My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 431

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 431 – Zombie Mutation

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“No… don’t….”

As soon as Quinn said those words, a small hand grabbed her from behind.

The protective barrier flashed out, and Quinn instantly turned around to escape.

Countless silver threads suddenly shot out from Yu Shi Ran’s neck, entwining Quinn’s whole body inside.

These silver threads looked extremely fragile, but each thread was very powerful.

No matter how much Hei Si changed, she was still a mutant beast, and would always have a big advantage in terms of physical strength.

This was the first time Ling Mo had seen her take the initiative in this state. The pulling force of those silver threads were almost comparable to that of steel cables, and it was extremely tough.

The rapid consumption of her physical strength made Quinn’s face paler.

“But when did they become so cooperative with each other….?”

Ling Mo revealed a trace of doubt.

“Don’t run.”

Yu Shi Ran slowly walked over. She stuck her hand inside a gap between the silver thread, and gradually broke through the protective barrier.


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Quinn’s eyes were wide open, and her face that was covered with heavy makeup started to become very deformed as she panicked.

“Hehe, Sister Ghost, where would you like me to start from?” Yu Shi Ran smiled.

Quinn vigorously shook her head but couldn’t stop Yu Shi Ran at all.

“You’re still a zombie from the wild after all, always teasing your prey….”

Ling Mo sighed and sent a spiritual tentacle over.

In an instant, a lot of spiritual energy started to gather. The large amount of spiritual energy condensed at one point and pieced into the middle of Quinn’s forehead.

The extremely weakened protective barrier immediately shattered, and the expression on Quinn’s face instantly froze.

As she fell backwards, Yu Shi Ran immediately opened her mouth.

“BANG.” When Quinn touched the ground, Yu Shi Ran angrily turned around.

At this moment, she looked just like a small dog that wanted to pounce and bite. She clenched her fist and stared at Ling Mo angrily, “Human, you’ve gone too far…”

“Cough* Cough*…”

Ling Mo gave a dry cough and ignored her.

As an advanced zombie and one from the wild, Yu Shi Ran had treated humans as her prey.

Like a cat playing with a mouse, could we say that the cat was cruel?

But as a human being, Ling Mo treated his opponents as an enemy at best.

Quinn deserved death, but there was no need to slowly torture her until she died…

In this regard, Ye Lian and the others were very different from Yu Shi Ran.

No matter how many times they’ve said, “you humans”, they were at least much more restrained than wild zombies.

“This isn’t something that can be changed in a day or two, I should take things slowly….” Ling Mo thought.

Quinn’s death greatly stimulated the tattooed man, who was covered in cold sweat.

When they attacked Ling Mo previously in the dark, they seemed to have the upper hand.

However, once they lost this advantage, they were no longer Ling Mo’s match in a face-to-face battle, let alone being attacked by Ling Mo in turn.

The tattooed man was tense all over. His whole body was completely entangled with spiritual tentacles, making it impossible to escape.

Upon seeing Ling Mo kill Quinn in such a clean way, the tattooed man immediately understood that it was useless to beg for mercy.

But knowing is one thing. At the moment before death, very few people can actually face it calmly….

“You….” The tattooed man squeezed out a smile, his body was shaking involuntarily, “I…. Hate this….”

A bloody hole suddenly appeared on his forehead, leaving the remaining half of his words stay in his mouth forever.

At this time, Ye Lian was coming out of a shop.

Her eyes were slowly recovering from the red and white color, and behind her, laid a corpse…

“Where’s Brother Ling…”

Ye Lian glanced towards the direction where Ling Mo was. The expression on her face, which was still a bit cold, softened a little….

In less than twenty minutes, the group of people that chased Ling Mo and his party were completely wiped out.

After everyone regrouped, they first found a place to rest for a while, and then set off again.

“F-City is really different from X-City.”

Lucy walked next to Ling Mo with her head down and said, “Although our resources are insufficient, we are at least united. Almost all of the psychics in the city have chosen to join us. Ordinary survivors that are willing to fight also live under our protection. X-City seems to be a very cruel place…. Was coming here really the right call?”

“Do you have any other options?” Ling Mo said. “In the entire province, only X-City has an abundance in resources, no?”

“But here, there isn’t any room for small forces. There are already two big forces, the Air Force Regiment and the Falcon Camp.” Lucy said with a worried look, “As of now, the Air Force regiment is relying on their ability to sell information to survive, and most likely won’t take the initiative to jump out and grab resources in the future… But the Falcon camp is different…. Even though they only created an isolation zone so far, as their strength grows, it’s difficult to guarantee that they won’t have any bigger plans…. At this time, it’s difficult to say whether or not we can still keep the land we built…. Not to mention, our biggest threat are the zombies. We also don’t know if their numbers will continue to grow stronger….”

She turned to look at Ling Mo, then looked at Ye Lian and the girls, and said in a low voice, “Isn’t it very eye-catching, bringing them with you?”

Ling Mo glanced at her due to these ambiguous words, but Lucy had already turned her head away in a displeased manner, making it impossible for him to find any clues on her face.

“If you are powerful enough, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” Ling Mo replied after a while.

If she had heard these words when they first met, she would have laughed at him, thinking that he only knows how to boast with no strengths.

But after surviving two attacks with Ling Mo and his party, their ability had dumbfounded Lucy.

It’s really a pity, she tried to rope him in twice, but he refused to join….

Over the next forty hours, apart from rushing and exploring, they didn’t encounter any trouble other than zombies.

These zombies that were everywhere could no longer be called trouble as they were now part of the normal life.

In order to survive, one would always have to fight them….

However, when passing through some more populated areas on the way, Ling Mo noticed that the number of zombies on the streets had suddenly decreased.

These places were supposed to be full of corpses, but when they passed by, they encountered fewer zombies than usual.

Furthermore, there was a large amount of blood stains and corpses everywhere, and many of the remains still looked fresh…

“This is definitely not normal….”

After walking through several such streets in a row, Ling Mo finally couldn’t help but say.

Shana turned around and asked while walking, “What’s not normal?”

“The number of zombies, and … their strength.”

Ling Mo rubbed his temples and said.

The zombies on these streets were obviously much stronger. Nearly all of them were mutated zombies.

Although their numbers were a lot smaller, the strength for each zombie was much stronger, which caused a greater burden to Ling Mo and his party.

If he hadn’t increased the strength of his spiritual power and physical power, it would have probably taken much more time to pass through these areas.

“That’s right, these advanced zombies like … I feel like there are a lot more of them.”

Li Ya Lin had nearly slipped the wrong words out. Fortunately, she was able to change her words in time.

Lucy didn’t hear clearly and said, “Maybe it’s because their population was too large, and there weren’t any survivors around here. Although zombies only require a small amount of energy and can survive without eating for half a month, they would still need to eat in the end. Could it be caused by mass cannibalism?”

“I’ve seen cannibalism before, but….” Ling Mo still frowned.

Because they are affected by their instincts, zombies themselves are very restrained.

The zombies that were killed here were either the stronger ones or weak ones.

Ordinary people would find it difficult to notice this pattern, but Ling Mo was surrounded by a few zombies, so he could naturally detect such tiny details.

Zombies were built with a competitive mechanism, where the ‘survival of the fittest’ rule played a huge part, making opportunities for evolution more equal.

As advanced zombies evolved, they would continue to encounter challenges when trying to evolve further.

If they weren’t strong enough, they would be eaten by other zombies and become their steppingstones to avoid wasting more resources.

But…. The zombies here felt like they were simply just killing each other.

“It feels like the zombie population has also started changing….”

Ling Mo felt puzzled and wasn’t able to figure out a reason, so he stopped thinking about it.

As they left along the street, a figure that was staring at Ling Mo and others as if ants stood on the top of a tall building in the distance.

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