My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 420 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 420 Part 1 – Being Pushed Down By A Zombie Loli

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Hei Si’s evolution has actually affected Yu Shi Ran through their symbiosis with each other. This was something that Ling Mo did not expect to happen.

Based on the feeling, it didn’t seem like it was temporarily swelling….

“How should I explain this to Half-moon?”

Ling Mo rubbed his chin and said, “Given Half-moon’s IQ… I should be able to lie to her.”

“You shouldn’t have said that with your back facing me! How can you expect for your lie to work after spilling everything in front of me?!”

Yu Shi Ran felt very uncomfortable with the sudden emergence of a pair of boobs, and her temper seemed to have gotten even worse. In fact, if it weren’t for Hei Si’s suppressing her anger, her zombie nature would have probably made her find something to rip apart.

“En, that seems reasonable….” Ling Mo pondered for a moment, and said, “To tell you the truth, I’m actually a zombie.”

Yu Shi Ran became stunned immediately and opened her eyes widely, “Huh?” After a few seconds, she squeezed her nose suddenly, “Could there be something wrong with my nose?”

“See, it was such an obvious thing, yet you were still fooled. Do you honestly think Half-moon will be much smarter than you?”

Ling Mo revealed a smile and said.

“Then…. You’re a human? You actually lied to me and still dared ridiculed me! That’s so irritating! But… I have to admit that you’re right….”

This unlucky zombie loli frowned and thought for a while. In the end, she didn’t know how to answer Ling Mo’s question….

All he had to do was dig a small hole and this idiot would take the initiative to jump down….

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Seeing that she was in a state of confusion, Ling Mo took the opportunity to observe her closely. Of course, his main purpose was to see how Hei Si evolved.

In addition to the changes in appearance, Hei Si’s intelligence had also made great improvements.

After several experiments, he discovered that Hei Si was able to emulate some very simple human voices through the spiritual connection between the two. Although it hadn’t reached the point where direct dialogue and communication was possible, it at least showed signs.

“Hei Si probably went through the weirdest evolution of all mutant beasts. Eating too much is a factor. But the most crucial point was probably due to her being controlled by a human being… From this result, I can assume that the virus will choose an appropriate direction of evolution based on the host’s environment and its own needs….”

Ling Mo could only think of this explanation for the time being. He reached out and rubbed Hei Si’s head to show encouragement. Unexpectedly, this pet of his took a mile after being given an inch, and controlled Yu Shi Ran to push him down.

As the two cried out in surprise, a naked zombie loli once again knocked down Ling Mo….

Currently, Lucy was also starting to wake up after being knocked out for a second time.

“It hurts….”

In a semi-conscious state, Lucy subconsciously reached out and touched her head.

This groggy feeling made Lucy confused about her current situation.

But just as she was about to sit up, a figure appeared quietly behind her…

“Don’t kick her!”

A shout came from the door. Shana, who had just raised her leg, let out a “tch” before lowering her long leg. “That cocoon broke too fast…. Useless pet…”

Ling Mo glanced at Shana with a helpless expression, “The cocoon breaking is a good thing, don’t call Hei Si useless just because you weren’t able to kick anyone….”

“I‘m…. not killed?”

Lucy finally woke up from her confusion, but as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar and unexpected face.


After freezing for a second, she looked at Ling Mo for a while, and then slowly looked at her body….

“The way you’re acting is really rude. Do I look like someone who would take advantage of others while they are unconscious?” Ling Mo crouched in front of Lucy and asked, frowning.

Lucy looked up and down at Ling Mo, focusing on the mucus that was scattered all over his body. She seemed to have thought of something she shouldn’t have for an instant, then involuntarily turned her eyes to Ya Lin, and nodded seriously, “Yes.”

“By the way, did you save me? I remember the pumpkin man…. I should have died at that time.” Lucy naturally changed the subject. Hearing her tone, it seemed as if she was relatively indifferent to death. The average person wouldn’t be able to speak in such a calm manner.

Ling Mo snorted angrily and didn’t respond.

To be continued…

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