My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 419 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 419 Part 2 – Win-Win

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“What do you guys think is happening inside?”

Arriving at a safe place, Ling Mo immediately rubbed his hands together, his face filled with excitement and anticipation.

“When I saw your calm expression just now, I really thought you were going to be calm about this….” Ya Lin gave Ling Mo a slightly amused look and said, “Even if you were looking forward to this….”

Seeing that Ling Mo was almost hugging the big cocoon, Ye Lian reached out silently from the side, and gently poked the big cocoon with her finger, “Won’t you know if you just take a peek….”


The sound of a pierced balloon echoed out and before Ling Mo had time to react, he felt a splash of liquid pouring down his head.

The big cocoon was like an egg that was put in a microwave, suddenly exploding, spraying out a ton of liquid before a body fell into Ling Mo’s arms.

“Holy shit……”

Mucus sprayed all over Ling Mo’s face, and he was once again knocked down to the ground by Yu Shi Ran.

“Girl, you did that on purpose!”

With unknown liquid covering his eyes, Ling Mo could only blindly try to remove Yu Shi Ran off of him.

Although she was very light in weight, due to her strength, she almost made Ling Mo cry out in pain as she crashed into him.

But the moment Ling Mo touched her, he became stunned.

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The area he touched was slippery, smooth, and without any fabric….

“It should be an arm….” Ling Mo nodded thoughtfully and continued to touch upwards. After a few seconds, his fingertips swept over an undulating area and ran into a small protrusion.


He pressed it subconsciously, and Yu Shi Ran’s roar immediately sounded in his ear, “HEY! HUMAN! WHY ARE YOU PRESSING MY CHEST? IT’S NOT A BUTTON!”

“This peanut size thing is actually a chest…. Ah! Where did your clothes go?! You even pounced onto me without any clothes! What are you trying to do!”

Ling Mo scrambled to get up, wiped his face, and stared at her.

A naked zombie loli was sitting in front of him, surrounded by a lot of wet debris.

The inside of the cocoon seemed to be filled with mucus that was partially stuck into place and when the cocoon broke, the loli’s clothes were stripped away in the process.

“You make it sound like I’m the one that did something when you’re obviously the one that touched my belly and touched my chest!” Yu Shi Ran shouted unwillingly.

“I was forced…. WTF! How is this your chest?! This is clearly just a decoration on your chest!”

Ling Mo exclaimed.

Although his sight was still blurry, Ling Mo still saw two lumps of firm breasts that were quite recognizable. The thing he pressed just now was actually the two cherries on top.

“In just 24 hours, you’ve grown so big! From a negative 1 to a C!” Ling Mo exclaimed, while visually assessing them.

Yu Shi Ran was pissed and said, “What do you mean by negative 1! I’m not illiterate, don’t think I don’t understand it! However, what does ‘C’ actually mean…? Why are you staring at me so naturally!”

“Where did all this liquid come from? Could it be that your boobs are also filled with water?”

Ling Mo shifted his gaze, then looked up at Yu Shi Ran’s neck, and became stunned, “Holy crap! What the fuck is this?!”

Hei Si, who originally looked like a scarf, had now turned into a thin strap with a small head on the top. At first glance, she looks like an embellishment for a plush toy, but when you look closer, you’ll discover her small red eyes that were brimming with activity.

“You’re too tiny! I keep getting this feeling that you’ll eventually become a miniature toy!”


Hei Si responded to Ling Mo’s roar with a quiet yell.

At the same time, a laugh sounded in Ling Mo’s mind, “Hee-Hee!”

Ling Mo was startled and stared at Hei Si in shock, “You also learned how to laugh! What the hell happened in these past few hours!”

“It seems to be a win-win situation….” Ya Lin said, pinching her chin.

Yu Shi Ran was depressed as she covered her suddenly grown breasts, and asked, “How is this a win-win?”

“He gave you a very high score….”

“Yeah, it’s really high….”

“In fact, it also feels quite good.” Ling Mo added subconsciously.

After a moment of awkwardness, Yu Shi Ran’s roar sounded from inside the room, “I’ll definitely tell Half-moon this! Just you wait, sausage man! You’re scared, right?”

“I could just make you mute.”


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