t ask….”

In the dim light, his appearance faintly reflected on the glass cabinet.

 A young man with short hair, wearing sportswear, with no special characteristics…..

“If you’re going to change my appearance next time, can you just turn me into a terrifying monster that allows me to kill everyone in one fell swoop?”

The “iron zombie” thought while looking at his feet, “In the end, I only got two?”

Lying at his feet were the two surviving members of Liu Bao Dong’s team.

However, the female team member was passed out. As for the male team member, his shoulder was beaten and deformed, and he passed out as well.

The so-called “machete chain” was actually just a chain whip……

To be continued…

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