My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 437

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 437 – Human Meat Shield

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


The hidden weapon that flew suddenly landed by Ling Mo’s feet, and the silhouette that looked like a chair became completely deformed as it collided with his spiritual tentacles.

Resisting this attack had caused Ling Mo to expend a large amount of his spiritual power in an instant. He helplessly watched the figure charge towards Ye Lian as he struggled to get up.

He reached out and grabbed the back of the chair beside him with great difficulty. His face was pale, his eyes were in a trance, and he stared hard at the figure, “Don’t… Don’t touch her…”

The figure seemed to be teleporting as he moved. In Ling Mo’s dizzy eyes, it was as if a “flash” was turned on, and in a blink of an eye, the figure would appear at another location.

In the dim light, the figure grabbed another chair, and with a cracking sound, the fixed auditorium chair was easily pulled up.


When the figure slammed the chair at Ye Lian, a spiritual tentacle shot out from Ling Mo’s direction.

The chair deviated from its destination and landed five meters away from Ye Lian, completely destroying the seat to pieces.

And on the arm of the figure, there was a wound that wasn’t deep or shallow.

Ling Mo, who was completely soft all over, shook his head vigorously and opened his mouth slightly. He looked like he had just stayed at the bar for a week, and as soon as he closed his eyes, he would fall down on the spot.

Being able to barely make his spiritual tentacles hit the target was already Ling Mo’s current limit, and it was difficult to guarantee the accuracy and power.

“Ling… Brother Ling…”

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Ye Lian looked at the weakened Ling Mo, her eyes turned sharply towards the figure, and a light of bloody red suddenly appeared in her eyes.

In the dim light, a cold and aggressive aura exploded from the unarmed Ye Lian.

It was as if a gust of cold wind blew into the studio, and the temperature instantly dropped several degrees.

She raised her hand and pulled her long hair behind her ears. On that delicate face of hers, although her eyes were still blank, that layer of bloody light made it impossible for one to look directly at them!

The imposing aura of a leader rank zombie!

While the figure was still looking at his arm, Ye Lian’s upper body leaned slightly forward, before rushing forward like an arrow being released from the string.

The zombie’s unique rage, bloodthirstiness, and madness was perfectly combined with Ye Lian’s calm and cute face at this time!


Ling Mo tightly grasped the back of the chair and said anxiously.

His spiritual power actually hadn’t been used up, but it was like a machine that crashed due to a sudden acceleration, and he wasn’t able to use it currently.

When Ye Lian rushed towards the figure, the figure had already reacted.

The two shadows collided in the dimness, causing loud collision noises, and a large amount of broken seat debris spread around.

In the chaos, a figure approached Ling Mo from behind and grabbed his arm.

“You’ll get caught in the crossfire if you stay here.”

Lucy’s weak voice said. Ling Mo looked back and saw her hair scattered in a daze, half of her face was dyed red with blood, and she seemed to have suffered a serious injury.

“Are you okay?”

Ling Mo shook his head vigorously and asked.

“So-so… When I was ambushed, I couldn’t completely avoid it. As a result, this guy smashed my head with some kind of weapon…”

Lucy couldn’t help but groan again, trying to help Ling Mo up.

But Ling Mo couldn’t help her at all. Lucy was dragged down by Ling Mo’s weight, and the two of them rolled to the ground together.

In the narrow aisle of the auditorium, two people crowded together, both struggling to get up.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t beat this monster at all. I could only escape. I even made you guys come to save me, and it turned you into this… In any case, we need to leave here now, otherwise you’ll definitely get hurt….”

As soon as Lucy finished speaking, she saw a large group of dark shadows flying over her head.

These dark shadows were pieces of the seat that splashed out like grenade fragments. They weren’t far away, so they would naturally be affected.

Seeing that she was about to get hit by the pieces, Lucy had the strength to crawl away, but looking at Ling Mo, whose face was pale and might faint at any time, she gritted her teeth, her eyes showing a determined look…

“You came back in order to save me; I won’t owe you a favor….”

While thinking about this in her heart, Lucy had already made up her mind to become his human meat shield…


Ling Mo suddenly screamed, propped one hand below, turned over suddenly, and covered Lucy with his body.

His spiritual tentacles formed a shield by crisscrossing, blocking most of the debris.

But there was still a small amount of debris that hit Ling Mo’s body. The muffled “bang-bang” sounds and Ling Mo’s uncontrollable grunting shocked Lucy who was lying below.

She looked at Ling Mo, who was above her, with horror….


Drops of thick blood flowed out from Ling Mo’s mouth and landed on Lucy’s lips.

The faint heat and bloody smell between her lips made Lucy’s eyes widened.


“Bite… biting the tip of your tongue really hurts like hell…” Ling Mo complained.

The intense stimulation caused Ling Mo to temporarily regain his consciousness and some of his powers.

Seeing Lucy stare at him with a dumbfounded expression, Ling Mo snorted sullenly, “Don’t just stop moving, quickly get up.”

As he said this, he raised his hand and grabbed the back of the chair, abruptly standing up with a grunt.

“You are at a disadvantage in this kind of battle. Be careful to protect yourself. If you were to die, wouldn’t that mean I failed my mission? How would I be able to get my rewards from the Air Force Regiment…”

Ling Mo straightened his waist painfully and looked in the direction where the figure and Ye Lian were fighting.

Ye Lian had a very unique fighting style. She would randomly always lift her body suddenly and then jump down again. She was very smart in battles.

The figure fighting her also had a complex fighting style. Anything that was reachable could be turned into a weapon, with amazing power and speed.

In short, they were evenly matched for the time being….

But when Ling Mo screamed, Ye Lian got a little distracted….

The moment she looked at Ling Mo, the figure grabbed a pipe from god knows where, and threw it straight towards Ye Lian.

It was like a cannonball, the sound of “Swoosh!” broke through the air!

When Ye Lian focused back on the battle, the pipe had already arrived in front of her, and she only had time to jump up….


The pipe took Ye Lian and flew back suddenly, smashing through a row of auditoriums one after another, and nailing itself heavily against the wall.

And Ling Mo, who stood up, happened to see this.


Ling Mo’s pupils shrank and roared!

“I…I’m fine….”

The tip of the pipe was held in the palm of her hand, and it wasn’t able to hurt her.

Although the impact was fierce, her strong skin and bones were enough to protect her.

But even so, after abruptly withstanding this attack, Ye Lian’s arm still softened, and her body seemed to be unable to muster even a bit of strength.

Although zombies were perfect weapons being transformed by the virus, there would be times where they would still be worn out.

In Ye Lian’s situation, after a day or two of rest, the zombie’s powerful self-recovery ability could make her lively again.

But at this moment, her situation was extremely dangerous for her…

The figure pulled out a chair again and walked slowly towards Ye Lian, who was unable to move.


Ling Mo was mad, he stumbled forward, but his countless spiritual tentacles were one step ahead of him, blasting away!

With the previous experience of being injured, this figure actually knew how to avoid it.

Seeing Ling Mo approaching, the figure suddenly shook, like an afterimage that was difficult to capture.

Ling Mo, who was still a little groggy, instantly felt dizzy.

Even after ignoring the influence in his vision, he still “saw” a series of spiritual ball of lights in his spiritual world.

While in the process of avoiding, the figure was still approaching towards Ye Lian…

“I won’t allow you to touch her…”

Ling Mo kept walking, a long-pressed rage, accompanied by a small amount of virus contained in his blood, burst out immediately.

The violent fluctuation of spiritual energy made even those with non-spiritual powers like Lucy feel the changes within Ling Mo.

More spiritual tentacles and more output of energy completely shrouded the large area in front Ling Mo.

“If I can’t see or catch it, then I’ll kill everything in sight!”

“Among the countless afterimages, there’ll definitely be an enemy!”

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