My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 417 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 417 Part 2 – This Is Integration

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“No… How did …. How did you find out in the end?” The long-haired youth widened his eyes and asked intermittently.

“That’s a secret.”

The spiritual tentacle suddenly started to suck spiritual power out of the long-hair youth the moment Ling Mo said that.

A large amount of spiritual power flooded into Ling Mo’s spiritual ball of light. The bloating sensation from his head made Ling Mo almost question whether his head was about to explode!


Only by persevering could he become stronger!

The large droplets of sweat forming on his forehead dripped down and his head felt like it was about to burst. The pain was reaching an unbearable stage.

The consumed spiritual power was quickly replenished, and his spiritual ball of light kept expanding and compressing as it approached saturation….

At the same time, many scenes began to flash past Ling Mo’s eyes.

He was forced to bear a lot of information!

Ling Mo gritted his teeth and clenched his hands into a tight fist.

For Ye Lian, Shana, Senior Sister, and for his survival, he couldn’t take a step back here!

If his will became weak, everything he did would have been in vain!

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And by that time, maybe he would even be affected as well!

“Brother Ling.”

A looming figure appeared beside Ling Mo at this moment, and a soft hand rested on Ling Mo’s shoulder.

Despite the seemingly illusory figure, Ling Mo felt that it was familiar….

Just two short words and an inconspicuous action was enough to allow Ling Mo to get past this tribulation!

Even though it was only just a few minutes of absorption, to Ling Mo, it felt extremely long!


When the bloating pain passed, an unknown clarity made Ling Mo breathe out a sigh of relief.

The increase in spiritual strength made Ling Mo clearly feel different from the past.

Whether it was his vision, hearing, or sensing ability, they all rose by a level.

After tossing away the ignorant long-haired youth, Ling Mo ended his life with a tentacle.

The speed and power of his tentacles had also reached a new level.

This blow not only penetrated the head of the long-haired youth, but also left a hole in the floor.

Not only that, the shape of his tentacles had also undergone some changes as well.

Although these changes were only visible to Ling Mo himself, they seemed a little strange…

There was a row of greasy suction cups on the inside of the blood-red transparent tentacles. The tip of the tentacle was sharp like a knife and could retract freely.

Ling Mo’s appearance would have been pretty cool if those countless tentacles appeared behind him.

“Fortunately it’s invisible. Otherwise, I would be asking for a fight if I walked out in public with these….”

Ling Mo watched with satisfaction as the tentacles dissipated, and only a small part of his spiritual energy was consumed.

“Sure enough… the improvement of spiritual strength is the most basic and fundamental! My foundation was already solid, but now it has reached an even greater level!”

He turned his head excitedly and looked at Ye Lian, who had returned to her original appearance.

With the disappearance of the long-haired youth’s spiritual power, the illusions that they saw would naturally disappear.

In fact, Ye Lian had always been there. It was just that when they were entering, the long-haired youth made Ling Mo see a fake “Ye Lian”, while the real Ye Lian was then shielded from Ling Mo’s vision, completing an ingenious switch. It was impossible for ordinary people to see through this in a short time.

However, in the case of having a spiritual connection, this method was completely useless….

“Ahh… Brother Ling changed…. you changed back!”

Ye Lian showed a hint of joy as she threw herself into Ling Mo’s embrace and said, “That’s…. That’s Wonderful!”

“Uh, I won’t ask you what I looked like before then….”

Ling Mo hugged Ye Lian and said, “But… Return my nurse’s outfit!”

“What…. What nurse’s outfit?”

“Ah, never mind….”


Suddenly, there was a knocking sound from the floor below.

This sound was very light, but Ling Mo and Ye Lian still heard it.

Ye Lian immediately broke away from Ling Mo’s embrace, her face exposing a shy expression.

Before Ling Mo could take a closer look, she turned around, and dragged the corpse away.

Ling Mo was a little surprised when he saw the small hole. He didn’t expect this hole from penetrating the long-haired youths head…..

He looked down through the hole and heard Shana’s shout, “Hey! The person above! Why did you steal my target?”

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