My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 429 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 429 Part 2 – Joint Attack

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He couldn’t dodge in time, and quickly used his spiritual tentacles to block it.

The flying knife hovered less than ten centimeters away from Ling Mo’s left eyeball, as if it had hit against a jelly-like substance.

However, there was a blood bag on the tip of the flying knife. Upon hitting the materialized spiritual tentacles, it instantly exploded.

The smell of the virus penetrated Ling Mo’s nose, and his vision was obstructed by the blood.

“What a vicious method….”

Ling Mo stood still on the spot. The zombie blood had spilled all over the ground. Other than splashing onto his calf, it didn’t come into contact with his wounds.

When his sight finally recovered, Quinn had disappeared, and the tattooed man was also gone.

“It seems that their estimation of my strength is quite accurate….”

The purpose of the tattooed man’s attack was originally aimed to just injure Ling Mo. Of course, it would have been great for them if Ling Mo died. However, if he failed, they still had one more trick.

Therefore, the real killing move was actually the attack from Quinn.

Although this flying knife was fast, its penetrating strength wasn’t strong. With Ling Mo’s abilities and reaction speed, he would definitely be able to stop it in time.

But no matter what method he used to block it, the thin blood bag would burst open, and the zombie blood contained inside would splash onto Ling Mo’s wound.

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Although their plan was really good, they didn’t expect for Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles to actually have such defensive capabilities.

“Those fuckers….”

Even so, this still caused Ling Mo to suffer a small loss. An open wound on his shoulder and a painful calf…

“Very well….”

Previously, Ling Mo had a relatively relaxed attitude, but now he had become really serious.

Ever since his strength improved, Ling Mo had developed a bit of arrogance in his heart. He felt that although the environment wasn’t in his favor, he could still survive with his own abilities.

Especially after moving away from the Falcon Camp. The threat from a powerful human force temporarily disappeared and Ling Mo’s mind seemed to have relaxed a little bit.

But the series of attacks just now had reawakened Ling Mo.

Perhaps, in terms of individual strength, he was incredibly powerful. However, once people start to cooperate with each other, even a very weak person could become a huge threat.

Just like ordinary zombies, the moment their numbers became large, they would be like terrifying marching ants. Even Ling Mo would be forced to retreat once they reached a certain extent.

In many zombie movies and television shows, they made it seem that one could rely on their own personal strength to fight against a group.

But in fact, no matter how intelligent one was, they could only guarantee their own survival rather than destroy the growing zombie population.

“I have to thank you guys for reminding me to wake the fuck up. Otherwise, I might have gotten myself killed sooner or later.”

Ling Mo took a deep breath and gradually removed the arrogance in his mentality.

In the dark underground parking lot, there seemed to be hidden dangers everywhere at the moment.

In such a complex environment, they could be hiding anywhere, waiting for an opportunity to give Ling Mo a fatal blow.

“I don’t know why, but for some reason, I feel so excited….”

A rush of blood rushed towards Ling Mo’s head, and the tingling sensation from his shoulder made Ling Mo a little excited, “Since you guys want to play, then I shall let you guys entertain me!”

But being excited didn’t mean he should be stupid. Under these circumstances, Ling Mo was more cautious than ever.

He keenly observed the situation around him, and the ambient sounds around him that he originally ignored, also flowed into his ears.

In addition to the sounds of cold wind coming in, there was also the sound of dripping water.


A mouse suddenly jumped past him not far away and was directly nailed to the ground by Ling Mo’s tentacles.

“There’s still two more mice out there. I’ll definitely find both of you….”

While Ling Mo was slowly moving forward, Brother Tiger was squinting his eyes and watching Ling Mo vigilantly behind a car that was behind him.

He held his breath until Ling Mo’s figure slowly walked away and then took several deep breaths without delay.

“That guy is fucking strong. Fortunately, I didn’t rush out… He has a strong attack, an ability to defend and also detect.”

Brother tiger turned his gaze towards the mouse. He could vaguely see a pile of mutilated flesh, “I don’t want to fall into that kind of ending…. Should I just take this opportunity to escape?”

However, just as he was about to move, he suddenly felt a chill in his back and quickly turned his head around.

“Brother Tiger…”

In the shadows behind him, the tattooed man’s cold smile looked extremely creepy in the dim light, “Why are you here as well?”

“I…. I came here to help you guys.” Brother tiger awkwardly smiled.

“Did you want to throw your trouble to us again?” The tattooed man’s tone changed, as he said while upset.

Brother Tiger frowned and wanted to get angry, but upon thinking about that little demon’s smile, he began to have a guilty conscience.

“We… should cooperate with each other. That way our chances of survival will be greater.”

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