My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 427 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 427 Part 1 – Air Cannon

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Quinn and the tattooed man weren’t slow. In the narrow alley, the two dashed forward as if they were racing in a 100-meter dash.

From their experience, spiritual psychics generally can’t keep up with them physically and were at most similar to ordinary people.

It would certainly be impossible for a spiritual psychic to catch up with them.

However, when the tattooed man turned his head to confirm, he suddenly felt his soul almost leave his body and he couldn’t help shout, “HOW THE FUCK IS THIS GUY SO FAST!”

Quinn quickly turned around and saw a scene that made her immediately dumbfounded.

Ling Mo was chasing with his hand less than twenty meters away!

Moreover, looking at his expression, it was quite clear he wasn’t even trying! He obviously wasn’t even using his full strength to run!

“How is this possible?! HOW THE FUCK CAN HE RUN SO FAST!”

Quinn glanced back several times in a row with an open mouth that couldn’t close, “Isn’t he a spiritual psychic? They should be weak when they aren’t using their abilities!”

“That just means he’s not ordinary….” The tattooed man yelled, and then shouted, “You’d better ask for help now!”

Quinn picked up the walkie-talkie while running and shouted, “Brother Hu! Our situation isn’t looking good here! Hello? Brother Hu?!”


There was a burst of static coming from the walkie-talkie, and then there was a sudden pause.

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“Hee-Hee!” was suddenly transmitted from the walkie-talkie. The sound scared Quinn so much that she almost threw it away. Quinn’s fingers were shaking, and she had almost bitten her tongue off.

Quinn stared wide-eyed at the walkie-talkie in her hand and then shouted a few seconds later, “Who the hell are you?! Where’s Brother Hu?!”

“That big tiger? [1] …. Hee-hee, he’s playing with me.” The little girl laughed and said, “However, he’s so weak. It makes me so upset. He ran so away so quickly. Right now he’s like a dead dog, so disappointing. IS this how a big tiger is supposed to be? Come, sing the two tigers [2] song for me….”

Another noise quickly came out from the walkie-talkie, followed by a vague scream.

“This voice….”

Quinn slowly raised her head and her face turned extremely pale. She trembled and said, “That voice belongs to Brother Hu….”

“Brother Hu is also experiencing bad luck….” The tattooed man started to panic. The direction they ran was originally towards Brother Hu, but now…

Do they meet up with Brother Hu still, or should they just go a different direction?

“If I head towards Brother Hu’s direction, the person behind me will definitely chase after and if Brother Hu is in a weak position, or even dead, I’ll have to face a situation where I’m being attacked from both sides…”

Quinn was at a loss for a while, but soon remembered what Brother Hu said before, “That’s right! He wanted to keep those women alive so he could have fun with them. Why the fuck should I still risk my life for him?!”

Once this thought emerged, Quinn could no longer suppress it.

Especially that scream just now. It made Quinn convinced that Brother Hu was in a bad situation!

The tattooed man shared the same thoughts as Quinn. He looked at Quinn hesitantly and saw a hint of coldness flash in her eyes. “Why … Why don’t we find someone else first, and then help Brother Hu…?” He quickly asked.

With their current situation, the two of them couldn’t just rashly separate from each other as neither wanted to die.

“That… that sounds good.”

When the two of them looked at each other’s eyes, they both knew the answer, and immediately changed directions after turning at a corner.

Although Ling Mo didn’t know Brother Hu’s approximate location, the laughter from the little girl clearly belonged to Yu Shi Ran.

He could accurately grasp the approximate location by locating Hei Si through their spiritual connection.

“It seems that they aren’t very loyal. Brother Hu might not necessarily be dead. If they had met up with each other, they might have been able to put up a fight against Yu Shi Ran and me….

There was a sneer at the corner of Ling Mo’s mouth. From this point of view, their thoughts on revenge weren’t very serious and they were most likely here due to benefits.

As for what they wanted… It was probably related to the Air Force Regiment.

To be continued…

[1] – Hu in Chinese is Tiger

[2] – A Chinese Nursery Song

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