My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 432

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 432 – Zombie Fishing

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This figure stared at the female zombies behind Ling Mo, and made strange noise ….

By the time they arrived near Century City, it was already evening.

The sky was almost completely dark, and only a faint yellow remained on the horizon.

Century City was actually a provincial TV station building. It had won a design award and was also a relatively famous landmark building in X-City.

But Ling Mo had only heard of these details, and he has never been here before.

However, Ye Lian kept looking around for a long time with a thoughtful expression on her face, as if she had some impression of this place.

“What’s wrong? Have you been here before?” Ling Mo asked with concern after noticing Ye Lian’s abnormal actions.

Ye Lian nodded blankly, “I think so….”

Her spiritual waves fluctuated very sharply. It was obvious that she was rapidly remembering the information in her mind.

However, the volume of information she had contained was too large. It wasn’t an easy task to find memories related to Century City from the rest of her memories.

Humans themselves have a defensive mechanism that puts most of the daily details to the back of their head.

If these details were pushed forward one day, it would most likely cause most human brains to malfunction.

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Similarly, the recovery of a zombie’s memory is also restored bit by bit. Each time they evolve, they would randomly gain some memories back.

But even they themselves can’t clearly tell what they remembered, or what else is still hidden deep within their minds….

Shana was likely the only one who is unique in this regard.

Ye Lian didn’t seem like she changed much from before, but Ling Mo always had the feeling that there was something more.

Probably in her little head, she already remembers a lot of things that she doesn’t want to tell Ling Mo.

“Ah, yes.”

Ye Lian’s spiritual fluctuations suddenly calmed down. She looked at Century City with a sweet smile on her mouth, “I… I remembered.”

In the past, I heard that this building was the tallest and it was also free to enter…. There’s an astronomical telescope here. You can see many far away stars with it….”

Ye Lian turned her head to look at Ling Mo, and said with a smile, “I ran over here to see it once by myself, and then I kept thinking that it would be great if Brother Ling could come see it with me.”

“Really…” Ling Mo was moved, and a trace of warmth quickly enveloped his heart, “Then let’s go see it later.”

“But… but if we see it now, will it still feel the… the same as before?”

Ye Lian stared at Ling Mo and reached out with her hand to squeeze Ling Mo’s arm. She lowered her head, whispering.


It wouldn’t be the same. After all, Ye Lian was now a zombie…

Would she still be able to feel like a young maiden?

But looking at Ye Lian’s expression, Ling Mo couldn’t push himself to tell the truth.

“I… I also want…. to recover human feelings.”

As Ye Lian said this, she glanced at Shana enviously. The desire in her eyes made Ling Mo’s heart tremble.

Ye Lian had expressed this feeling before, but this was the first time she really expressed it with such a strong desire….

Upon remembering some parts of her human experiences, Ye Lian’s desire had become more ardent.

“Don’t worry, I promised you already.”

Ling Mo was just about to embrace Ye Lian into his arms, when he heard Lucy coldly snort, “Don’t just act like these zombies on the street don’t exist! You could pick a better time and place to be romantic at the very least….”

As she said this, she aimed at another zombie that emerged from the corner of the street and fired the moment she locked on to her target.

“Hey…. I’m still killing them, aren’t I?”

Ling Mo frowned and said.

Around him, there were many zombies lying on the ground with a hole in their heads….

Although he was talking to Ye Lian, there wasn’t a problem for him to kill the zombies with his spiritual tentacles. He had long gotten used to multitasking.

Moreover, he also has the most kills currently.

“That’s why I said it’s your attitude that makes people so pissed off…”

Lucy restrained her rage and said angrily, “You must think you’re cool, being able to flirt on the battlefield, don’t you?”

“Thanks.” Ling Mo said.

“I’m not trying to compliment you! This sense of frustration…. Makes me really uncomfortable… Even if it’s easy for you, you could at least pretend to care about my feelings!”

Among all the spiritual psychics that Lucy met, she had rarely seen one like Ling Mo, who could completely attack with his spiritual force and fight without using his hands….

And out of all those psychics, he was the only that was able to make her feel very frustrated even after they fought side by side!

Lucy fired another shot, bringing down a zombie that had run out of Century City, and quickly changed the magazine, “These zombies are really endless!”

“Let’s go inside first! There are too many zombies here, we won’t be able to kill them all. It might be better if we tried to ditch them instead….” Ling Mo said.

Although his spiritual strength had become much stronger, the wave of zombies kept coming with no end, and he also began to feel a little strenuous.

Seeing that zombies began to appear again in the distance, Ling Mo quickly led them into Century City.

The zombies kept pouring in from the unrestricted entrance, chasing Ling Mo and his group.

These zombies were fast and agile, and some could even swing themselves in from the ceiling.

It felt as if there was a tsunami of zombies coming for them. They hadn’t even finished killing the first wave when the second wave surged forth.

The moment they stopped; they would be overwhelmed by the zombies.

“Over here.”

Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles had been scouting in advance, looking for areas without zombies.

There were still some places in the TV station that were relatively “clean”, and Ling Mo quickly found a room.

When his tentacles opened the door, Ling Mo instantly consumed a large amount of spiritual power and wiped out the entire wave of zombies behind them.

At the same time, he ran to the door, urging them to enter quickly.


Not long after the door was closed, loud banging noises could be heard not far away. Those zombies were swarming over here.

However, Ling Mo had calmly taken out a spray bottle from his backpack and sprayed it vigorously near the cracks of the door.

A pungent fragrance immediately filled the room, while Ling Mo calmly asked Yu Shi Ran and Ya Lin to stand by the door.

The scent of two zombie leaders, mixed with this strange smell, should be enough to cover up the human scent Ling Mo and Lucy were emitting….

But this could only deceive the zombie’s sense of smell and not their sense of hearing.

After stepping back, Ling Mo realized that this room was actually just a small dressing room….


In the darkness, Lucy suddenly let out a low cry as she bumped into something.

But as soon as she made a sound, her mouth was covered by a big hand, and Ling Mo’s low voice entered her ears, “Shhh.”


Lucy’s body was squeezed into Ling Mo’s and for the first time, she felt the breath of a male up close….

Despite listening to the sound of footsteps coming from outside, and the occasional sounds of zombies hitting the door from time to time, Ling Mo’s expression was still very calm.

Even Lucy couldn’t stop herself from tightening her body, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

There were no other exits in this dressing room other than the one they came from. Once they were discovered by the zombies, they would be like turtles in a jar, and there would only be a tragic ending for them…

This approach was too risky….

“Don’t make any noise.”

Ling Mo said in a low voice, while using Shana’s vision, he carefully observed this place.

The dressing room was no larger than five square meters at most, and there were two rows of sliding telescopic drying racks in the room.

The reason why Lucy uttered a cry just now was because her injured shoulder had bumped into these racks.

“I got it.”

Ling Mo turned his eyes to a small window that had dirty shutters which almost completely blocked the light.

“What are you planning to do….”

Lucy lowered her voice and asked.

“Just relax, I got this…”

Ling Mo’s mentality was indeed much more relaxed than Lucy. Hiding inside here, at least Ye Lian and the girls were completely safe.

Even if the zombies broke in, he could still rely on Ye Lian and the others to stop them.

After taking out a piece of virus gel, Ling Mo walked under the window and slowly opened a gap with his spiritual tentacles.

Using his spiritual tentacles to control objects, Ling Mo was also experienced in this area…


As the virus gel was thrown out the window, a strange scent that only zombies could smell immediately diffused.

“This is the so-called fishing… no, zombie fishing…”

On the outer wall of Century City, dozens of virus gels floated in the air, seemingly tied up by invisible silk threads…

And the zombies who were inside the building, were immediately attracted by the gels, and gathered downstairs…

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