My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 435

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 435 – The attacker at night

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

It would probably take them the entire night in order to carefully explore this building.

So Ling Mo simply cleared out some of the zombies, before finding a clean office in the building.

Winter nights were quite cold, and even Lucy, who has a six-pack, was shivering.

“Anyways, there are a lot of girls here. I can rely on them to keep warm, and it will have nothing to do with Ling Mo…”

With this thought in mind, Lucy reluctantly convinced herself to sit in the middle of Ling Mo’s group.

Ling Mo pulled out a blanket from his backpack, and gave a corner of the blanket to Lucy, “Cover yourself.”

“Thank you….”

Although it was only a corner, Lucy was still grateful.

But when she turned her head to look at Ling Mo, she saw that he was already lying comfortably on the laps of Ye Lian and Shana, as if he didn’t hear what she said…

Lucy squeezed the corner of the blanket and quickly swallowed back the things she had wanted to say.

“For such a selfish, free, and unfettered person like you, it’s better if you don’t join our FIRE group! You’ll get eaten by zombies sooner or later!”

She muttered, not caring whether Ling Mo could hear her or not. After clenching the blanket with all her strength, she felt depressed, and leaned against the table behind him.

Yu Shi Ran, who was lying on Ling Mo’s lap, moved her ears, opened her eyes, and quietly looked at Lucy with a smile on her mouth.

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“This female human isn’t bad, hmph, even she knows that sausage man will become my food sooner or later. This just shows how successful my plan will be. I will definitely eat him before half-moon comes to pick me up!”

The zombie loli showed a look of expectation, stretched out her pink tongue, and licked the saliva from the corner of her mouth. Her arms that were hugging Ling Mo’s thigh moved slightly, causing Ling Mo’s leg to fit tightly between her abnormally developed chest. “Hehe… sausage….”


Under the curtain of night, Century City seemed deadly quiet. Downstairs, you could occasionally see zombies wandering over from a distance.

Those blood-red eyes were very eye-catching in the night, but when there was no target to hunt, they quickly walked aimlessly away.

From time to time, howling could be heard from a distance. A faint chewing sound could be heard coming from a dark place and there seemed to be a bloody smell lingering in the night breeze.

At the end of the street, a figure suddenly appeared behind an abandoned car.

At the other end of the car, an ordinary zombie was slowly swaying, but when this figure appeared, the zombie immediately let out a low growl.

The figure walked over slowly, stretched out his hand and patted the top of the zombie’s head.


A strange noise in the throat made this ordinary zombie instinctively have a trace of fear.

The figure cast his gaze in the direction of Century City, then stretched out his other arm, and took a deep breath.


While breathing, the figure seemed to be enjoying the feeling….

The hand pressing on the top of the zombie’s head suddenly tightened like a meat grinder.


The head burst open like a watermelon, and the splashing liquid seemed to instantly dye the scene blood red….

The sounds of teeth grinding soon echoed after….

Ling Mo, who had just closed his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes and looked out of the dim window.

“What’s wrong?”

Lucy keenly noticed the change in Ling Mo’s breathing and whispered.

Ling Mo stared at the window for a while. His tentacles were in fact sticking out from the window, quickly scanning up and down the building.

After more than a minute, he slowly replied, “It’s nothing, it might be because it’s nighttime. I keep getting this feeling that something is watching us….”

“This is the seventeenth floor….” Lucy said, “It could be that you’re just too sensitive. It’s a common problem among psychics….”

“Don’t take this as an opportunity to criticize me. Do you really think I won’t notice that you’re making it sound as if I’m nervous…?” Ling Mo frowned.

“See, you’re being sensitive again.”

Lucy moved her stiff body and said, “Although I asked you to be my bodyguard, you don’t need to be so nervous all the time. The night was originally full of hidden dangers, but now that we’re here, it’s impossible for zombies to find us.”

“That’s true….”

Ling Mo stared at the window again, then slowly lay back, holding Ye Lian’s soft little hand….


Ten minutes later, behind the abandoned car, the figure came out again quietly.

This figure kept staring at the location of Ling Mo and the others, and then suddenly jumped forward.

Like a ghost, this figure suddenly appeared ten meters away, and after flashing several times, it disappeared at the entrance of Century City…


A black shadow suddenly appeared in the dark corridor of the 17th floor.

This figure reached the room where Ling Mo and his group were staying from the stairs. It was almost as if this figure could move several meters in an instant since it only took the figure a few seconds.

A pale, blood-stained hand grabbed the doorknob, and slowly twisted it.


The very subtle sound made by the turning of the doorknob, was exceptionally clear in the silent night.


As the door was slowly opened, this figure stepped inside silently with one foot…


The door was pushed open, and the figure completely squeezed into the room.

But this figure stood by the door, creating another noise from inside its throat.

And this time, the tone sounded angry…

The dim night light coming in through the window allowed him to clearly see that there was no one in this room…


The door behind him suddenly closed, and the limbs of this figure were wrapped up by invisible tentacles.


In the same position on the eighteenth floor, separated by a ceiling, Ling Mo jumped out of the blankets and shouted excitedly.

“Haha, I knew my restlessness was due to my intuition of danger!”

After improving his spiritual power, Ling Mo had a stronger perception of potential threats.

When Lucy said he was being too nervous and sensitive, Ling Mo had actually believed her.

However, that feeling lingered, which made Ling Mo a little concerned.

Believing in the line, ‘better safe than sorry’, Ling Mo insisted on moving to a different room under Lucy’s contemptuous eyes…

And inside the room that they were originally in, Ling Mo left a spiritual tentacle.

Once someone entered the room, Ling Mo would know.

But when Ling Mo was about to go down to see what happened, he suddenly felt a pain in his temples.

“AHH!” Ling Mo couldn’t help frowning and let out a painful grunt.

His spiritual tentacles were ripped off, and the released spiritual energy had completely dissipated.

Ling Mo’s body was affected, and his face instantly turned pale.

His shout awakened Lucy, and his abnormality caused Ye Lian and the others to surround him with concern.

“What happened…”

“Are you okay?”

“Ling… Brother Ling….”

Seeing that Ling Mo was okay, Shana sniffed the air hard, then suddenly grabbed her scythe, and rushed out.

“Wait… Never mind, Yu Shi Ran, and Lulu, stay here.”

Ling Mo quickly made arrangements, then took Ye Lian and Ya Lin to chase after Shana.

Lucy had a puzzled look on her face. Although she heard Ling Mo shout “gotcha”, she didn’t have any clue about what happened downstairs.

“What the hell happened…”

She turned her head and glanced at Yu Shi Ran and asked tentatively, “Do you know?”

“….” Yu Shi Ran tried to open her mouth, but unfortunately, when she was alone with other people, Hei Si followed Ling Mo’s instructions and put her on mute….

“You don’t want to talk to me? Then how about…. We check it out?” Lucy said again.

Yu Shi Ran stared at her, then made a zipping gesture on her mouth, and shook her head.

“Um… Then I’ll take a look by myself.”

Lucy glanced suspiciously at Yu Shi Ran, then looked out the door, and took out the pistol on her body, and slowly walked out…

After leaving the room, Shana’s speed suddenly increased, and her pupils immediately turned blood red.

The scene in front of her was also covered with a bloody light.

She stepped onto the stairs that led downstairs, leaped lightly, and fell to the next floor.

Ling Mo, who was chasing after her, immediately began to have a headache after noticing Shana increase her speed.

“She’s becoming more and more disobedient…. The strength of this attacker isn’t ordinary….”

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