My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 424 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 424 Part 2 – Counterattack

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

TL: Uber long chapter and really hard references, took me two days to do this one actually. Hopefully the next one isn’t as taxing.

“It’s fine, Shana and Ya Lin know what to do.”

Ling Mo vaguely explained, taking them directly to a corner, “Someone from their group will definitely come, and based on this man’s situation, it’s likely their group will spread out before surrounding us.”

“With this idiot yelling so loud, I’m sure their side already knows that it will attract a lot of zombies. However, they won’t expect us to launch a counterattack at this time.” Ling Mo said.

Lucy glanced at Ling Mo in surprise. She seemed to have some opinions, but Ye Lian was already nodding, while Yu Shi Ran was rubbing her hands, eager to try.

“Your wound looks serious; why don’t you find a place to hide first?” Ling Mo looked at Lucy and asked.

But Lucy shook her head, “It’s okay, I can help. Although I asked you to escort me, I never said I wouldn’t take part in the action.”

She didn’t agree with the plan. But since Ling Mo had already decided….

From her perspective, Shana and Li Ya Lin had already taken the most dangerous part of the plan since they were surrounded by zombies.

And Ling Mo wasn’t the type of person who would risk his girlfriend’s life….

If it was anything else, Lucy might not have trusted Ling Mo as much.

But in terms of the safety of these girls, Lucy had a blind trust in Ling Mo.

Perhaps it was because when Ling Mo faced a zombie, he was still holding Ye Lian’s hand. That scene left a deep impression on her…

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This incomparable tenderness touched Lucy’s heart during that bloody massacre.

The horrific zombies fell down one by one, but the two of them clasped their hands tightly, refusing to let go….

“Uh, well okay.” Ling Mo glanced at her and said.

This violent iceberg of a woman was very stubborn. It would have been pointless to try and change her mind.

“Then make sure you protect yourself.” Ling Mo said casually.

Lucy’s head was lowered as she inspected her pistol. She became stunned for a moment after hearing Ling Mo’s words and then said awkwardly, “Who asked for you to care?”


Ling Mo was inexplicably shut down with just one sentence from her. He could only look towards Ye Lian and Yu Shi Ran, “I bet they heard him scream already, but instead of coming to rescue him, they’ll hide in the vicinity and wait for an opportunity…. This kind of situation is perfect for us to counterattack.”

Ye Lian nodded with an expression that seemed as if she only partially understood, “Okay.”

“They’re hiding separately, making it difficult for them to support each other….” Ling Mo continued.

“What if they really come and rescue him?” Lucy couldn’t help but ask.

“Do you really think that will happen? It’s been two minutes already. If they were going to come, they would have been here by now.”

Ling Mo sneered and said, “Those attracted zombies can be used to kill people. Do you really think they’re willing to give up such a good opportunity? Plus, they’re all hiding in order to ambush us, do you really think they’ll risk their lives to come launch an attack right now?”

Lucy glanced at Ling Mo in surprise, and remained silent for a few seconds before saying, “You see things so clearly….”

After a minute, they separated.

Leaning against a rooftop wall, Lucy held a gun in one hand while the other hand dangled beside her.

She was hiding in the shadows, and the black leather clothes she wore was now perfect for camouflage. It would be hard to discover her with just a quick glance.

Her eyes were fixed on the street below, “According to Ling Mo, since the enemy has surrounded us, there may be people coming from all three directions.” Lucy thought deeply, “I have limited mobility, so instead of looking for them, it might be better for me to just stay here and wait for them. However, if they’re brave enough to come here, that also means their strength won’t be weak. With my current situation, I’ll probably only have one chance….”

She took a deep breath, her heartbeat slowly calmed down, and her body seemed to blend into the darkness completely.

Even if one were to carefully examine the shadows now, it would be very easy for one to ignore her presence….

On a deserted street, a little loli who seemed harmless to humans and animals, was slowly walking forward.

Her exquisite large eyes were full of curiosity. She wore a dress, holding nothing in her hands, and hummed an unknown tune while walking slowly.

At the same time, on another street beside hers, Ye Lian was also quickly moving forward while sticking close to the walls.

Although both of them were leader rank zombies, Ye Lian’s behavior seemed to be more in line with the identity of a zombie.

She quietly and quickly shuttled through the obstacles. Her sharp senses captured all the movements around her and the existences of her prey….

As for Ling Mo, he walked in the street between theirs.

He stretched his neck, raised the corners of his mouth, and walked forward with a light smile.

“Are you guys here for revenge or are you guys trying to recover a loss? No matter, bring it on. I’m waiting for you guys….”

Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles had already completely covered dozens of meters in the area around him.

In this way, he could use them to detect things and also defend when encountering an ambush. He could also launch an attack at any time.

Although maintaining this would greatly increase the consumption of spiritual power, but…. He could afford it now.

More than a dozen zombies that were attracted by the shouting were also controlled by him. Like normal zombies, they walked through the alleys and buildings, looking for clues.

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