My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 438

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 438 – Even the boobs have evolved into Pecs

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Although you couldn’t see the invisible tentacles, the spiritual energy that filled the entire studio could be felt by everyone present.

Lucy struggled to get up, looking at Ling Mo’s back in shock.

Although Ling Mo was staggering, the energy bursting out from him made Lucy feel a deep fear in her heart.

She felt that her thoughts were a bit out of control under this strange influence. Many emotions that were forcibly controlled in her daily life seemed to have been stimulated.

Confusion, anxiety, fear…. None of them could be suppressed nor controlled at all.

“This is…. His true strength as a spiritual psychic?”

While Lucy looked at Ling Mo in amazement, Ye Lian was also looking at Ling Mo.

It was as if she completely didn’t see the figure that was slowly approaching her. She leaned against the wall and quietly waited for Ling Mo.

Compared with the figure’s speed, Ling Mo looked much slower and weaker.

But Ling Mo’s eyes changed.

Those eyes were brimming with a calm brutality.

His spiritual tentacles had spread out into a fan shape, destroying everything in front of him indiscriminately.

When the first wave of tentacles passed by, all the obstacles blocking him were penetrated one after another, and in the area where the swaying figure passed by, some beads of blood suddenly appeared in the air.

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Before the beads of blood could land, the second wave of tentacles arrived, and those drops of blood were struck in the air and splashed everywhere.

In the dim light, these blood mists were like gloomy flowers, blooming in front of Ling Mo.

Although the figure was still gradually approaching Ye Lian, it’s speed was much slower.

The blood mist covered the entire studio as if a blood sacrifice was being made….

Ling Mo’s cold and violent eyes seemed extremely chilling at this time…

Even Lucy, who was facing his back, could feel a strong sense of threat coming from him.

This man was like a beast after being injured. The dangerous aura emanating from him was much stronger than ever.

“It’s like… an advanced zombie’s….”

Lucy was taken aback by what she said, she raised her hand to cover her mouth, and looked at Ling Mo incredulously, “No, no, he is definitely human, but this feeling….”


A sudden noise came from the figure’s throat. With a sudden flash, the figure turned around, and rushed towards Ling Mo.

At the same time, the chair that was held by the figure suddenly came flying towards Ling Mo.

And that wasn’t all, as the figure rushed over, everything that could be picked up along the way also whizzed towards Ling Mo’s body.

Everything thrown from the figure was like a cannonball, it was strong enough to smash ordinary people into meat paste instantly.

Such a frantic reaction showed that Ling Mo, a weak human being who had not been taken seriously, was putting a great amount of pressure on the figure right now, and was many times greater than that of Ye Lian’s pressure.

“Haha…” Ling Mo sneered and didn’t stop walking.

Those objects being thrown were nothing in his eyes!

More spiritual tentacles gushed out from his spiritual ball of light, shielding him all over.

At this moment, his body was affected by his violent rage, and he wanted to tear and destroy everything in front of him!

What about the consumption of his spiritual energy? He didn’t care!

After gaining experience from their first fight, Ling Mo prepared a large amount of spiritual energy in advance to withstand the constant attacks from this figure.

Seeing Ling Mo approach step by step, the figure began to back away!


The figure’s mouth let loose a sudden roar, slowly retreating, and the speed of which it threw things also began to slow down…

After smashing a few more chairs towards Ling Mo, the figure suddenly turned around and ran towards the door.

“You want to run?”

Feeling the consumption of his spiritual energy, Ling Mo actually became calmer than usual.

After entering this state, he seemed to have become a fighting weapon, similar to a zombie.

Every attack, every defense, how much spiritual energy was being consumed, and how much was left after consumption, those normally vague values, were clearly displayed in Ling Mo’s mind.

His emotions were obviously going berserk, but his mind was clearer than ever.

The enemy’s every move seemed to be firmly engraved in his mind, and he didn’t need to think about it. His awakened fighting instincts would make the choices for him immediately.

“This… should be the state zombies are in during fights… My spiritual power is also influenced by the virus… Although I’m still a human, I can briefly enter the state of a zombie…”

More than a dozen tentacles suddenly accelerated, covering the front of the figure, and then hooked the opponent’s ankle.

As the figure suddenly fell to the ground, two figures appeared at the entrance of the studio.

Shana was holding her scythe and staring at the figure with a gloomy expression, “Damn… I looked everywhere for this bastard…”

“And we ended up coming back here…. Although we received Ling Mo’s call, aren’t we a little late?” Ya Lin said thoughtfully.

The figure was firmly trapped, and Ling Mo slowly walked over.

His speed was very slow, and he swayed a bit at first, but gradually he straightened up.

When he walked near the figure, Ling Mo gave a cold snort and stepped on him.

“Let me take a look and see what the hell you really are…”

Ling Mo turned on the tactical flashlight and shot it on the face of the figure.

This figure was moving too quickly, so Ling Mo wasn’t able to see what this monster looked like until now…

Being illuminated by the dazzling flashlight, the figure immediately made strange “gurgling” sounds.

After Ling Mo took a second glance with his eyes, he suddenly took a deep breath, “What the hell is this…”

When he saw it previously, it had the shape of a human, but he didn’t expect that after seeing it with the light shining on it, it would actually turn out to be a strange creature…

It had a big mouth that reached almost to the base of its ears, and there were four rows of teeth inside that mouth.

These teeth were intertwined and sharp, like jagged teeth.

The eyes looked similar to a zombie that was at the leader rank, but the nostrils were extraordinarily large, and the ears were somewhat pointed.

With these kinds of features, Ling Mo guessed that its hearing and smelling ability of this monster was more prominent than ordinary zombies.

The limbs were a little out of proportion with the torso. Just by looking at it, you could tell that its body was extremely strong.

It was no wonder that its speed and power was much greater than ordinary zombies…

The body of this monster was stained with blood after being pierced by no less than a hundred of Ling Mo’s tentacles. After being imprisoned, it struggled a lot at first, but now that it was being stepped on by Ling Mo, the intensity of the resistance gradually decreased as the amount of blood lost gradually increased.

“Ah… That’s right, I’ve seen zombies that have similarities to this monster before, such as nose….”

Ling Mo frowned and thought for a while, then suddenly realized something.

When they were passing by the streets previously, the strength of the zombies was much stronger than usual. At that time, Ling Mo felt that some changes had taken place in the zombies of that area.

And this monster in front of him was most likely the end result of those changes…

“This zombie should also be regarded as a type of mutant zombie, right? But unlike ordinary mutant zombies, this group of zombies evolved by themselves….”

The mutant zombies that he had met previously were either affected by industrial waste pollution, changed by injecting a mixture of drugs, or other viruses….

But this was the first time Ling Mo had seen a type of zombie evolve on their own.

And unlike ordinary advanced rank zombies, the features of this zombie changed drastically, but the intelligence didn’t recover much, and it also didn’t have the ability to speak….

It was only able to launch an ambush purely because this zombie had a stronger hunting instinct than ordinary beasts.

“I can’t even tell if it’s a male or a female….”

Ling Mo exclaimed.

Although the monster’s boobs bulged, they had completely evolved into pecs…

If you looked closely, you could barely tell that this was a female zombie.

Seeing how this monster had been chasing Ye Lian, Ling Mo knew that this zombie came for the virus hives of his female zombies.

Ling Mo’s group not only had to go against power-driven psychics that had bad intentions, but also were sometimes “hunted” by such high-level zombies….

Since Lucy hadn’t arrived yet, Ling Mo took the chance to suddenly condense his spiritual tentacles and burst open the monster’s head.

A weird-shaped virus hive was also stealthily caught by his tentacles.

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