My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 426 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 426 Part 1 – TBA

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Lucy hid in the shadows while looking down.

When the short man, nicknamed Mouse, appeared not far away, Lucy’s nerves tightened.

However, her breathing was calm, and her body remained motionless.

The agile movements of Mouse seemed to be very cautious, and if Lucy wanted to ambush him, she needed to be calm.

Lucy slowly raised her muzzle. She was a psychic with body-enhancement powers, but this power didn’t really give her any abilities. You could probably say it was a useless superpower. At present, this power basically just gave her more strength.

The increased physical strength allowed her to use a machine gun while moving, but all her other capabilities, such as shooting accuracy and combat experience, were all developed by herself with training.

However, launching a sneak attack was one of Lucy’s weaknesses….

She was a fierce woman who could shoot a machine gun in battle, but she wasn’t a very good lurker.

While Mouse was obviously good at it.

Would she be noticed first or would the mouse be knocked down first as he moved forward silently?

There would only be one shot at this….

“Am I really strong? Or am I pretending to be strong? It’s time to finally see the truth….”

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Lucy’s finger was slowly placed on the trigger.

Ye Lian’s shy smile when Ling Mo held her hand suddenly appeared in Lucy’s mind….

“I don’t know how long it’s been since I last smiled like that….”

In Lucy’s ear, Ling Mo’s voice appeared again, “Lulu…. This unreliable bastard was obviously only teasing me, but he accidentally called my real name…


When the world had ended, Lucy ran into the house in fright, clutching the door handle hard.

The door banged loudly, and Lucy saw many familiar faces through the door gap that was constantly being opened.

Some of them were her loved ones, while others were her neighbors….

But their faces looked strange to Lucy.

Their mouths were stained with blood and mincemeat could be found in the cracks of their nails. They let out creepy groans as they scratched the door.

“What’s wrong with you guys…. What do you want to do?! It’s me, Lulu, I’m Lulu!”

A tearful Lucy looked at them lifelessly. Even she herself had forgotten how she had taken out a kitchen knife, used it to cut off the hand that snuck in from the gap, and how she escaped through the window…

Those memories became more blurred each day in the process of survival.

But after that time, Lucy had never smiled or laughed again.

Some people see the apocalypse as an opportunity, but there are others that see these memories as pain.

“Is the world right now really that much simpler….?”

Lucy looked at Mouse as it approached closer, thinking….


Seeing the distance between the two sides gradually shortening, Lucy’s muzzle also lifted up a little bit.



Mouse suddenly shuddered all over as the gunshot sounded and immediately retreated to a corner.

He used his hand to wipe under his ribs, and then looked at the blood covering his hand, “That was close…. Someone actually attacked me. Weren’t they all surrounded by zombies….?”

Mouse slowly reached out and took out the walkie-talkie, “Brother Hu, there’s something wrong with the situation. I just encountered an ambush here. Be careful on your side…”

After glancing in the direction of the rooftop, he rushed over, climbed up the wall, and leaped over.

But by the time he reached where Lucy was standing, it was already empty.

“Humph, you want to run after hurting me?”

Mouse looked around, and then glanced at the edges of the side of the roof.

There was a trace of friction on the rusty railing.

“Just wait until I find you. I’ll definitely torture you before finishing you! It’s most likely this attacker’s strength isn’t that great, which is why they chose to run after launching a sneak attack.”

A sneer appeared in the corner of Mouse’s mouth. He reached over grabbing the railing as support, turned over, and jumped off.

Just as he landed, another person suddenly flipped over from the other side of the roof.

Lucy relied on her raw strength and hung herself on the edges of the roof using only one hand. As for the gun, she held it by biting it with her mouth.

To be continued…

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