My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 426 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 426 Part 2 – The smile from a memory

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“This world may never be as simple as I wish it to be, but as long as I can live a good life for myself, I’ll always fight for it.” Lucy quickly rushed to the side where Mouse jumped off, “Otherwise, what’s the point of living with so much suffering? Isn’t it so that I can be happy like Ling Mo’s girlfriends…?”

The moment her muzzle pointed at Mouse’s back, Lucy’s expression immediately became cold.

However, there was a smirk on her lips.

The wind blew as a gunshot sounded. Lucy looked quite beautiful at this moment…

“You see that Ling Mo? Lulu isn’t a useless person.”

When the gunshot ended Mouse’s life, Quinn, who was in front of Ling Mo holding a walkie-talkie, wore an ugly expression on her face as she looked at Ling Mo.

The gunshot sound coming from the walkie-talkie was extremely clear.

“You guys only have six people, yet you’re able to free up manpower and ambush us in turn. What a wonderful plan on your part to use a small number of people as bait to attract our attention and disrupt our plans….”

Quinn tightly gripped the walkie-talkie and coldly said.

“Against you guys, do you really think I even need to plan? This whole situation was caused by you guys. Don’t make it seem like I planned this whole thing….”

Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and said.

“Stop arguing!” the tattooed man shouted.

A dozen zombies were already lying on the ground around them.

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These zombies were all Ling Mo’s puppets, but in order to get rid of these puppets, Quinn and the tattooed man paid a heavy price.

Both of their faces had turned pale. Towards this seemingly casual young man, they were both full of fear.

A few minutes ago, when the first zombie appeared near them, that was when the nightmare began for the two of them.

This zombie had just run out from an alley and had almost directly passed by in front of them.

After suddenly stopping, the zombie turned its head to look at them with its bloody-red eyes.

“Oh look! There’s a zombie!”

The tattooed man rubbed his hands in excitement and said, “Just in time for a warmup!”

But as soon as he finished speaking, he saw the zombie suddenly speed up and run away.

“How is that possible? What kind of zombie runs away!?”

The tattooed man was surprised, but his surprise didn’t end here. A few seconds later, the zombie returned.

But this time, the zombie was carrying a stick in its hand, and behind him, followed several more zombies carrying wooden sticks.

To make matters worse, all the surrounding zombies seemed to have followed this unique style.

They vigilantly surrounded Quinn and the tattooed man, and then slowly approached.

“Hey, Quinn, have you ever seen such a situation before….” The tattooed man swallowed and asked.

Quinn glanced back and forth before taking out a knife from the back of her waist, “No. This is my first time. I have never seen zombies work together to attack people. Did these guys set up a stick gang or something?”

“Don’t just randomly make up stuff, my fucking heart is already beating like crazy!”

The tattooed man said with a pale face.

When the zombie at the forefront suddenly raised its arm and waved forward, more than a dozen zombies quickly swarmed them….


“Fuck, I almost got beaten to death….”

The tattooed man couldn’t stop his body from trembling and the sudden gunfire from the walkie-talkie immediately made his mental state collapse.



When they finally got rid of the “stick gang” zombies, Ling Mo immediately appeared and launched several consecutive tentacle attacks, causing injuries to both the tattooed man and Quinn.

If you were to say this was a coincidence, the tattooed man definitely wouldn’t believe it.

“Wasn’t his power similar to Yan Shang Feng’s? How did he drive all those zombies here? But it doesn’t matter anymore, he’s alone now. And there are no more zombies around here either.” The tattooed man stared at Ling Mo fiercely while panting heavily, “Spiritual psychics, as long as their powers don’t work, they’re basically just useless scum….”

“Then why don’t you go handle him….” Quinn’s hand holding the walkie-talkie kept trembling, and there was a small bloody hole in her wrist that looked particularly shocking.

“Don’t you see me preparing……” the tattooed man said while retreating, instead of advancing.

The two looked at each other and immediately turned around at the same time, running full speed towards an alley.

If they were able to group up with the others, they would still have a chance!

Ling Mo stood in the same place with his hands in his pockets. He didn’t seem to pose any threat.

These two ran away without a trace, leaving him alone on the empty street.

“Hey, why did you guys just run away?! At least fight me a little first!”

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