My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 418 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 418 Part 1 – I’m a Fucking Zombie

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“I didn’t steal anything….”

When Ling Mo went downstairs, he discovered that something unexpected had happened…

When he was taking care of the long-haired youth upstairs, Shana had also walked into the mall on this floor.

At a glance, other than some decaying products, there wasn’t anything else.

A young girl with long hair, carrying a scythe, slowly walked through the dimly lit mall.

“ZHI–!” sounds were created as the tip of her blade scratched across the ground.

This scene was quite weird.

Suddenly, the girl turned, and the scythe in her hand drew a meniscus-shaped arc, aiming for her back.


A crisp sound of metal being struck could be heard in the air and there was even a little spark.

“Humph, you want to attack me?”

Shana’s mouth revealed a smirk, and she quickly swung the scythe in her hand forward.

From Shana’s point of view, she was slashing wildly at the nothing but air.

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But from the armored man’s point of view, he was facing a naive pure looking young girl who was smiling as she swung her heavy-looking scythe with ease and attacked him continuously without a care in the world.

After receiving that heavy attack, the armored man felt a pain in his wrists, and his muscles seemed to be torn.

This seemingly weak young girl actually had such inhuman physical strength, surprising the armored man.

But he didn’t have much time to be surprised as right after this heavy attack, Shana continued sending attacks with power and speed that wasn’t weakening at all.

“A psychic? But… How did you find me?!”

The armored man’s chain whip was very useful in long-range attacks, but right now, it is completely useless, and he could only accept the beating.

“Just know it wasn’t with my eyes.”

Although Shana sent an endless barrage of attacks, her eyes weren’t looking at the armored man.

In fact, she was staring at a mass of air while slashing vigorously at it.

“Was it my scent? No, I don’t smell that bad and you’re not a zombie, so how could you possibly find out from smelling my scent!? Could it be possible that you heard me?”

As the armored man’s resistance became weaker and weaker, Shana became more and more excited.

“Stupid human, are you expecting me to say something, so that you can get an answer?”

Shana’s eyes shone slightly, and a dim red light suddenly appeared in her pupils, before slowly dilating.

At the same time, in front of her, the true appearance of this human had started to emerge.

The armored man’s mind suddenly went blank, and his movements slowed down.


Blood fell to the ground as Shana slashed her scythe into the armored man’s waist, cutting halfway through the walkie-talkie, “It’s useless, because I’m a fucking zombie….”

“Zombie…. ZOMBIE!”

The severe pain caused the armored man to wake up. Completely frightened, his survival instincts kicked in, stimulating him to throw his chain whip forward. When Shana turned her head to avoid, he took the chance to turn around and escape.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Seeing a zombie that says “I’m a fucking zombie” is a first for me! Who knows how strong she is? How the hell am I supposed to fight her?!”

There were countless doubts in the armored man’s heart, but at this time, all of those doubts could be turned into one sentence: I’M FUCKED!

If he had known there was a possibility of provoking such a strong zombie, the armored man wouldn’t have participated in this operation no matter what….

Some time ago, a helicopter had appeared in this area, and some survivors noticed it.

But the helicopter left after just wandering around for a bit.

Soon afterwards, the helicopter came back again. It hovered over the department store for a while before dropping two people down.

The long-haired youth then snuck into the department store.

After he returned, they worked out this plan.

“In a few days, a team of people will come to that department store and wait for the helicopter to come pick them up. As long as I can make them fall into my illusion, I’ll be able to mix into their group and successfully seize the helicopter. But there are definitely people with abilities that can threaten us, so we’ll need to take care of them first.” The long-haired youth confidently proclaimed

“Then what?”

“A helicopter, a pilot, and the lives of several team members are enough to make the Air Force Regiment bleed.

“Anyways, once we get the loot from them, we can just run into the city, and they won’t know where to find us!”

This plan sounded like a very profitable business.

“But… isn’t that risking our lives?”

“If we don’t collect enough materials when we go back, you know what will happen to us.”



“I must have been crazy at that time! But why are there zombies within the ranks of the Air Force Regiment! WHY?!”

The armored man covered his wound as he ran. He didn’t ran far before Shana’s silhouette appeared behind him.

To be continued…

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