My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 425 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 425 Part 1 – How is this forcing?!

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The skinny tall man cried as he ran inside the store.

Using the corners of his eyes to look back, he discovered that the speed of one of the two girls was fast even though she wasn’t close. However, the other that was carrying a scythe was producing a murderous aura.

The other girl seemed to be a ray of light smoke, and her movements were erratic. At first, she still seemed to be far away, and in the next second she would appear right behind him, making it impossible for him to get rid of her.

“Didn’t they say there were only two psychics?! Ordinary people my ass! Quinn, are you fucking kidding me?!”

Only by using the obstruction of a shelf was the skinny tall man able to barely escape. But if this had continued, he would be caught sooner or later.

The continuous shouting attracted some zombies to enter the store through the doors and windows.

This clothing store, which wasn’t too large in size, immediately became overcrowded.

“Those guys actually didn’t come to help me….” After a few minutes later and still not seeing any backup, the skinny tall man realized that he was nothing more than a bait.

People who were sent to the forefront were either the strongest in the team or the cannon fodder that attracts the focus of the firepower.

The skinny tall survivor was obviously the latter.

However, compared with ordinary people, the skinny tall man was still very powerful. Although he didn’t have any abilities, he wasn’t completely useless.

“These zombies should be able to keep them busy…”

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Upon hearing the sounds of a door and several windows breaking, he immediately closed his mouth while slowing down at the same time to look back.

With those zombies coming in, the two girls would definitely need to turn around and deal with them. If he hid nearby, he might be able to fish something from this situation.

Of course, if the ladies and zombies died together, that would have been the best result.

The skinny tall man’s plan was actually really smart, but when he turned back to look, he discovered that while what he had imagined was perfect, the reality had almost made his eyes pop out!

The zombies that came in had sinister expressions on the faces and claws that were sharp enough to tear apart the human body. They came in acting as if they would tear apart anything they saw, but when they rushed towards the two girls, they just rushed past them as if they didn’t see them at all!

Seeing all the zombies rush quickly towards him, his mind went blank and his mouth hung wide open.


Li Ya Lin and Shana had stopped moving at this time. A dozen zombies rushed past them and even kept a certain distance from them, almost as if they were afraid of bumping into them.

Seeing the incredulous expression of the skinny tall man, Shana’s mouth curved, and a strange smile appeared, “Stupid human.”

“If you didn’t court death then you wouldn’t have died….”

Ya Lin held her chin as she pondered for a moment and found an idiom that perfectly described the situation in front of her.

A zombie rushed in front of him and aimed a slap towards the skinny tall man’s head.

The sound of a sharp wind awakened the skinny tall man and he quickly blocked the attack with his steel bar.

The zombie’s long nails scratched across the steel bar, making a harsh scratching sound.

At the same time, the skinny tall man felt his arm turn numb and he took two steps back involuntarily.

Without waiting for him to recover his balance, the zombie rushed over again. By this time, two more zombies had arrived.

The skinny tall man had to cope with his confusion as he dealt with these zombies.

He watched as the two girls stood not far away, smiling as he was slowly being surrounded by zombies.

“What the hell is going on……”

The skinny tall man smashed his steel bar on the head of a zombie and leaped upwards. The steel bar in his hand then stabbed directly into the ceiling.

In this moment of stagnation, he suddenly raised his feet and jumped over the head of a zombie below. At the same time as landed, he swung the steel bar backwards, fanning the zombies away.

In this situation, his only option was to escape!

The skinny tall man stared at a window not far away. Just as he was about to speed up, a figure suddenly flashed in front of his eyes.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

To be continued…

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