My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 436

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 436 – The Dark Pioneer

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

To Ling Mo’s surprise, his materialized tentacles were actually torn apart, and he wasn’t given time to react.

In addition, if it wasn’t because he was cautious, the ones being ambushed would have been them.


Shana kicked the door open with an excited smile.

But there was no one in the room…

“Humph, he ran away….”

Shana coldly snorted, and just as she was heading back, she saw Ling Mo chasing after her.


Just as Ling Mo shouted a word, he saw Shana leap forward and land at the other end of the corridor.

“This time, I won’t let you steal my target.”

As Shana let out a laugh, the slender but extremely fast figure rushed down the stairs.

“No wonder she’s running. She still remembers what happened…”

Ling Mo was stunned for a moment, and then shook his head helplessly, “The other party came prepared and we don’t know if they’re still in this building right now. With Shana running wildly like this….”

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Ya Lin stretched her hand over Ling Mo’s shoulder and poked his face, “Look how serious Shana is right now. She’s a high-ranking zombie, nothing will happen to her.”

“That’s true… but just in case, let’s follow her. The other party is just one person, but he’s hiding in the dark while we’re standing in the light, making it unsafe for us to be alone. Lucy and Yu Shi Ran can take care of each other. They also have an invincible Hei Si, so they should be fine.” Ling Mo frowned.

“Let’s…. Let’s listen to Brother Ling.”

On such issues, Ye Lian had always unconditionally supported Ling Mo.

When she was still a human, Ye Lian had also acted the same way as well…

She always has a deep trust in Ling Mo. It seemed that as long as it was spoken from him, this silly girl would believe it.

Thinking back when she was a human, when she faced other people, she was a very gentle girl with a very assertive heart…

“Was she like this because we grew up together…? But after mutating, she’s actually still able to retain her human habits….”

As Ling Mo spoke this sentence in his mind, his gaze became warm as he looked at Ye Lian.

“Oh, that’s right. I totally forgot that a zombie’s nature is still more or less influenced by their human nature. Ye Lian wanting to completely retrieve her human emotions is entirely still possible…”

But at this time, there was no time to think too much on this topic. After taking note of this in his heart, he took the girls and chased after Shana.

At the same time, his spiritual tentacles were carefully searching back and forth, trying to find where the figure was….

“Hey! What am I supposed do?!”

Yu Shi Ran stood in the room, with her eyes wide open in confusion, “That human told me to stay here together with that human named Lulu…. But that woman left….”

Lucy’s figure had disappeared at the door at this time, and Yu Shi Ran was still trying to understand the words Ling Mo had said.

“Stay here…. Stay… Should I follow her?! Hei Si! You stupid pet! Why are you pretending to be deaf and dumb at this time? What does your master mean!?”

Yu Shi Ran slowly raised her arm, hugged her head, and squatted down, “Ow, my head hurts from thinking…”

When the zombie Loli was still trying to figure things out, Lucy was already in the corridor.

She looked back and forth but couldn’t find Ling Mo and the girls.

“What the hell happened….”

Lucy squeezed her hand as she slowed down, stuck close to the wall, and slowly advanced.

The infrastructure of Century City was very complex. There are several corridors crossing each other on each floor, and each floor was littered with countless rooms of different sizes.

Lucy took a guess that Ling Mo and the others should have gone downstairs, but which stairs did they go down from…

“This dark one….”

With a cold expression on her face, she scanned the area for movements, especially the rooms with the ajar doors. Although she had placed her footsteps lightly, the soles of her boots still made a light sound when they hit the tiled floor. It sounded extra clear in such a quiet and dark place, making it quite possible to attract potential enemies.

“Interpreting Ling Mo’s words, it seems that he caught someone…”

As Lucy thought this, her body tensed as she slowly walked towards one of the stairs.

She thought that as long as she was a little more careful, even if she couldn’t help much, at least it wouldn’t cause Ling Mo and the others any trouble.

From Ling Mo’s pale face and painful grunts, she vaguely sensed something was wrong, as if things had turned a bit tricky.

But at this moment, Lucy seemed to see a figure appear from the corner of her eyes!

She instantly turned around with her gun, but saw nothing in the dark corridor…

Lucy’s vigilant eyes moved slowly, and suddenly, she noticed that one of the doors was shaking slightly!

“Who’s there?!”

Lucy asked in a low voice, took a step forward, and approached the door slowly.

The door swayed back and forth, revealing a deep gap. Within the darkness of that gap, something seemed to be staring at Lucy.

She held a pistol, pointed her muzzle at the crack in the door, and asked again, “Who’s there?!”

No response….

“It didn’t respond to my sounds, so it shouldn’t be a zombie… If it’s a human, even if it’s a psychic, with my current strength….”

Seeing the door get closer and closer, Lucy’s expression gradually became grimmer…

The moment she was about to touch the door, a figure suddenly flashed behind her….


The sounds of screaming made Ling Mo and his party immediately stop searching downstairs.

He raised his head in horror and looked upstairs shouting, “That’s Lulu’s voice! What the hell happened?!”

“Senior Sister, go find Shana, we can’t leave her alone!”

As he ran, Ling Mo’s vision shifted to Hei Si’s body.

But in the room, there was no sign of Lucy….

He was stunned for a moment, then realized what had happened.

“Jesus Christ, the instructions I gave were too simple….”

A zombie’s thought process was very direct, not to mention she was just a teenage zombie loli…

“I fucked up. I totally forgot how stupid this loli is, and I also forgot that Lucy won’t listen to me…”

As a human, Lucy’s autonomous thinking was stronger, and would think about more things, so her behavior was harder to predict and to grasp.

She was stronger than most girls, so with her personality, how could she honestly accept the protection of a little loli?

“It’s my fault for making arrangements too hastily…. I hope nothing happened…”

Ling Mo frowned with an anxious look on his face.

His speed was faster than most ordinary people. While rushing up the stairs, he had already prepared himself to use a lot of his spiritual energy, with countless tentacles ready to strike.


A gunshot sounded suddenly, but it was a little unclear.

“Where did that come from….”

Ling Mo anxiously stood at the intersection of the two corridors and looked around.

At this moment, Ye Lian greeted him from behind, took Ling Mo’s hand, and led him to the corridor behind him, “Over here…”

With a zombie’s sharp sense of hearing, her judgement was more accurate than Ling Mo’s.

She took Ling Mo and made two consecutive turns before rushing into a room door.

“Holy shit….”

Behind the door was a broadcasting studio.

There was a messy stage with rows of auditoriums….

It looked like a small studio for talk shows, but even a “small” studio was much larger than a normal room.

The studio had a high ceiling. Equipment was scattered on the ground and obstacles were everywhere…


Another gunshot sounded, and Ling Mo keenly caught the flash of fire in the darkness.


Ling Mo ran forward anxiously and shouted at the same time.

He did this not only to deter the enemy, but also to remind Lucy of where he was, so as to not accidentally shoot him…


A gust of wind suddenly hit the top of his head, and Ling Mo had no time to escape as he was in the middle of the auditorium.

He quickly thought with his mind and hundreds of spiritual tentacles immediately formed an invisible large….


It seemed silent, but a loud noise blasted inside Ling Mo’s brain, resulting in a sudden headache!

As his feet felt soft, Ling Mo started to fall to the ground, and his fuzzy vision saw a looming figure charge straight towards Ye Lian….

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