My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 422 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 422 Part 2 – We’ll make you pay back with interest

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Quinn, what do you think happened?”

The tattooed man wore a leather waistcoat and stood in the shadows. He held his muscular arms together, as he looked at the body of the armored man lying near his feet.

His gaze rested on the wound above the armored man’s head for a while. He then frowned and looked at the ceiling.

“I think….”

Quinn leaned over with her hand over her hip, squinted at the small hole, and then sneered, “There was a powerful person who killed these two idiots at the same time…. Interesting.”

“Are you able to figure out his ability?”

The tattooed man used the tip of his toe to touch the small hole on the armored man’s head. He then pulled it close to his nose and smelled it, “It doesn’t smell like gunpowder, nor does it look like it was done by a steel bar. What could it be?”

“Stop always asking me this! How the fuck am I supposed to know just by looking at the wound? Maybe it was done by an ordinary human with monstrous strength? Or maybe it was a serial killer….”

Quinn said angrily.

The tattooed man frowned and looked above his head again. He let out a long “Uhh” before slowly saying, “Are you sure… an average killer can pierce through the floor? He’s not poking tofu… Even if this building was a tofu building [1], it’s not that easy to poke through….”

“Hey, can you not ignore me every time? Even if you ignore me, you can’t ignore the fact….” the tattooed man shouted in vain.

But Quinn had already turned around. She turned on the walkie-talkie and shouted, “Brother Hu.”

The walkie-talkie kept sending static sounds for a while before they were able to hear the fat man’s voice, “Have you found Yan Shang Feng?”

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“They’re dead.” Quinn replied.

The walkie-talkie paused for a few seconds, then the fat man asked, “What the hell happened? Didn’t those people only have guns? With Yan Shang Feng’s power, he shouldn’t have had any problems…”

“According to the wounds, it might have been caused by two people. One of them uses a weapon, while the other is still unclear. In addition, all the zombies in the vicinity are gone. We can assume that the helicopter has already been here. They may have left already….” By the time Quinn finished saying this, her voice had become a little cautious.

Fat Brother Hu was silent for a while, then gritted his teeth and asked in a low voice, “So what you’re saying is that we got fucked over twice trying to trick them?”

“It seems… like it….”

“Uhh.. Quinn, that might not be the case yet…”

The tattooed man walked to the window and looked at a street not far away, while holding his chin.

Quinn slowly walked over holding the walkie-talkie and glanced at the street. Her eyes flashed and she blinked slowly, “Brother Hu, there are six people in the other party. We need support…”

“Very well, keep an eye on them. This time, we must also make them pay with interest!”

After putting down the walkie-talkie, Quinn and the tattooed man glanced at each other, before they quickly turned around and ran downstairs….

Through the window, Ling Mo and his group could be seen walking slowly along the deserted street…

After sending off Liu Bao Dong and his party, Ling Mo’s went to his next objective, which was escorting Lucy to Century City.

However, they weren’t in a hurry since Lucy had to inspect and record the route along the way.

Forty-eight hours later, Liu Bao Dong would bring Ling Mo’s payment and the helicopter to pick up Lucy at Century City.

“Just thinking that I have to stay with you guys by myself for so long… makes me feel a little depressed.”

Lucy walked beside Ling Mo and said.

“Just be patient and hang on. There will always be a first time…” Ling Mo pulled Ye Lian and said.

“Can you not say these things so naturally….” Lucy sighed, then looked at Yu Shi Ran, and then looked at the three girls.

Their skin was soft and white. All of them seemed to have a violent aura hidden within them, and the look they gave her had always contained a hint of coldness…

Lucy slowly lowered her head as a thoughtful expression appeared in her eyes.

“Well…. Can I ask you guys something? How did you guys get together?” Lucy couldn’t help but ask after a while.

Ling Mo touched his chin, thinking about it for a while, and said, “It’s because I’m so charming….”


Ye Lian nodded, “Yeah….”

“He makes me unable to stop myself from wanting him.” Ya Lin added.

“I can’t wait to become one with him….” Shana said, as the corner of her mouth rose up.

Yu Shi Ran stared at Ling Mo carefully for a while, then showed a longful expression before proceeding to lick her lips….

Lucy stared dumbfounded at the gang and said, “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have asked….”

[1] – Tofu building – building made with cheap materials that would break easily.

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