My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 430

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 430  – The song of the hunt

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

TL: Here is the first full chapter for the week. Enjoy everyone!

“Cooperation? Hehe…. Brother Tiger, I don’t think so.”

The tattooed man stared at Brother Tiger. Upon seeing his dispirited and frightened appearance, he suddenly sneered.

Brother Tiger suddenly screamed “shit” in his mind. He had just been hit twice by Yu Shi Ran and his bones seemed to be out of place, causing him to look ghastly and was in an unfavorable position at the moment.

Compared to the tattooed man who had blood covering half of his face, he seemed to be a little unluckier.

“What do you mean by that?”

Although he was panicking inside, Brother Hu still displayed an imposing expression and said coldly.

“Come on, don’t beat around the bush.”

The tattooed man sneered, suddenly stepped forward, grabbed Brother Hu’s collar, and whispered viciously, “If you didn’t make a mistake this time, how could we have possibly provoked such a problematic guy?  When Yan Shang Feng died, we should have just left it at that. You should have known this plan wouldn’t have worked the moment he died!”

“Stop… Stop making noise….”

Brother Tiger suddenly let out a grunt after being tugged by the collar, and said nervously, “If your voice brought back that killing god, neither you nor I will have a good time….”

This reaction from the tattooed man showed that he had completely seen through him. He knew that ‘Brother’ Tiger was just all talk and pretending to be strong. Not only was he no longer afraid of him, but he was also full of resentment….

“FUCK YOUR SISTER! Why didn’t you guys say anything when I made the decision?! When you first heard the news, didn’t you still encourage Quinn to do it?!”

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Although he couldn’t help but curse in his heart, Tiger still managed to squeeze out a flattering smile, “At this moment… We need to work together still, otherwise neither of us will survive.”

“Fucking pussy….” Seeing Tiger’s accepting attitude, the tattooed man immediately showed a trace of contempt and let go of him, before slowly backing away, “Come with me first. Since there are two enemies, we have to think about countermeasures… Quinn has already left the area. However, there won’t be any cooperation, only orders. You can take it or leave it.”

With a complicated look, Tiger watched the tattooed man disappear into the darkness, and then carefully stretched out his head and glanced in the direction where Ling Mo had gone.

Should he just swallow his pride and obey the tattooed man’s order, or just escape by himself?

At this moment, an erratic singing came from a distance.

Although he was too far to hear the lyrics, the little girl’s crisp and sweet voice carried a trace of murderous aura.

Tiger remembered this feeling deeply!

The hair on his entire body immediately stood up straight, and he suddenly began to hyperventilate.

“Forget it, in order not to be killed by that little demon, it’s okay to temporarily swallow my pride …”

Tiger silently followed the tattooed man and retreated into the darkness.

However, as soon as they left, a figure suddenly came out from behind a pillar.

“Instead of looking for you guys everywhere, it’s better to just be the oriole that is behind the cicada [1] ….”

Ling Mo smiled and looked at the place where Tiger and the tattooed man were just standing.

He wasn’t able to hear their conversation, but Ling Mo knew exactly where the two people were going.

“Quickly use Silver Thread, I hate it ~ quickly use Zombie Hand, I hate it ~”

The singing of a little girl came closer and closer. After finally hearing the lyrics, Ling Mo almost ran into a car.

“What kind of weird lyrics is that? … The silver thread is understandable, but what the hell is a zombie hand…. The tone of the song sounds like she’s hunting someone!”

When Yu Shi Ran saw Ling Mo, she snorted uncomfortably, and then turned her face to the side, “Tch[2], Human.”

“That’s enough from you, you’re just a baby zombie… However, you guys are just in time. Remember the scent in here and follow them closely. Uhh…. Those words were for Hei Si. Why are you sniffing so hard…?”

Ling Mo grabbed the back of Yu Shi Ran’s collar and carried her, walking towards the direction where the tattooed man had left from.

“Let… let go of me, human!”

Yu Shi Ran roared.

“Shut up! What happens if they notice us! Besides, do you honestly think I want to bring you?! Who told you to kidnap my Hei Si….”

Ling Mo whispered.

“It’s obviously your Hei Si that’s pestering me! You’re such a bad human, always spouting nonsense and lies about me…. Wuu Wuuu Wuuu!”

Yu Shi Ran’s roar soon disappeared. She seemed unwilling since she kept moving her mouth, frowning with her brows, and putting on various expressions that she thought looked “extremely evil” ….

“Hehe, in the end you’re still going to follow me.”

In a small elevator, the tattooed man was trying to climb out of the emergency exit.

Seeing Tiger squeeze in through the narrow crack of the elevator door, he immediately exposed a sarcastic smile.

Tiger’s expression changed, but he still asked, “What’s the plan?”

“Quinn has already gone up, and from here we can climb to the first floor of the shopping mall. It’s difficult for us to confront them head-on. Bringing them on a chase and waiting for an opportunity to kill them is the best way to deal with them.”

The tattooed man had already jumped up as he said this.

Tiger stood there hesitating for a while, then leaped up abruptly, trying to grasp the edges of the emergency exit.

But just as his fingers were about to touch the edge, his legs suddenly seemed to be pulled back by some invisible rope, and he fell down.

Before he could scream, he was dragged out through the gap.

The tattooed man waited for a while but didn’t see Tiger come up.

He stuck his head through the crack in the door again and looked down through the emergency exit, but saw nothing.

“Fuck, that fatty must have run away! He won’t even fix the problems that he made!”

The tattooed man cursed fiercely and turned his head to look inside the mall.

“Quinn must have hidden already.” He took a deep breath, reached in, and took out his walkie-talkie.

“I should tell her about the situation here first. Now that we have to deal with two enemies, we need to be more careful….”

When Ling Mo entered the mall through the crack of the elevator door, he could only see leftover containers in front of him, as well as the various goods scattered all over the place.

Not far away was a zombie corpse with a mutilated chest, covered in blood. Ling Mo could tell that it was killed by the air cannon.

“This is really troublesome…”

Ling Mo turned around and glanced behind him, then sighed helplessly.

Yu Shi Ran was currently squatting in the elevator with her hands on her knees and pouting her mouth in a very upset manner.

“What are you looking at?! Who wants to go with you?! Bad human, you actually snatched my prey. That big tiger was obviously mine!”

“Don’t learn the bad things from Shana!” Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and said, “Just be good and come up.”

Although Yu Shi Ran was extremely reluctant, Hei Si still controlled her to climb up.

With her ability as a leader rank zombie, this level of height was a piece of cake for her.

A human and a zombie walked slowly in the mall. With Ling Mo’s spiritual sense, coupled with Hei Si’s sense of smell, they had reversed their position from being the prey, to the predator.

However, the other party was used to hiding. It wasn’t difficult to know the general location where they were, but pinpointing the exact location wasn’t easy.

Ling Mo wasn’t very good at detecting and their scent wasn’t going to remain here forever. In this semi-enclosed environment, all kinds of scents were mixed together here. It would be quite difficult for Yu Shi Ran to distinguish the scents in a short time.

But as long as a mouse sees bait, it can’t help but jump out….

“They’re upstairs.”

Yu Shi Ran suddenly turned her gaze to the stairs and said.

“Oh? They want to lead us upstairs…. That’s perfect, we can trap them there.”

Ling Mo smiled and said.

The two of them sped up and quickly went up the stairs.

At the edges of the staircase entrance, Ling Mo keenly discovered a silk thread.

If it was just a simple chase, noticing the existence of this thread would have been difficult.

At the other end of the thread, it was attached to a crooked electrical appliance and any slight movement would cause the appliance to fall off.

This was a very quick and simple trap. Being able to prepare this kind of trap in such a short time was already very good.

Ordinary people would never expect this trap when they are chasing, and when they have noticed it would have already been too late.

Ling Mo pulled Yu Shi Ran aside to hide, then hooked his tentacles onto the thread, and moved it with his mind.


The sound of an electrical appliance falling to the ground immediately broke the dead silence in the entire mall.


There was another loud noise. A figure jumped out and smashed his fist in the direction of the stairs.

After shooting his air cannon, the tattooed man realized that something was wrong, but it was too late.

When Ling Mo walked out of the shadows, the tattooed man’s body had already become stiff.

The cold sweat on his forehead dripped down along his cheeks.

Quinn, who jumped out at the same time, was also too scared to move when a little girl suddenly appeared behind her.

“Sister Ghost, you wanna play with me?”

Yu Shi Ran tilted her head and smiled innocently.

[1] – It’s an old Chinese saying “The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind”

[2] – It’s an expression in Chinese that is similar to saying Humph, Tut, or even shit.

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