My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 43


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 43 – How about another pinch

After swallowing a piece of fine high purity virus gel, Ye Lian not only received encouraging progress on her intellect, her body physically also seemed to be showing some changes.

Even though her skin still was a morbid shade pale, but among that delicate body seemed to reserve a vast amount of power.

It is not possible to unleash full-scale trials in the teahouse, but when Ling Mo allowed Ye Lian to try small maneuvers, he only found out that Ye Lian’s speed has become extremely rapid!

Before Ye Lian could only be said to be like a cheetah, but this time she almost entirely transformed into a shadow, moving around quickly, as if charged by lightning!

“Amazing…..” Ling Mo could not help but be somewhat dazed, but soon, he is caught between excitement and eagerness!

When he was kissing crazily with Ye Lian, although that continuous sense of freshness was forcibly thrown into the back of the head, but the impact on the body is real.

But when Ling Mo clenched his fist, he did not feel the increase in power, which makes him suddenly frowned.

But soon, he turned his eyes to Ye Lian who has stopped, then suddenly revealing a hint of understanding look.

His evolution is intricately linked with Ye Lian, if Ye Lian’s evolution started to lean towards speed and agility, then maybe is the same for him.

Thought of this, Ling Mo then walked to one side of the teahouse, and then took a deep breath, took off and started to run.

To run in an environment where there are numerous obstacles, under the condition in which you do not have the immediate nerve reaction and the corresponding physical reaction rate, there is only one result, and that is fall badly!

Although Ling Mo felt that his body indeed achieved some flexibility, and perhaps the speed is also much faster, but has not yet achieved the ability like Ye Lian to fast shuttle through the obstacles.

But Ling Mo miscalculated! He did not think that when he run at his best, the speed is that fast! Even though it is still incomparable to Ye Lian, but is still much faster than average folks!

And at such a breakneck speed, to rush before the sofa table is only a blink of eye.

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Most importantly, on that sofa, there is still Shana who is lying unconsciously…

Oh ****, can’t dodge, impossible to dodge! Ling Mo swear in his heart, but foot brake was too late, just as he was about to hit that coffee table before the sofa, Ling Mo suddenly twist his body a bit in this critical moment.

To make evasive action while moving at high speed, this is a lot of difficulty, but to not let himself get injured, and to not let Shana suffer unexpected calamities, Ling Mo bite his teeth and did it!

But the temporary action, even if you succeed, but the effect is still greatly reduced. Ling Mo only had the chance to tilt the body, although he escaped the table, but the foot has lost its balance and fell forward directly.


Just as Ling Mo uttered a low scream, his body already soared upward, then fell down.


Ling Mo landed on his knee, despite the floor being carpeted, he still suffered a nasty scrape. But fortunately Ling Mo’s upper body did not fall, or else he would have definitely blacked out from the impact…

A faint scent floated into Ling Mo’s nasal cavity, and when Ling Mo tried to stand up with both hands, his left hand seemingly grabbed something soft…


Ling Mo subconsciously looked up, suddenly froze. Although he did his best in avoiding of falling on Shana, but things did not go planned, his upper body still hit Shana’s body. And right now his right hand is pressed down on Shana’s flat belly, left hand is clutching one of Shana’s breast!

Probably instinctively, subconsciously Ling Mo even further tightened fingers, and pinched. Ah….very soft…

But then, Ling Mo’s face suddenly became redder than a beet! Because when he turned to Shana’s face, he only found out that Shana has already opened her eyes, that pair of substantially different from ordinary people’s eyes is staring at him right now!

Ling Mo’s heart suddenly dropped into the floor.

Although he did not do it intentional, and also knew that after Shana became a zombie, she should not have any feeling to this “violation”, but Ling Mo still gave a concealed cough, then slowly released Shana.

But what made him froze instantly was that on Shana’s face, suddenly emerged out of a trace of fury, then spoke two short words using clear voice: “pervert!”

“Ah? What, what did she say? Did I heard it wrong?”

Ling Mo suddenly jumped to his feet. Before Shana swallowed the viral gel, then also spoke after woken up, but after that she never opened her mouth. Therefore in Ling Mo’s eyes, at that time she was still in the process of mutation, not counted as a zombie completely, thus to speak one or two sentence under the state of daze is no big deal. But after a day and night of observation, Ling Mo is sure that even though that time when Shana had not become a complete zombie, but certainly right now she is a zombie without mistake!

When he found Ye Lian, she is already a mutated zombie, and has been through an evolution, does not yet know how to speak, even though Shana’s general situation is different than ordinary zombies, but…

Would it because that after eating a high purity gel, Shana did not mutate further to become more like a zombie, but more like a human?

However, this virus thing, who could make it clear….

Ling Mo looked Shana with somewhat dizzy head, his heart is both excited, and full of doubts.

And Shana also looked at Ling Mo, then turned her look to Ye Lian, after a brief confusion, she frowned and said: “I know you guys….”

Nonsense, of course you know us! After hearing Shana speaking again, Ling Mo suddenly uttered a scream, hands directly reached to Shana’s shoulders: “are you back to normal?”

Did not know if he used too much force, originally Shana who have returned back to normal, eyes suddenly turned red, even though she did not directly attack Ling Mo, but that dice bloodthirsty breath instantly broke out.

This made Ling Mo suddenly surprised, fortunately although he was excited, but the ability to respond is still there, he used force while grabbing Shana’s shoulders, then once again pressed her down on the sofa.

After several minutes of struggling, Shana again calmed down, then slowly returned to normal.

But Ling Mo finally has seen through, Shana at this point has completely become “schizophrenic”! Under the condition in which no one provoke her, she is half human, with a little judgment, but once someone make a move at her, or made her felt hostile, her zombie instincts will immediately be stimulated!

As for Ling Mo’s manipulation…..What made Ling Mo depressed was that, before Shana’s spiritual world has appeared that kind of strange change, but after she woke up, even though the connection between them still exist, but he could no longer control her! Not only that, even if he wanted to further enhance control is also temporarily impossible, because as long as Ling Mo enforce this idea slightly, there will came a strong rebound from Shana’s mind.

Fortunately even if just maintaining connection with Shana, she would not attack Ling Mo.

Ling Mo suddenly felt, the current Shana is much more trouble than the real zombies!

Fortunately the contact can be gradually deepened, perhaps once after his own spiritual connection is enhanced, maybe he will again be able to manipulate her!

Thought here, Ling Mo slowly creeped up, overlooked Shana who is on the sofa, suddenly asked: “could I pinch one more time?”

Shana looked at Ling Mo slightly dazed for a moment. Her judgment ability is clearly not yet fully recovered, but the “violation” a moment ago inspired a girl’s nature, and right now most likely for self-preservation instinct, she rejected with some poor voice: “No!”

“How about two times?”

“….I don’t know…”

“Three times, cannot be less.”

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