My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 429 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 429 Part 1 – Joint Attack

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

This underground parking lot was located under a pedestrian street and spanned over a large area.

After stepping over the crooked boom barrier [1], Ling Mo walked down a curve for about 20 meters before he was able to enter inside the dark parking lot.

The light had gotten dimmer, and at first glance, only the abandoned cars could be seen.

Above him were various rusty pipes densely packed together, like blood vessels in a monster’s body.

Several cars that were probably aiming to exit the parking lot had crashed into the walls. There were old blood stains on the broken glass, and a rancid smell lingered in the air.

There were also some corpses lying around as well. The skulls that were covered with shredded rags, had two eye sockets that seemed to be staring at every living thing that entered here.

Ling Mo was slowly walking forward in the driveway. In the empty parking lot, his footsteps echoed very loudly, “Pa-da, Pa-da.”

After taking out the infrared night vision goggles and putting them on his right eye, Ling Mo also released his spiritual tentacles.

Those pillars and vehicles obstructed his line of sight. He could only rely on his spiritual tentacles to barely detect his surroundings.

“You guys want to use this place to take advantage of me… But why is Hei Si and Yu Shi Ran heading over here?”

Feeling the shortening of the spiritual connection distance between the two parties, Ling Mo stopped and tried to interact with them, “Could it be that Brother Tiger has been killed?”

He tried switching to Hei Si’s point of view and discovered that Hei Si had her eyes closed. And switching to Yu Shi Ran’s point of view was impossible.

After all, there wasn’t a direct spiritual connection between him and Yu Shi Ran.

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“Forget it, I should go find those two first. Hey, the punker[2] and the tattooed one, come out…”

Ling Mo raised his voice and shouted.


Other than his echo, there was no response….

The exit door that led to the pedestrian street was closed tightly, and it didn’t look like anyone used it.

If they really did escape by using that door, they would have definitely left some evidence.

Ling Mo searched the parking lot again. On both sides of the driveway, every abandoned vehicle looked suspicious, as if something was definitely lurking in the darkness.

As he passed a place full of electric cars, a figure suddenly flashed behind him.

As soon as the figure appeared, Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles had already detected its presence. He immediately turned around and shot the figure with his spiritual tentacles.

After a soundless collision, a faint halo appeared in Ling Mo’s right eye.

Through the infrared night vision goggles, Quinn’s gothic style makeup made her look like a scary female ghost.

After forcibly receiving Ling Mo’s blow, her face had turned pale, and her feet seemed to be moving erratically, which seemed to have boosted her Sadako[3] vibe.

Looking at Ling Mo, she suddenly grinned, showing a cold smile, and then shouted, “I’m not a punk! Being Gothic is a kind of art OKAY?!”

“Coloring your mouth to look like you’re poisoned is art? When did making your eyes look like panda eyes become art……? Wait a second, shit! You’re trying to distract me!”

Ling Mo quickly turned around, but there was no one behind him.

At the same time, from above his head, a figure suddenly jumped down, and a blast of air hit him directly.


Ling Mo quickly turned sideways. The stream of air pressed down against his shoulder and made a big hole in the ground. Debris splashed out everywhere, hitting Ling Mo’s calf painfully.

Not only that, he felt a sharp pain coming from his shoulder. He reached out with his hand and touched something slimy. His skin had actually split open and was currently bleeding.


He didn’t expect the other party to climb onto the pipes. No wonder his spiritual tentacles couldn’t find anyone….

This method of attack was extremely effective in such a dark and enclosed place.

The tattooed man had failed in his attempt to kill Ling Mo with one strike. When Ling Mo was about to respond with a counterattack, a cold light flew out from Quinn’s direction.

To be continued…

[1] – Boom barrier or Boom gate, look it up lol. It’s the rod in those toll booths in the parking lots that stop the cars until they pay the toll.

[2] – “杀马特” is the transliteration of the English word “smart.” However, Chinese netizens use the term sarcastically to refer to those young people who dress themselves up like idiots. The style looks like a punker. Google it and you should be able to get an idea.

[3] – The scary female that climbed out from the well from the movie “The Ring”

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