My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 427 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 427 Part 2 – Air Cannon

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

These people weren’t very strong, and they weren’t united either. It would have been fine if they had tried to live an honest life, but these idiots just had to be unique even with their mediocre skills….

At this very moment, Ling Mo could give up chasing the two of them and turn around to rendezvous with Yu Shi Ran to deal with Brother Hu.

But Yu Shi Ran was a zombie leader after all, and Hei Si was also with her….

“Even if she can’t kill him, she would definitely still have the upper hand. I don’t need to worry about her for the time being. I should take care of these two people first in order to avoid future problems!”

After making up his mind, Ling Mo quickly increased his speed. His tentacles hooked on to a corner and pulled him forward, narrowing the distance between himself and the two.

“Ten Meters!”

The tattooed man didn’t notice anything as the spiritual tentacles shot out. When the base of his ear suddenly started to hurt, and when he moved his hand to touch it, he found his hand covered with blood and his earlobes missing.

“Fuck, almost….”

He originally wanted to end this with a headshot, but the tattooed man and Ling Mo were both running, so his accuracy had decreased.

“Fuck! How is he able to do that?! He can still use his abilities even when he’s chasing us!”

The tattooed man glanced at Quinn and saw a faint barrier appear on her body. He immediately revealed a ruthless look in his eyes, “Put your protective barrier on me too! If this goes on, I’ll be killed sooner or later!”

“I’m not strong enough to protect two people!”

Quinn shouted. Her dark eye makeup looked a little sloppy at this moment, making her seem even more scary, and the angry expression on her face made it simply unbearable to look at.

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“You’re full of shit! Don’t just think about protecting yourself. At this moment, working with me is the only way out!”

Ling Mo’s hot pursuit and harassment tactics quickly created a rift between the tattooed man and Quinn.

Quinn’s ability was called “Protective Barrier”, which was a limited self-protection ability that consumed physical strength. With this ability, she was able to withstand several of Ling Mo’s attacks, but the tattooed man wasn’t so lucky.

The tattooed man’s ability was purely offensive. For him to avoid being killed by Ling Mo, his only option was to constantly move around.

This not only consumed more energy, but it also didn’t allow him to completely avoid Ling Mo’s attacks.

Although each injury wasn’t fatal, it still felt like a heavy weight was being added on to him, crushing him little by little.

His mood became more and more irritable. Looking at Quinn’s expression, he got even more upset!

“Don’t glare at me. It’s not beneficial for either of us to fight in here. We need to find a place that will give us an advantage! When we find such a place, we can then work together and take care of this guy. If we encounter zombies again and he uses his abilities to make those zombies attack us again, we’re finished!”

Quinn bit her red lips and said.

“Fine, that sounds reasonable. However, don’t blame me for what’s going to happen if you don’t take action later!”

The tattooed man suddenly turned around and threw a punch.

In the air, an air current suddenly surged towards Ling Mo. He quickly dodged and heard a muffled “bang” sound. A fist mark appeared on the wall behind him.

“Was that a small man-made air cannon? The power isn’t bad, but unfortunately your accuracy sucks, and the speed is also too slow.”

Ling Mo easily avoided it and laughed.


“What’s with the shitty naming ability… your sense makes me worried….” Ling Mo laughed.

“And “Air Cannon” is better? It sounds like something that is used a lot and isn’t original at all!”

While the tattooed man distracted Ling Mo, he turned around and gave Ling Mo a punch again.

But just like what Ling Mo said, the shortcomings of his ability were too obvious. If there was someone with a crowd control ability cooperating with him, he would have been able to display a stronger power, but right now, he wasn’t able to hit Ling Mo at all.

But the tattooed man wasn’t aiming to hit Ling Mo. Instead he was aiming to delay for time.

After two attacks, the distance between them was widened again and they also took advantage of this opportunity to rush into an underground parking lot.

“We are more familiar with this area. If you have balls, come follow us!”

Before the tattooed man ran into the parking lot, he turned around and raised his middle finger to Ling Mo, provocatively.

“Oh, he looks pretty confident…”

Ling Mo glanced at the downward passage. The darkness looked awfully scary, as if there were many dangers lurking inside.

“Do they really think I’ll be restricted down there….”

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