My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 422 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 422 Part 1 – We’ll make you pay back with interest

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In the dim shopping mall, Ling Mo’s group spread out, searching slowly, but with little gain.

The department store had been baptized many times, and many things were either destroyed at the beginning of the apocalypse, or it was rotting and stinking under the remains of a corpse.

The slightly better-selling bags of food were almost all cleared out by locust-like survivors.

Lucy pulled out a flattened piece of chocolate from a puddle of suspicious liquid, raising it in front of her, before struggling with unwillingness as she looked at it.

When she finally decided to throw away this thing with regret, she looked up and saw Ling Mo’s playful expression.

“What are you looking at? Did you find better loot?” Lucy said, upset.

“Nope. I just suddenly understand why you guys came to X-City.” Ling Mo smiled and said, “You guys really lack supplies.”

Lucy snorted and said, “X-City isn’t any better. If we’re talking about food, it’s scarce everywhere. I just thought it was a bit wasteful. I usually eat the same simple food now and suddenly seeing something I liked to eat in the past made it a bit tempting…. As for the other things, such as consumables like batteries, X-City does have a lot more. After all, it is a provincial city, and the number of factories and shops are much more than other cities and towns…”

“You guys actually could have just asked the Air Force to help explore the route. You wouldn’t need to work so hard then.”

Ling Mo casually said as he kicked away a bunch of appliances.

Lucy shook her head and said, “The Air Force heavily relies on the presence of their aircrafts and when it comes to cooperation, they are a bit overbearing. In fact, whether it is our FIRE base or the Falcon Camp, when working with the Air Force, we’re all a bit tolerant towards them. They are great in intelligence gathering. Although their strength isn’t as good as ours and we could probably rob their aircrafts but can their pilots also be robbed? It would be completely impossible to ask them to join us without a bloody fight. However, we don’t have any intentions of doing this, but the Falcons might. So, the Air Force cooperated with us this time as a means to also warn the Falcon Camp. You should be able to understand what I’m trying to say right?”

“You really told me everything, even the taboo stuff… So, there is no absolute fairness in this world, everything is built on the basis of strength.” Ling Mo responded, “However, in the past “strength” could represent many things, but now there is only one representation, but it feels a lot simpler.”

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“You mean, money and power? Indeed, relying on one’s wealth or prestige is no longer useful. The most important thing now is being able to fight for survival.”

Lucy was quiet for a while and said, “But… I’m afraid most people are still willing to live the life they had before… let’s not talk about this anymore and talk about something else. If you guys lack food, you could come with me to FIRE base. I can pay with more food for your help. You guys probably don’t know this, but F-City was a food processing and production base. We have a lot of food; the problem is just the taste and variety….”

“You don’t need to be so polite Lulu…” Ling Mo smiled, “If we can’t find anything here, there are more opportunities while searching on the road.”

When this woman deliberately walked around him, Ling Mo knew that she had something to ask. But he didn’t expect that she would be able to talk about this stuff so tactfully. In Ling Mo’s imagination, he had thought that this woman would have just asked “Do you want to join us?”. If that happened, he would probably feel a bit embarrassed when he refused her….

“That’s fine. I won’t force you.” Lucy twitched her lips and smiled.

Half an hour later, seeing that there really was nothing to find in the department store, Ling Mo and his group left.

Just as they left through the back door, two figures flashed in the building from the front door.

to be continued…

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