My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 417 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 417 Part 1 – This Is Integration

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“En….” Ye Lian responded.

The two stuck close to the wall and slowly walked towards the mall.

The place where they came out from happened to be a bedding display area, and their vision was greatly restricted.

It was unclear how many zombies were in front of them. Ling Mo could only vaguely see some shadows.

The more Ling Mo couldn’t see, the more cautious his expression became….

Ling Mo, who was walking in the front, didn’t notice that Ye Lian was staring closely at his back, and a dagger had appeared in her grasp…


A cold light rose up suddenly but failed to drop down.

Invisible tentacles were firmly controlling her limbs, making her unable to move.

Ling Mo turned around, with a sneering expression, “In the end, you still decided to deliver yourself to me. I’ve got to admit, you’re quite brave.”

“Ye Lian” originally wanted to keep pretending to be dumb, but after hearing this sentence, she turned pale.

He quickly regained his original appearance, staring at Ling Mo with bitter eyes, and asked, “How did you find out?”

“That’s quite simple.”

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“These figures should also be hallucinations that you created, right? However, it seems that most of your powers have been spent. You’re only able to create a few shadows. As for clearer images, I’m afraid you can’t create them anymore. Moreover, it’s hard to find anything wrong with these spiritual bodies [1] even with my spiritual sense, so it was a good idea. It’s a pity… you missed a very important and very basic detail.”

“What…. What detail?”

The long-haired youth’s expression turned gloomy; he didn’t want Ling Mo to lead him by the nose, but he couldn’t help asking.

“A zombie just died at the door, and I also kicked the door loudly. Are these zombies blind or deaf? If you had pushed yourself a little more, and made them rush over to attack me, I might have been fooled.”

Ling Mo stared at the long-haired youth with an expression that seemed as if he was looking at an idiot and shook his head.

“So? Even if you had found these figures strange, your attention would still be drawn to them….” The long-haired youth was not willing to accept this. The fear of dying had made his psychological defense collapse.

The long-haired youth was self-confident and believed his plan would have definitely worked.

In addition, he also planned that until Ling Mo died, he would keep the image of “Ye Lian” and let Ling Mo die with hatred and regrets.

Only by causing torture to the enemy’s mental state would he be able to get the greatest pleasure, which was also the source of the long-haired youth’s self-confidence.

Indeed, who would have thought that an enemy who had just been greatly weakened, would suddenly appear next to him in a blink of an eye, and casually “change” into a person close to him? It could have been a huge blind spot.

Not to mention, Ling Mo was also in a dangerous environment. All of his attention was focused on those figures, so how could he notice the small movements of those around him?

However, because of Ling Mo’s “various” abilities, it had prevented the long-haired youth from guessing what kind of abilities Ling Mo had.

In the first place, he wasn’t even able to figure out Ling Mo’s most important ability, his puppetry ability.

Being unable to change the environment, he could only attempt to “change” to be a side character.

After using various tricks, the long-haired youth risked his body at the end, but was unable to even hurt a single strand of Ling Mo’s hair.

“Even if there was no spiritual connection, I could still distinguish between a real or fake Ye Lian. Did you think that the crush I had on Ye Lian for more than a decade was fake?!”

Ling Mo grabbed the long-haired youth, and an enhanced version of the spiritual tentacle slowly emerged from his spiritual ball of light.

“No… NO! NO!”

The long-haired youth struggled hard as he stared right at the murderous Ling Mo.

However, his physical strength was much weaker than Ling Mo.

Even without his spiritual tentacles, Ling Mo could still pull up the long-haired youth like he was picking up a small chick.

“No! That’s impossible! You can’t be completely immune to hallucinations, it’s impossible….”

The long-haired youth widened his eyes and snarled through his nose that was overflowing with mucus.

But because Ling Mo was gripping his neck, his roar was stuck in his throat, making it sound very strange.

“When you wanted us to kill each other, you also should have expected this to happen.”

Ling Mo glanced at him, and the long-prepared spiritual tentacle pierced into the long-haired youth’s spiritual ball of light.

Under extreme panic, the long-haired youth’s psychological defenses crumbled, and Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles effortlessly penetrated into the ball of light.

To be continued…

[1] – I’m going to assume that the spiritual bodies he’s talking about are the hallucinations that the long-haired youth created.

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