My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 416 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 416 Part 1 – A Dumbass Will Always Fall Twice in the Same Place

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“You actually decided to show yourself!” Ling Mo was surprised when he saw the figure.

However, his expression quickly turned into a sneer, “It turned out to be a spiritual body again. It seems like you haven’t learnt your lesson….”

With free spiritual energy being delivered to him, Ling Mo’s tentacles couldn’t wait to rush out.

However, this time he caught nothing.

The moment he touched the long-haired man’s spiritual body, it suddenly disappeared like a bunch of soap bubbles being popped.

At the same time, in an area filled with shadows, further away from Ling Mo, a human head suddenly emerged from the shadows and slowly pulled itself out….

First it was the hair, then the face, and then his body….

“Even without my reminder, you should know that this level of attack isn’t strong enough to weaken me.”

Ling Mo said blankly.

His tentacles also sneaked out quietly. Although he had just failed his previous attack, it didn’t cost to try again.

Ling Mo’s failure in that last attack actually gave him an idea….

“Do you honestly think that I would give you another chance?”

The newly long-haired phantom smiled coldly, “Hehe, let me kindly remind you that your companions are all in a bad situation right now. Do you understand? Do you know what they’ll do once they fall into my illusion? THEY’LL KILL EACH OTHER!”

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As the long-haired phantom said this, he observed Ling Mo’s reaction. However, the result disappointed him.

The phantom raised his voice, and his tone became somewhat mysterious, “But, that’s not all……”

“Let me guess… Your companion is waiting for an opportunity to capture all of them after they injure each other and knock them out one by one, right?” Ling Mo interrupted him.

The long-haired man froze, and a bad feeling arose in his heart.

However, he had been paying close attention to Ling Mo and was certain that Ling Mo hadn’t met any of his companions.

Besides, the ‘armored’ guy should be finishing by now.

The long-haired man was puzzled inside, but he still responded, “You’re right. While you’re here hanging out with me, your companions are being captured by my friend, one by one….”

He stretched out his hand and made a cutting gesture across his neck, “Now in this building, apart from the two of you still resisting, everyone else is already….”

“Already what! You still want to lie to me now?!”

Several spiritual tentacles curled out at the same time, entangling themselves onto the long-haired man.

Before he could react, a strong suction came from the tentacles.

The long-haired man’s expression was relatively calm, “What are you trying to do? Do you not care about your companions anymore?”

“Your lying skills suck.” Ling Mo snorted coldly.

This kind of trick might have been effective on others, but for the current Ling Mo, it was useless. Ling Mo knew very well whether or not Shana and the girls were safe.

On the contrary, this trick from the long-haired man shows that his companion is still capturing them, and the two sides haven’t been able to contact each other to exchange the latest information.

“Hehe, do you think you can still attack me? I’ll break off the connection now…. AH! You… No, what are you doing?!”

Just as the long-haired phantom wanted to disappear, he felt a huge suction force coming from the tentacles.

Even his real body felt that something in his head was being pulled out of his ear by force.

“A dumbass will always fall for the same trick twice [1].” Ling Mo replied with a smirk.


The long-haired man immediately screamed in horror.

Through the phantom, he was staring at Ling Mo in horror, “What kind of power is this? What are you doing!”

To be continued…

[1] – Basically an idiot will always make the same mistake.

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