My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 428 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 428 Part 1 – There’s a tiger that runs very fast

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

TL: So, I’m changing Brother Hu to Brother Tiger as it gets a bit complicated since they keep referring to Brother Hu as a tiger.

There weren’t any zombies around and no other exits could be seen.

Ling Mo smirked, pulled his hands out of his pockets, and walked into the underground parking lot.

Before he entered, he turned his head back and looked towards the direction where Yu Shi Ran and Ye Lian were.

“From this distance, even if something were to happen, they should be able to rescue me in time….”

Ling Mo pondered for a while as he kept walking, slowly sinking into the darkness.

This parking lot was like a monster opening its big mouth, swallowing him inside…

Just as Ling Mo turned his head back, on a street, hundreds of meters away, a tall fat man was rushing towards Ling Mo’s direction. His stomach was full of sweat as it shook while he ran.

He had a huge body, but his movements were still agile. It’s just that the fat from his body was constantly shaking and sweat kept falling to the ground.

“Huff! Huff!”

The fat man gasped heavily for air and a look of horror could be seen on his face….

That little girl was simply a demon!

When he ran into a little girl a few minutes ago, she seemed like she was lost. He thought she was just a fat sheep that delivered herself to his door!

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After hearing Mouse’s report from before, he was still a little nervous, so he carefully concealed his whereabouts.

Unexpectedly, what he encountered wasn’t an ambush, but a seemingly innocent little girl.

The attracted zombies had scattered his team. As a result, he could only carefully search for his companions on the street. He had no fighting ability at all, and he was very scared at the same time….

The tiger observed for a while in the dark. He confirmed that there was no one behind the little girl, using her as bait.

“I seem to be very lucky….”

When he saw Yu Shi Ran’s chest, his eyes immediately became hot, and even his breathing became a little quick, “It’s actually a top-quality beauty…. HAHAHA! My luck must be off the charts since I’m able to meet such a beauty. I’ve only ever seen her type on the internet. I didn’t believe her type actually exists…. I’m definitely going to have a good time!”

A lot of nasty thoughts popped up in Tiger’s mind. He looked at Yu Shi Ran, who was like a lost lamb dangling before his eyes and he couldn’t help but rub his fat hands together in excitement.

When Yu Shi Ran bypassed several abandoned vehicles and appeared under his hiding place, the tiger suddenly jumped down. His huge body landed in front of Yu Shi Ran with a “bang” and even caused the ground to shake.

“Hehehe, little girl, where are you going?” The fat on the tiger’s face shook as he revealed a big smile on his face.

Yu Shi Ran stopped. She stared at the tiger curiously, as if she was wondering how a fat man could suddenly fall from the sky.

“Who are you?” Yu Shi Ran asked, and then she muttered to herself in a low voice, “Relax, I won’t talk nonsense! If I talk nonsense, you could always just shut my mouth again…”

“Me? Just call me Big Brother Tiger.” The tiger rubbed the stubble on his face and shamelessly said.

Although this little girl looked a bit crazy… It’s not unusual for someone to turn crazy after being scared shitless, right?

It’s good that she turned crazy. Fucking her would be much easier. Being such a superb product, Tiger didn’t want to break it before playing with it….

“Tiger…. You mean like a Big Tiger….”

Yu Shi Ran stared at the tiger, and the two of them smiled at the same time.

But unlike the tiger, Yu Shi Ran’s smile was a little weird….

“Being with that human, I wasn’t allowed to do anything. As for this person…. I should be able to play with him however I want, right?”

While the tiger thought, “Sure enough, this little girl is really an idiot. She can be used as a hostage, and I can also have a good time. She’s basically a gift from heaven….”

He walked towards Yu Shi Ran, stretched out his sturdy arm, and reached out towards Yu Shi Ran’s baby face with his big fan-like hand, “Come on little girl, come have some fun with Big Brother Tiger.”

Yu Shi Ran grinned, revealing an innocent smile, and replied, “Okay!”

To be continued.

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