My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 428 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 428 Part 2 – There’s a tiger that runs very fast

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

She then suddenly stretched out her hand and grabbed Tiger’s arm. Her hands didn’t seem to contain much strength, but the tiger suddenly felt lightness under his feet.

He was still wearing that smile on his face even though his body had been lifted up and thrown forward like a sandbag.


Tiger was directly smashed into a car with so much force that it had even created a dent. The tiger felt completely disoriented.

If it weren’t for his tough skin and thick flesh, he would have definitely would’ve died.

“You… You… You…” Tiger struggled to get up, while staring at Yu Shi Ran inexplicably in horror.

This doll-like little girl actually had such monstrous strength!

But the most terrifying thing was that after throwing him, Yu Shi Ran’s face still had that innocent smile!

“Hee-hee, Big Tiger, get up quickly and let’s continue playing….”

Yu Shi Ran walked over slowly and stepped on a hard object along the way. She hooked it with her toes and threw the thing up, catching it with her hand.

“What is this? … A brick?”

“Zizz. Zizz. Zizz. Zizz… The situation isn’t good here! Hello? Brother Tiger!”

A woman’s roar suddenly came from the black “Brick”.

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Yu Shi Ran stared blankly at the “Brick” for a while, then shook it up and down. She suddenly glanced at Tiger with an enlightened expression and said to the “Brick”, “Hee-hee, that big tiger? He’s playing with me…”

Yu Shi Ran slowly walked towards the tiger as she spoke.

Although her speed wasn’t fast and she looked puny, Tiger still felt a great pressure when she approached him.

Especially from her body. Some kind of weird gaze was being emitted from her, staring at him closely.

This feeling was similar to being stared at by a blood-thirsty beast, causing Tiger to feel very agitated…


Tiger tensed his body as he tried to retreat, but being under the gaze of an unknown beast made his whole body turn into jelly and unable to move.

“Come, sing the two tigers for me….”

Yu Shi Ran said with a smile and at the same time, she raised the “Brick” high in the air, “I’ll clap to help create a beat.”

As the “rick” slammed towards his forehead, the tiger involuntarily let out a scream and went limp.


The walkie-talkie that was being used as a “Brick” left a big hole in the car and broke immediately, even causing some sparks to come out from it.

Yu Shi Ran turned around to look at the tiger who was frantically trying to escape when a thin thread suddenly flew out from her neck.

This silver thread directly wrapped around Tiger’s ankle, and then threw him hard.


There was another muffled sound, and Tiger was once again disoriented from being thrown. However, he didn’t wait to regain himself and immediately struggled to flee again.

“DEMON! This little girl had tyrannical power, terrifying speed, and unheard-of attack methods!”

“How was this a lost lamb? She was clearly a monster that decided to monkey around!”

“In addition, she also wore a confused expression, which was simply a disguise for this monster!”

Brother Tiger was full of regret at this moment. Due to panicking, he wasn’t able to clearly hear what was said in the walkie-talkie….

However, he was still able to tell that it was Quinn’s voice from the walkie-talkie.

“There are two people on Quinn’s side. They should be able to help me!”

Tiger looked around and decided to move closer to Quinn and the others…

“There is a tiger, there is a tiger, that runs very fast, that runs very fast[1]…”

While singing, Yu Shi Ran swung her hands back and forth like butterfly wings, and slowly followed.

By the time Tiger reached near the underground parking lot, his face had become pale and he was gasping for breath. He was just in time to see Ling Mo’s figure disappear into the entrance from afar.

“That…. Looks like a stranger…”

Tiger froze for a moment, then instantly thought of something.

“Quinn and the tattooed man were most likely in the underground parking lot at this time. It seems that their situation wasn’t good either, otherwise they wouldn’t have been forced to go there.”

But he had no choice at this time. The little girl behind him might catch up at any time, and her singing was like a death reminder that floated into his ears.

“Since I’m behind them, as long as I can get rid of this little girl from chasing me, I can hide in the darkness…. When that happens, Quinn and the others should be able to protect me….”

After thinking about it, Tiger gritted his teeth and ran towards the parking lot.

This underground parking lot that had not been visited for a long time, suddenly became lively.

Concealed in the darkness was a strong desire for a massacre…

[1] – Original song had two tigers but she changed it to one instead.

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