My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 415 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 415 Part 2 – The Armored Zombie

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Forget it, I’ll bring them back first. I can always take care of that coward later after scaring him senseless. Anyway, looking at his current situation, it doesn’t look like he can run far.

The “armored zombie” picked up the two of them one by one, and walked towards the stairs on the other side….

In an extreme state of panic, Liu Bao Dong wasn’t able to run far along the stairs before running into Shana, who was still carrying Lucy.

But it was as if he couldn’t see them at all, and he ran straight past them.

“Huh? Why does it smell like shit?”

Although Shana didn’t see Liu Bao Dong, she noticed a trace of unusualness through her sense of smell.

She turned back around almost immediately, kicking her feet behind her as if it was a conditioned reflex.

Liu Bao Dong, who was running wildly, didn’t expect a foot to suddenly kick him. He flew forward and fell badly on the stairs.

“Is he stunned?”

Shana’s eyes had changed color. She walked over and kicked Liu Bao Dong one more time.

“I was worried that I didn’t put enough strength in that one. It seems that you’re really weak.”

After her eyes returned back to normal, Shana discovered the differences, “It turns out that he wasn’t invisible, but was camouflaged instead…. This psychic’s powers should belong to the same spiritual class as Brother Ling, right? My evolution direction is also spiritual, and my eyes can also cause hallucinations, but now it seems that breaking illusions is my strong point ….”

“However, this illusion is very interesting. If I can know how he did it, would I also be able to learn it?”

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As soon as this idea came into her mind, Shana’s heart began to show a trace of excitement.

“Che… Human curiosity… I didn’t expect that I would still retain this kind of thing….”

Shana smiled slightly, “I may not be able find the source of this hallucination, but there is a strange smell which is still mixed in the smell of this timid human….”

As she said this, she dragged Liu Bao Dong downstairs.

The pain from the stairs caused Liu Bao Dong to wake up for a moment, but as soon as he opened his eyes, he felt that he was being held by something invisible and was being dragged on the stairs….

The pain and fear made Liu Bao Dong blackout and lose consciousness once again….

At the same time, in another part of this department store, Ling Mo was pulling Ye Lian as he walked forward along the dark corridor.

The long-haired psychic wasn’t strong enough to change the environment. After their previous exchange, the long-haired psychic probably wouldn’t try to impersonate his companions anymore.

“He’s just a person that can only create hallucinations, what else could he be capable of?”

Ling Mo thought in his mind while exploring the area around him with his spiritual sense.

Although it consumed a lot of spiritual energy, as long as he caught the long-haired psychic, he would naturally be able to replenish what he had used.


At this moment, Ling Mo suddenly felt that Ye Lian had let go of his sleeves.

He quickly turned back around, only to find Ye Lian staring at him coldly.

It was quite obvious that the long-haired psychic had manipulated Ye Lian, which caused the Ling Mo in her eyes to change into something even more terrifying.

“That’s so despicable….”

Although Ling Mo was stunned for a moment, he didn’t let go of Ye Lian’s hand.

“Hey, girl.”

Ling Mo sneered secretly in his heart. This long-haired psychic didn’t know that there was a spiritual connection between them, making this method completely useless against them….

Although they were both spiritual type psychics, the long-haired psychic wasn’t very good at sensing things.

Seeing Ye Lian’s eyes moving down, Ling Mo immediately had a bad feeling.

“Ling…. Brother Ling …. You… You… It doesn’t matter if you look like this, but…. Why did that area change as well…?”

“THIS MOTHER FUCKER!” Ling Mo was furious in his heart. He didn’t need to ask her to know that the long-haired psychic was currently trying to destroy his image.

However, his original purpose was of course to make Ye Lian kill him, but once she realized that the opponent was Ling Mo, Ye Lian would never do it.

“Illusions on her can’t kill me. However, I really want to see what other tricks you have.”

In a rage, Ling Mo turned his head and quickly saw a long-haired young man standing in the shadows of a corridor, staring directly at him.

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