My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 419 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 419 Part 1 – Win-Win

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

About ten minutes ago, Ya Lin was smiling as she wandered around in a pitch-black corridor carrying a huge bloody head.

She didn’t have the same worries as Liu Bao Dong and the others. Although the long-haired youth had made her hallucinate, it wasn’t possible for him to know what zombies were afraid of….

This strange-looking head would definitely scare people, but for Ya Lin, it completely fit her tastes. It was the definition of cute for her.

And since Yu Shi Ran and Hei Si were inside a huge cocoon, they aren’t affected by these hallucinations.

Therefore, the long-haired youth’s ability had no effect at all on Ya Lin.

However, Ya Lin didn’t have Shana’s ability, and she didn’t meet anyone either. Due to her walking at the back of the group, there was no “monster” running behind her.

Although she wasn’t able to locate Ling Mo at all, Ya Lin was still very relaxed. She didn’t have much to worry since there was still a spiritual connection…. And with her identity, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to take a stroll through a zombie horde.

“One head passed; two heads passed….”

In the empty and dark corridor, a soft female voice was casually humming. Suddenly, the ear-piercing sound of friction interrupted her.


Li Yalin calmly looked at the empty corridor in front of her. The friction sound was slowly approaching her, and finally stopped right in front of her.

“This smell…. Shana!”

Ya Lin tilted her head in confusion, “Why can’t I see you…? Also, there are other smells around you….?”

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“It’s a long story….”

The two female zombies briefly talked before Shana handed over Liu Bao Dong and Lucy to Ya Lin, and asked her to find a safe room to stay in.

As for herself, she would be chasing down the armored man by following his scent.

Although Ya lin couldn’t see Lucy or Liu Bao Dong, she could still rely on her sense of smell to know that they were still there. Whether she could see them or not, it didn’t really matter…

Even when two human beings suddenly popped out of nowhere after the death of the long-haired youth, her expression remained unchanged. Instead, it was the disappearance of the head monster that made Ya Lin’s expression become a little upset…



Being dizzy,Lucy couldn’t help groaning.

However, before she was able to open her eyes, a tentacle quickly rolled towards her and directly shot into her body. As a result, her mind that was just about to wake up, instantly became still.

The one who shot her was Ling Mo. He anxiously pushed the door into the room a few seconds later, just in time to see Lucy faint again, “That was close! I almost didn’t make it!”

He took a deep breath and immediately turned his gaze to the other side of the room.

“Senior Sister, quickly take the egg and come with me!” Ling Mo paused halfway through his words and walked over to her with a puzzled expression. Along the way, he kicked Liu Bao Dong, whose spiritual activity had suddenly begun to fluctuate. “Senior Sister, what’s with that expression?”

Ya Lin was sitting next to the big cocoon, with a look of grievance on her face. She was holding her knees with one hand, while her other hand was pressing the top of the cocoon, “My precious head baby…. The blood is all gone, even the eyes are gone too.”

“That was just an illusion, and your description sounds strange… It’s not worth crying over!”

Ling Mo sighed, reached out and touched her cheek, before turning his gaze towards the big cocoon.

The big cocoon was constantly moving at this moment, as if something in it was trying to dig itself out.

“The spiritual fluctuations are very intense. They should be awake already, but why haven’t they come out yet? Is it difficult…? I don’t know what they’ll look like once they emerge, but thinking about it makes me look forward to it….”

Ling Mo frowned as he circled around the cocoon to observe it. He then decided to move the cocoon to a bigger area.

Shana offered to help watch these people, but from the smirk on her face, Ling Mo could tell that she was just eager to kick them.

A just and honorable task that allowed her to hit anyone that woke up, even if Silly Shana wasn’t interested, Dark Shana would never let go of this opportunity.

“Don’t… Kick too hard.”

After saying this, he took the big cocoon and went to another room with Ye Lian and Ya Lin.

To be continued…

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