My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 433

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 433 – Grudge Against Six-Packs

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“This… How come it’s quiet outside?”

Lucy stood still, not daring to breath.

She carefully asked in a low voice only when it was dead silent outside the door.

Staying in this kind of closed room, not knowing anything about the situation outside, and only hearing violent sounds suddenly turn calm, would make anyone uneasy.

At this time, Ling Mo, who was facing the window, let out a long sigh of relief and turned his head slowly.

He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and showed a satisfied smile.

Using his spiritual tentacles to “hold” the virus gels, not only could he attract the zombies to one place, but he could also lead them slightly farther away from their position.

Once that happened, he could just wrap the gels with his tentacles to block the emission of the smell, allowing him to recover the gels swiftly, and the zombies that were left behind would be jumping wildly on the spot.

This method was very effective for ordinary zombies or slightly more advanced zombies.

However, things are easier said than done.

Any slight distraction would cause the plan to fail, not to mention the large amount of spiritual power that is consumed in the process.

“Fortunately, I practice constantly in order to not screw up at critical moments like this….”

Ling Mo calmly stuffed the virus gels back into his pockets and said, “Okay, it’s safe outside. As long as we keep quiet, those zombies won’t find us, so you can rest assured for the time being.”

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“What….” Lucy was surprised. She was about to ask something but decided to shut her mouth in the end.

This unimaginable situation was obviously Ling Mo’s handiwork, otherwise, why would he suddenly turn pale? It can’t be sunscreen can it….?

But Ling Mo didn’t want to elaborate, and Lucy didn’t feel comfortable asking.

Her relationship with Ling Mo was only that of a business relationship. She always felt that she was an outsider after all, especially when Ye Lian and the other girls were present.

She wanted to keep a distance from Ling Mo, but at the same time, she was extremely curious about him as well. Lucy was looking for some kind of wonderful balance in the struggle….

Looking at Ling Mo’s pale yet still smiling face, Lucy’s mind suddenly flashed a thought, “This man is very persistent in using his abilities. He’s obviously experiencing drawbacks from overusing it, but he still displays a sincere smile on his face…. He probably learnt something new. This is also part of his strength, otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for him to be this strong….”

Although the time she spent with Ling Mo wasn’t long, she noticed that Ling Mo was always constantly training himself as long as he had the opportunity. 

On this point, Lucy was very clear.

“Huh? Why are you staring at me again?” Ling Mo rubbed his chin and said, “How embarrassing…”

“…Who the hell is staring at you…? And what do you mean by again!”

Lucy’s cheeks immediately became hot, and after muttering a few words in a low voice, she let out a long sigh and sat down slowly against a wardrobe, “Huuu…”

“Ha…. You were obviously staring at me this whole trip, yet you won’t admit it.”

Ling Mo also leaned against the wall and decided to take a short rest.

“It’s getting dark.” Lucy took a few deep breaths, ignoring Ling Mo’s words, and said, “The helicopter won’t be arriving until tomorrow. After that, you would have finished your commission.”

“That should be early in the morning, right? But a semi-official organization such as the Air Force… always gives me the feeling that they don’t take things seriously when it comes to other people’s affairs and tend to come up with excuses to delay time like only working on a ‘working day’ ….” Ling Mo said.

“It’s almost the end of the world right now. How could they have working days, let alone even work?” Although Lucy kept a straight face, there was actually a smile in the corner of her lips. “You were just trapped in here by zombies and could die at any moment…. But you can talk and laugh in a blink eye.” Was what she had wanted to say However, when those words reached her lips, she swallowed them back.

Lucy was always relaxed whenever she was with Ling Mo and it was this attitude of his towards hardship that made her feel this way.

But… the reason for him being like this, probably had a lot to do with Ye Lian and the others….

“When they really need to do something, I hope they wouldn’t continue finding such a lame excuse…. Forget it, it seems like you don’t want to stay with me any longer, but today is the last night, so be patient.”

Lucy said coldly.

“It’s okay, Lulu, I don’t really mind.” Ling Mo answered honestly.

“…. Do you think you’re the one losing out?!” Lucy’s eyes changed and angrily said.

“Nope.” Ling Mo was startled and said blankly, “Absolutely not.”

Lucy sighed sullenly, and then said, “As for the rewards I promised you, I think now is the time to pay it.”

As she said this, she leaned back and put her backpack down.

Seeing Lucy take out a notebook and pen, Ling Mo suddenly smiled, “That’s really sincere of you.”

Lucy snorted and spread the notebook on her knees. Her injured arm pressed against the corner of the notebook, and her other hand began to write.

As the sky was getting darker. Ling Mo closed the blinds and took out a tactical flashlight to shine light for Lucy.

“Thanks.” Lucy said without looking up.

“You’re welcome….”

Time passed by, and by the time Lucy had finished writing, nearly an hour had passed.

She wrote a dozen pages eloquently, then closed it with a “pop”, and handed it to Ling Mo, “You can confirm it.”

“If you give this to me right now, aren’t you afraid that I’ll run away tonight….?”

As Ling Mo spoke, he unceremoniously picked it up.

Shana smiled at the side and said, “If you really wanted to run, you wouldn’t say anything….”

Ya Lin, who was about to quietly walk to the door, was taken aback when she heard those words. She turned around and asked in a low voice in surprise, “Huh? So, we weren’t really going to run….”

At the same time, Yu Shi Ran also silently let go of the door handle.

“You guys really……”

Lucy was amused. If other girls were like this, she would definitely give them a “pretentious” evaluation, but the expressions on their faces were very real….

Ling Mo looked through the notes carefully. After more than twenty minutes, he raised his head in satisfaction and smiled at Lucy, “It’s very detailed, thanks.”

Lucy had recorded all the types of psychics she had learned about inside the notebook. The F group is a group of psychics, meaning that the number of psychics in their group wasn’t small.

As for the understanding of what type of psychics there were, Lucy would definitely have a better understanding than Ling Mo.

It was much more cost-effective to ask for intelligence instead of asking for some non-essential materials.

“It’s just a list of psychic types and a brief introduction. I didn’t tell you which powers belong to which psychics so that doesn’t count as betraying my FIRE group….” Lucy sighed and said, “Since you cleared out the clowns that jumped out on the way here and also paved the way for a path to X-city for our “FIRE” group in advance, this compensation is considered appropriate….”

“Yeah. Anyways, now that we’ve rested a bit, let’s change our location. It’s too stuffy here.”

Ling Mo walked to the door and opened it.

The moment the door opened, Lucy’s body tensed involuntarily, “Are there really no zombies outside the door?”

Before, the outside of this door was full of zombies that were making loud noises. Although the sounds stopped, Lucy was actually still a little nervous.

Sure enough, it was empty outside.

Those zombies that had rushed after them in the past seemed to have never existed.

“That’s so strange… If someone told me right now that there was a magic door at the end of the corridor and I could enter another world as long as I rushed into it without fear of hitting the wall, I would believe them….”

Lucy walked out carefully and said.

Ling Mo glanced at her unexpectedly, “I would never have expected that a woman with a six-pack would actually have such an innocent side….”

“…. Although what you said is correct, why does it sound malicious? And what do you have against people with a six-pack?! You’re just simply jealous!”

Lucy uncomfortably pulled down her clothes and said, “Asshole, I suddenly feel that wearing tight leather clothes was a mistake…”

“Those zombies didn’t run far, so it might be better to be careful.”

Ling Mo reminded her, then glanced back and forth in the corridor.

When they were being chased previously, Ling Mo didn’t keep track of where they were or how many floors they climbed.

Now, after taking a good look, Ling Mo discovered that they were already on the third floor.

“This TV Station has the potential to shoot a ghost movie right now.”

It was dark everywhere, and almost all the places visible to the naked eye were covered in dust.

It seemed to be even messier now after the zombies rushed past here.

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