My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 434

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 434 – Black and White Chess Pieces

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

There are naturally a lot of zombies in such a building with complex structures and special backgrounds.

Even if most of the zombies were led away by Ling Mo, it didn’t mean that every corner was safe.

There would always be zombies still wandering somewhere in the building, waiting…

Thinking of this, Lucy started to panic a little and involuntarily got closer to Ling Mo.

Psychics like her, whose skills are purely for offense, are actually as vulnerable as ordinary survivors in the face of hidden threats.

And at this moment, Ling Mo, a companion with detection abilities, are very reliable.

Following him, she could feel a sense of security. She wouldn’t have to stare at every shadow around her with fear, and be nervously guarding against zombies that could jump out at any time…

“…There really are many types of psychics, and even if there are psychics that have similar abilities, they’re definitely not exactly the same. Sure enough, each psychic has an exclusive ability…. Everyone is unique….”

Ling Mo turned on his flashlight and walked forward slowly while casually speaking to Lucy, “Lulu, are you alright?”

Just a moment ago, he was talking about the place being suitable to film in a scary ghost movie and in a blink of an eye, he started chatting indifferently….

“The way you act makes people unable to stop worrying!” Lucy glared at Ling Mo, and shouted behind him, “We are all counting on you right now.”

She regretted her words as soon as she finished speaking. Ye Lian and others seemed more relaxed and casual than Ling Mo, almost as if they weren’t worried at all.

These girls were looking around curiously, and Lucy wasn’t sure if she was hallucinating or not, but their eyes looked brighter in the dark.

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“Why would you need to worry? I am paying attention to our surroundings.”

Ling Mo answered casually, then suddenly stretched out his fist and knocked on the wall.


The muffled sound immediately frightened Lucy. She frowned and was about to ask why he did it, when she saw a room door not far away, suddenly sway slightly.


A head suddenly squeezed out from the door. It’s hideous and twisted face was illuminated by the flashlight.

Not mentally prepared, Lucy’s pupils shrank, and her heart almost stopped beating for a few seconds.

This unlucky zombie was stuck in the deformed door gap and could barely stretch out his head.

Despite knowing the fact that he could snap his neck, he still stretched with great effort. However, the distance of a meter was like a huge gap that he couldn’t cross.

He opened his mouth in vain, and his sharp teeth that had flesh and blood stuck in it made him seem like a wild beast under the pale lighting of the flashlight.


A blood hole suddenly appeared on his forehead, causing the head to stop moving and hang downwards.

Lucy looked at the sinister head on the door and couldn’t help pursing her lips.

“See, all these potential enemies are all within my grasp.” Ling Mo said.

“That was just luck….” Lucy rolled her eyes at him.

Ling Mo smiled strangely, then stretched out his hand and patted the other wall.

“No way…”

Lucy’s face turned pale as she muttered.

She had just finished speaking when she heard a sudden loud bang sound from somewhere in the corridor.

“…. You win.”

While Ling Mo took care of the zombies along the way, he was also trying to get more information from Lucy to complete the information he had obtained.

Lucy was originally very disciplined, but after continuously chatting with Ling Mo, she was quickly caught in…

“From what it looks like, the Falcon Camp and the Air Force Regiment are like an old couple. And your Fire group is the mistress. With both the Falcons and Fire group fighting to become the Air Force Regiment’s ally. You have a much smaller army, but each of your individual strengths is much stronger. The Falcons on the other hand have a much richer background and the Air Force Regiment is pleased with both sides.”

Ling Mo said thoughtfully.

“Although what you said is right, couldn’t you describe it in a more normal way…” Lucy stared at him and said, “Now is the time when human forces are just forming. If you have this kind of thinking, then you should know that it’s best to take action now. What will happen to the zombies in the future is unclear to anyone at the moment, but the amount of resources will only decrease. The earlier you seize and hoard these resources, the stronger the strength you’ll possess.”

Seeing Ling Mo not speaking, Lucy went on to say, “If you want to join other forces, right now would be the most appropriate time. If you join us, no matter what you do, you would still be considered a founding hero…”

“You just don’t give up….”

It seems that Lucy wasn’t planning on restraining herself no more on the last night….

But seeing her cold face with a sullen expression, Ling Mo could tell that she was also suffering trying to persuade him using the “beat around the bush” tactic….

“Those psychics couldn’t have been pulled in like this, could they? …. It’s hard to refuse her when seeing her….”

Ling Mo played dumb and changed the subject by asking, “Then is your goal trying to establish an area for your group?”

Lucy took a deep look at Ling Mo and shook her head, “This is just the beginning… when resources really start to become scarce, that’s when this game of chess will start. At the beginning, everyone is just trying to occupy a place on the board. As for the real game, I’m afraid it won’t start until after spring comes…”

“If you guys are the chess pieces…. Then who’s playing this game of chess?” Ling Mo’s expression changed slightly, and he asked seriously.

“This world.”

Lucy’s answer sounded mysterious at first, but it was actually pretty accurate.

If the zombies were the black chess pieces, then the humans would be the white chess pieces, and this world could be counted as a chess board and had the ability to control the chess pieces as well.

“What does this mean for girls and me? We are neither black nor white pieces, yet we also haven’t left the chess board either….”

Although they were just making small talk, Ling Mo suddenly felt that a layer of mist had dissipated.

Ling Mo’s goals were to survive and help the girls to regain their memories and human emotions.

But it was the first time for Ling Mo to and look at these issues at a higher level.

Although he wasn’t able to express what he felt for a while, Ling Mo did have a feeling of seeing his own existence from a further perspective.

It was much clearer, and he could understand his problems a little more seeing it from a larger view….

When the black and white pieces started to play, what side should he play in order to protect himself and his girlfriends?


Indeed, when spring comes, the weather would become warmer and many foods and consumables start decaying faster, causing the tensions between the groups to intensify…

Whether it was for humans or zombies, it would be a new turning point.

While Lucy and Ling Mo were chatting, Ye Lian and the girls were quietly listening as well.

These theories and concepts were still quite fresh to these female zombies.

“If ordinary zombies…. Are just chess pieces, then doesn’t that mean high-level zombies are ordinary chess pieces that are upgraded step by step?” Shana whispered, “Would it be possible to become the chess player?”

“I…. I don’t know….” Ye Lian shook her head.

Ya Lin also had an unclear expression on her face, but after she thought about it for a while, she chuckled and replied, “In any case, I don’t want to be a chess piece.”

“…I can’t even be a chess piece.” Yu Shi Ran said with a gloomy expression, and reached out to touch her neck, “I’m being bullied by your pet!”

“You can also choose to be bullied by Brother Ling or by us.” Shana suggested.

“I see…” Yu Shi Ran thought about it for a few seconds, before realizing something and said while stomping her feet, “Hey, you’re already bullying me by saying that!”

“Be quiet…. Shhh.”

Ling Mo turned around helplessly, pretending to be angry.

Except for Yu Shi Ran, Ye Lian and the others glanced at each other and couldn’t help laughing.

Although they lacked human emotions, laughter was still achievable…

Hearing their low laughter, Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and shook his head, “Ah, I have too many girlfriends. I’m just such a womanizer….”

“… You’re really asking for a beating just by saying those words….”

Lucy glared at him speechlessly, “And you’re still laughing!”

“Do you think you’re awesome just because you’re in the F group….”

“How long are you planning to keep using that against me! By the way… what do you think about what I said…. Hey! What do you mean by turning your head?!”

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