My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 42


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 42 – Pushing down a long way down the road

10 minutes later…..

Ling Mo still felt as though his blood was burning up from panic. But strangely he is still very clear; in addition he didn’t feel like he’s been infected by the virus.

Ling Mo’s mind desperately thinks about countermeasures, he did not know whether he will join his girlfriend and Shana as a zombie, or god forbid, to be something like Lu Xin.

Ling Mo still does not want to give up until the last minute. Right now he also deeply felt Shana’s mood at that time, that kind of desperation feeling slowly floating up to the heart!

But Ling Mo does not regret it! If he had not released his tension to Ye Lian a moment ago, most likely he would have already became a violent madman. That kind of extreme freshness and desire while scouring and caressing a person’s body is very easy to let people become crazy.

And right now….even if becoming a zombie, at least in the meantime, he still resolved the problem with first kisses, and it was with Ye Lian!

Should he be like Shana, first swallow some viral gel? Or a more direct approach, to drink some of those zombie blood…

Maybe in the end he will be like Shana, still have a trace of sanity…

Thinking to this point, Ling Mo then turned his attention to that plastic bag that has been thrown to the side. While the gel has been already fed, there was still some traces of the virus in the corners.

But while he is completely sane at the moment, eating this kind of thing, even for Ling Mo who has been spending time with zombies every day, he still felt an enormous psychological pressure.

This was pulled out from the brain of the mutated zombies ahh…..Just these small amount of toxicity, most likely is much greater than the virus in an ordinary zombies.

But in terms of completely becoming a zombie, or to retain a line between sanity, Ling Mo’s heart of balance still gradually favored the latter. He frowned, holding out his hand, slowly picking up plastic bag cautiously, not daring to touch the inside of the bag.

Just as he picked the plastic bag before his eyes, an extremely pungent taste form the inside drilled out into Ling Mo’s brain to make him violently cough. But he is joyful instead of angry, and his heart also became a little relaxed. Since he is still extremely aversive to this viral gel, it means that he has not yet began mutating.

This gel has an extremely strong pungent taste, and to eat this thing under the condition of pre-mutation, Ling Mo had no doubt that he will throw up from his stomach as soon as he opened his mouth. Therefore he chose to wait. As soon as there is any sign of mutation, he will eat this residue. A little hope is much better than completely giving up…..

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“Bang bang bang!”

Heart beat sounds are ringing next to the ears like a percussion ensemble, he also felt that his body was sapped of all strength, as if he had just returned from a college party.

Twenty minutes….most likely it will be soon, Shana also started to mutate at this time.

Ling Mo sighed in his heart; he nervously clenched the plastic bag in his hand. As soon as there is slightly sign, he will eat it! Rather to fight strong than to die!

Even though he had survived this long in the end of the world, but Ling Mo naturally does not want to die, he wanted to live! But once this crisis is on his head, he did not lack the courage to face it.

Most importantly, he had spend days and nights with zombies, therefore this zombie thing, does not have that kind of deep fear like other humans.

Become a zombie, is to obliterate a large living intellect and turn into killing monsters. Although this is much more terrible than death, but better to let him die immediately.

Ling Mo waited with paranoid air for a whole hour, delusions about transforming manifested themselves in his head.

However, not only did Ling Mo not show any signs of mutation, his heartbeat also slowed down gently, lost strength also came back to the body little by little.

What is happening? Could it be that saliva is not contagious?

Originally Ling Mo who was already depressed, after realizing this problem, he instantly became very excited!

Not contagious through saliva! Does that mean it will also not be contagious through…Ling Mo’s eyes subconsciously looked over at Ye Lian’s body, especially that pair of legs together….

Not contagious is good! Not contagious is good!

Ling Mo jumped to his feet, if not for the fear of disturbing the zombies downstairs, he would have already laughed three times! Originally he thought that he is dead for sure, but did not expect that saliva is not contagious!

However, in ecstasy, Ling Mo did not notice that in the hour-long wait, he gradually stopped having the resistance expression to the plastic bag. He did not even notice that originally pungent smell is no longer working on him….And once he confirmed that he will not mutate, that plastic bag has also thrown to the ground by him.

Just as Ling Mo is silent laughing, Ye Lian’s eyes has also returned to normal, when Ling Mo looked at her, she is staring at him firmly with a somewhat dazed eyes.

This made Ling Mo’s heart suddenly “thump”  sound, he immediately rushed past, grabbed Ye Lian’s shoulders, firmly shake it: “Ye Lian?”

Ye Lian looked at Ling Mo, suddenly stretched out a hand, touched on Ling Mo’s hand. Then she slightly wrinkled brow, seemed somewhat confused as she looked at her hand.

This action is already very human, Ling Mo’s heart suddenly light up, stared at Ye Lian, but unable to speak.

Usually he only maintained spiritual connection between Ye Lian, did not bother to deliberately control Ye Lian’s actions, therefore Ye Lian’s movements right now all came from her! Sure enough, as Ye Lian continued to evolve, her sanity will also gradually be restored!

But seeing that Ye Lian did not intend to open her mouth to speak, Ling Mo’s excitement in his heart also calm down gradually. He knew in his heart that, Ye Lian’s recovery is not something to be done by overnight, to reach things to such an extent has already been very good.

Sure enough, after some brief confusion, Ye Lian resumed her deadpan look. But the look when she stared at Ling Mo is no longer emotionless like before, but there are subtle hint of ….dependent!

Whether because of both spiritual connection, or because of some other things, right now when Ye Lian is seeing Ling Mo, there has already been some subtle change that take place!

But knowing that Ye Lian’s saliva will no longer be harmful, Ling Mo could not help but to hold her tightly, and give her lips a fierce peck.

“I would be the first human to kiss a zombie? Ha ha ha ha!”

The spiritual connection between Ye Lian and Ling Mo is very tight, even though he has made a close move to Ye Lian, but Ye Lian does not show any resistance, of course she does not have any reactions.

Her performance only shows in her look to Ling Mo, as for the rest….Ling Mo is not in a rush anyways, rice has to be spooned one bite after another, the road is a step by step to come out.

At least he could be rest assured to do more intimate contact with Ye Lian! Just be careful not to be stained with blood….Thinking here, Ling Mo suddenly showed a hint of an extremely incomprehensible smile.

No blood? Then my wish to push down Ye Lian, how could it be achieved?!

Ye Lian, she…she is still a young bird ah ! (indicating she is a virgin)

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