My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 423 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 423 Part 2 – Tracking

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


Lucy watched this scene from a distance and a strange look gradually appeared on her face, “So he also has a relationship with this one and isn’t shy about it either…. What was the whole point of making me go away then?!”

At this moment, Ling Mo was already blocking Lucy’s line of sight. He asked, “Why did Hei Si look behind?”

“Why the hell should I tell you!?”

Yu Shi Ran rolled her eyes and said, “I’d never tell you that she thought she was being watched….”

“Watched?” Ling Mo took a quick glance from the corner of his eyes. They left behind only a few zombie corpses. Since most of the zombies were killed by Ling Mo’s tentacles, the amount of blood spilt wasn’t much. It would take a long time to attract zombies from other places.

And by the time that happened, Ling Mo and his party would be long gone.

But at this moment, there was no one on the street, and no other movements could be heard except for the sounds of the cold wind.

“It’s probably a zombie. With us here, those low-level zombies won’t dare rush over, but since they still want to eat you, their only option left is to follow us, no?”

Yu Shi Ran said disapprovingly.

“I guess.”

Ling Mo glanced at the empty street. His eyes seemed to inadvertently sweep through the shadows and corners.

His spiritual tentacles also immediately extended over, like a long whip being thrown.

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Two minutes later, Ling Mo rubbed Yu Shi Ran’s head and turned around under her disapproving gaze, “Let’s go.”

“Is there a problem?”

Lucy followed and asked.

Ling Mo thought for a while and said, “It’s nothing, you know how young ladies are… this lady suddenly wanted to flirt with me…”

“When the hell did I flirt with you?! Don’t be too conceited, human!”

Yu Shi Ran kept moving her mouth, but no sounds were coming out from it. At the same time, she had no control over her body as she obediently followed after them….

In order to avoid getting screwed over again, Ling Mo had already made Hei Si reinstate the ban on her again….

When they were about to turn at a corner, Ling Mo glanced behind him, and a thoughtful expression appeared on his face…


The sound of a long exhale suddenly came from the corner of a store.

Then with a “creaking” sound, a door opened slowly, and revealed a narrow bathroom.

Quinn covered her nose as she rushed out from the room and couldn’t wait to take a deep breath. “We almost got caught…. They’re really strong. With their strength, they really are capable of killing both Yan Shang Feng and his partner….”

The tattooed man also squeezed out from the room and kicked the door in disgust, “Fuck, I almost suffocated in there!”

“Unexpectedly, they actually have a spiritual psychic in their group… But it shouldn’t be the one that’s killing the zombies. That kind of strange physical attack isn’t something spiritual psychics can do.” Quinn said. “In this case, they have at least two psychics in the group… It’s better for us not to act rashly.”

With that said, she turned on the walkie-talkie again and shouted, “Brother Hu, what’s your status? Are you here yet?”


After ten seconds, Hu’s voice came out, “I’ve already reached the position on their side, so all that’s left is to begin the siege. There are several women among them, right?”

“Yes.” Quinn nodded.

“Hehehe…. Keep them alive. I need to at least collect some interest since they killed two of my men.” Brother Hu laughed coldly.


After putting down the walkie-talkie, Quinn’s face looked a bit gloomy.

The tattooed man leaned close to the back of Quinn’s head and laughed, “What’s wrong? Are you sad? Aww, it’s such a pity, Brother Hu doesn’t like you at all…”


As soon as he finished his sentence, his abdomen suffered a heavy blow from her elbow, causing him to immediately curl like a shrimp.


Quinn glared angrily at him, then secretly clenched her fists.


“Do you feel that the surrounding area has suddenly become quieter?”

Shana’s voice suddenly came from behind Ling Mo as he put down two zombies.

He glanced around. There were rows of pitch-black stores and buildings with deadly stillness. He could see debris being blown by the wind and swaying billboards that made a clunking noise from time to time….

“Yeah, I really do. Although zombies can be seen everywhere, I still feel that the world is dead….” Ling Mo turned his eyes to a corner and said, “But there are always some people who like to jump out and court death. Hey! What the hell are you doing there?!”

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