My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 416 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 416 Part 2 – A Dumbass Will Always Fall Twice in the Same Place

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The feeling of having his brain being sucked away was pushing the long-haired youth to a mental breakdown!

He was clutching his head with his body paralyzed to the ground, but he couldn’t get rid of the powerful suction that was coming from Ling Mo’s tentacles.

“If I told you I knew the art of absorption [1], would you believe it?”

Ling Mo said quietly. In fact, he was also in ecstasy at this moment!

Originally, he had only wanted to test his theory, but he didn’t expect for it to actually succeed.

What the tentacles absorbed was the other party’s spiritual energy. In theory, as long as the connection didn’t break, the tentacles should continue to directly absorb from the source.

The other party wanted to sever the spiritual link between the phantom and him, but it was forcibly stopped by Ling Mo’s suction.

It was as if a straw was inserted, and the spiritual power of the long-haired young man quickly flowed into Ling Mo’s spiritual ball of light.

However, after taking the initiative, Ling Mo discovered that there were also some drawbacks of the absorption of spiritual energy.

For example, now, after transmitting a large volume of spiritual power through his tentacles, Ling Mo felt a burst of pain coming from his temples….

It’s as if there was a big water source, but the pipe that was used to divert the water source was one size too small…


The phantom shattered after the long-haired youth let out a tragic howl.

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“He’s obviously an idiot that uses spiritual power as a physical attack. How is it possible for him to almost kill me….?”

After two clashes, the long-haired youth was already lying on the ground, his pale face full of resentment, “What the hell is his power?!”

At the same time, Ling Mo was also hugging his head uncomfortably.

“Ling…. Brother Ling, what’s wrong?”

Although Ling Mo was probably an ugly monster in Ye Lian’s eyes now, she still held his hand tightly without hesitation, and there was a trace of concern in her eyes as she asked hesitantly.

“I’m fine, I probably… just ate too much…” Ling Mo thought for a while and found a suitable analogy.

“It seems like I can’t be too greedy. I had originally thought that I could just completely drain him in one go.”

Ling Mo shook his head, silently cursing, before turning his eyes to the shadow, and frowned, “I’m not very good at detection, moreover, this psychic will most likely shield himself up again after this… It’ll be hard to find him through my spiritual sense. In that case, I might as well not waste any spiritual energy.”

He retracted his spiritual tentacles and then began to analyze the situation, “This person’s ability is similar to my spiritual disturbance attack, but it is much stronger. Whether it is the duration, the number of people that can be affected, or the range, they are all stronger than my spiritual disturbance attack.”

This was the difference between an omnipotent ability and a specialized ability.

The ability of this long-haired youth is mainly to create hallucinations and illusions.

As for Ling Mo, his spiritual power could be used in many ways, all of them were useful, but not all of them were strong.

Among them, his puppetry skills and tentacles were the best.

From his puppetry skills, Ling Mo had developed a vision swap ability.

As for his tentacles, after evolving them, he was able to materialize them, and ….


Devour was the new name that Long Mo came up with for his tentacle absorption ability.

The contempt that the long-haired youth showed before didn’t shake Ling Mo’s trust in the evolutionary path that he chose.

It’s true that his spiritual powers seem very complicated on the surface, but this was exactly the reason why the long-haired youth had failed twice in a row.

“In a battle between psychics, what idiot would give you time to learn each other’s abilities. What’s wrong with having multiple abilities? As long as it can kill, it’s fine. Speaking of it, I’ve drained him twice already, I wonder how much spiritual power he has left?”

Ling Mo thought curiously. At this moment, in his spiritual ball of light, the small white energy was being converted, supplementing his consumption.

He thought about the direction from where he had absorbed and turned his gaze to an iron door.

“Is he over there……?”

Ling Mo walked over and reached out to grab the door handle, but as soon as he pushed the door open, a bloody and pungent hand suddenly stretched out, almost grabbing him.

“This is getting old.”

When his spiritual tentacles moved, the arm softened, and Ling Mo kicked the door open.

“You first used two fake shadows and then put a real one here. Are you trying to see if I would get scared to the point where I would get killed by a zombie?

Ling Mo sneered.

In fact, this method was still very insidious. If a person saw two fake ones in a row before a real one suddenly startled them, even if they were able to react in time, it was likely that they would still be injured by the zombie.

For ordinary survivors, this was no different than a death sentence.

But when Ling Mo turned back, he found that Ye Lian was still standing at the same place, “Ye Lian?”

Ye Lian looked at him blankly, then came over, stepping over the corpse and entered the inner mall.

“Be careful, there are zombies inside.”

After Ling Mo finished speaking, he walked in immediately, but when he was about to enter through the door, he turned around intentionally or unintentionally, revealing a smile to the air….

“That long-haired freak should be hiding here, right?

Ling Mo slowly walked over and asked Ye Lian.

[1] – took awhile for me to figure this out, apparently in some cultivation novels there is an art called absorption where the user absorbs the targets powers to make themselves stronger by sucking their chi.

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